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Fossil…a modern one…or not!

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on March 21, 2010

These “fossils” were created in less time than any conventional ones, and you will agree that these are more colourful and practical.Here are a few of their Spring designs for you to consider.

This large quilted leather satchel, called the “Corrine” sails home at £128. The strong stitching, rivets and silver coloured chain link fastenings does give the feeling of strength and longevity.

For  even more flash of colour, then this “Maddox” patchwork will add a little jizz to your outfit. This is a retro style from the late seventies, I still have a photograph of my Aunty carrying a suede version at this.

“Reid” velvet cross body bag with a paisley patterned body. With complimentary coloured carrying straps add to an overall pleasing design.

“Fifty-Four Maddie” Tote (£215)

“Fifty-Four Maddie” offers a lovely interior to go with its colour block asymmetrical design.

PerhapsFossil are living up to its brand name with these  retro designs. What do you think about these?


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