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The Swiss luxury handbag house Bally has designed a new line of Pachina handbags. Unfortunately for those of you who wish to pop out and buy one, you will have to get either flight tickets or a friend that lives in  Hawaii, Guam, Macau, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Saipan, Bali and Abu Dhabi. Pachina is an exclusive range.

These lightweight bags, in papillon-inspired colours of pink and caramel, are made from  pleated nappa leather and finished with a tortoiseshell handle.

Bally handbags, Voulue boutique

Do let us know if you catch one, you could review them and post it on the Voulue blog.


Ana Faye…”new kid on the block”.

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Ana Fahey brings a personal touch to her luxe handbags, she designs and manufactures these exquisite creations in limited numbers. Giving you a higher benefit of originality and style when you own one of these unique handbags.

Ana Fahey and Stephanie of Voulue Boutique,

Ana and Stephanie

So, if you desire a truely unique statement, rather than a corporate brand image, Ana Fahey is for you. She is a true soloist of artistic creation, and if you want the uber of statements, then send Ana your designs for her to create your ultimate statement.

Award winning designer, Ana, has been in production for nearly two years, and she uses the finest selection of Italian leather to work her magic on. Do remember, if you hesitate to buy you may not get the opportunity to grab one again.

Starting with the “Leila”, it shows you the strong design signature that Ana uses, with prices starting at around £250 for this Italian Cobalt blue cow leather and turquoise washed lambskin handbag…” it is gorgeous.”

Ana Faye, Irish handbag designer,Voulue boutiqueNext comes “Clara” in pewter, which distinctly shows how Ana  combines strong geometrical patterns juxtaposed with curves…this is the signature of Ana’s work.  This could be yours for about £297.00.

Ana Faye, handbag designer, Voulue boutiqueFinally the “Aine” collection, this one is my favourite in a lovely blood red leather. It is multifunctional as you can wear this up to three different ways, thanks to two sets of clever magnets inside the bag. It can be worn with the top of the bag folded allowing the contrasting black leather to peak through or you can fold the top to hide the black.

This bag can be worn both across the body, as a large clutch bag and also fits very comfortably underneath ones arm, priced at £320.

Ana Faye, Voulue boutique, new designer handbag Clara,Lets us know your thoughts on Ana’s style of handbags we would love to hear from you.

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Boutique by Chic…Voulue’s day out

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The Voulue team spent  yesterday doing one of our favourite tasks, a buying trip to  the Chic Boutique Show at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. We were made welcome with a glass of champagne…”At 10am….why not”.

Voulue team at Boutique by Chic 2010, Voulue Boutique for designer handbags

With male models with the physique of Hercules and a few ladies in feathers for the men to ogle over; the ambience was wonderful. With a French Bistro, which staged a 30ft model of the Eiffel Tower with  dancing Burlesque girls doing the can-can, just imagine the buzz.

But it was a work day and we had to spend hours on our feet looking at exquisite jewellery and sublime handbags.  Would you like a glimpse of what will be comming along soon to Voulue….Yes, well starting with jewellery our hearts were taken by the work of Bohm.

Voulue boutique for Bohm jewellery

With fourteen unique lines to choose from, “City Chic”, “Love nest” and “Botanical Garden” to name a few, each offering a choice of necklaces,earrings,bracelets and rings. What does a girl  choose? Well, we have made a few selections, one will be from the “Botanical Garden” collection, the bracelet below comes in silver and white.

Bohm jewellery at Voulue Boutique,If this is not your colour, Bohm  do offer you an altrnative choice with a multi coloured and gold plated bracelet.

Voulue boutique offer choice of Bohm jewellery, fashion jewellery, unique designer handmade
Perhaps you would prefer a more juicy number from the “Fruit Basket” line, to bring you a  touch of originality and fun to your style.

Voulue boutique, Bohm jewellery,fruit basket,bracelet,nickel free,

All Bohm jewellery is handmade, and is making an impressive start in the UK after many years of success growing out from their New York base.We will let you know when they are in stock.

Tomorrow we will tell you about another gem that we found at the show, in the shape of new, up and comming handbag designer; Ana Faye.

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Celestial Celestina

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Just want to add that jewell to your outfit, then this is a star that will twinkle “style” to all of your friends.

Celestina, rainbow paua shell purse,Voulue boutiqueThis Rainbow paua shell beauty is exotic, colourful and beautifully finished with an amethyst stone clasp.

Celestina rainbow paua shell handbag,Voulue Boutique,designer handbagsPrice, well what would you say £50, £200, well this precious gift from the ocean washes up the beach at around £450. Finished with a blue copper frame.

Designer handbags at Voulue Boutique, Celestina clutch open,

“Gaga, give Marc the pen”!!

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Marc then adds a little colour and moves graffitti to scribble, at least these bags have been  “designed” rather than an impulsive act, but thinking about it, it could be the other way around. Either way, what do you make of Marc’s “naive” style?

Marc Jacobs shopper, Voulue BoutiqueMarc Jacobs, Scibbled shopper , Voulue Boutique
Sketchy Miss Marc Shopper signature comes in dark or light blue finish, priced at £50 .oo, dimensions are 15 “W x 16″H x 4″D. I do the love the plaitted handles and tassels.
Marc Jacobs, pirate, Voulue designer BoutiqueMiss Marc Lila Cotton Tote @£90.00, is a must for lovers of confused and startled looking little Pirates.
Marc Jacobs, spot pirrate bag, Voulue Boutique
Or perhaps the coss body “Miss Marc Spot” at around £80 is this your thing, cute isn’t it? Maybe your preference is for a cheeky “Mabel Lace Miss Marc,” at £90.00 with a lace print design, giving you a very girly feel for spring.

Marc Jacobs, Voulue Boutique, designer handbags

Would these see you flocking to the shops, or not ? Let us know……see you soon.
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Marc Jacobs …Imogen

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Whether he is designing for his own label or Loius Vuitton, Marc does know how to turn up the heat when it comes to originality.

Marc Jacobs at Voulue Boutique, leather handbags

From his earlier season of fluffy fox tail bags, I would have expected something similar, but no, he has used long red leather ties at the side.The envelope flap with metal charms set on rings is a nice finish…perhaps its a wind chime!

Comes with an adjustable fabric strap that can be tucked in so the bag can be carried as a clutch.Will this be a summer of Bohemian style, lets wait and see.Width 11″ / 27cm x Height 9″ / 22cm x Depth 5″ / 13cm. Handle Drop 9″ / 24cm.

Mark Jacobs, Voulue Boutique,leather clutchMarc Jacobs,leather handbags at Voulue BoutiqueThe price is around the £875, depending on the store if your interested.

Gaga Graffitti

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Tokyo’s  Airport took a double take as Gaga ‘s flamboyant style hit the East.The long flight must have been a little boring as she had scribbled on her Birkin handbag “I love small monster, Tokyo Love”.

Voulue designer handbags,

Such style, but would you scribble on your designer bag?

Voulue designer handbags, Lady Gaga,

Platform boots harking back to the 70’s, would you have chosen them?

To our new friends joining us today, you can leave your thoughts about Gaga’s exploits on our Facebook page, join with hundreds of like minded lovers of fashion.

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Suzy Smith’s Spring Stunner

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on April 16, 2010

We saw this shopper as we entered the Moda Show, it stood out at the forefront of their Suzy Smith’s spring collection. With an essence of several factors of the seasonal trends, including tassels, stripes and studs; this wonderful artistic  creation is the “Shanita”.

Voulue designer handbags, Suzy Smith, Shanita

With the contrast of cream and black stripes this must make this shopper  a seasons leader. Just imagine popping a bottle of wine and a fresh spring salad into this shopper for a romantic picnic. I can see it now.

This shopper also offers the benefit of having a drawstring  closure over the top of this bag .This will keep out any “pesky wasps”.

Easy on the eye, this effortless shopper will be an all round cool bag to carry this Spring.

The paper straw shopper body with a gold coloured chain handle interweaved with white patent leather like embellishments. Make this your choice email stephanie@voulue.com or visit our shop the Voulue Boutique.

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Are you ready for the Red or Dead “mind set.”

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Voulue designer handbags“Mind set” not “age set”, is a tag used by Red or Dead for their well designed and affordable handbags. Well, you know have the chance to make reasonable offers for Voulue’s  Red and Dead collection at the Voulue Boutique. Start your designer collection at Voulue.

Voulue is carrying a limited stock of R&D, so email your offers to stephanie@voulue.com or at the Voulue Boutique shop. On offer are:-


Voulue handbags and clutchThe trick is that hey are two bags in one.Turn it around and you have a patent look flap and a striped black and white body.


Voulue clutch bags and handbags, purses, totes“Harlequin

Voulue harlequin clutch, red or dead designer handbagsVoulue designer handbag,handbags and totes, clutches,£22.00


Voulue designer handbags,red or dead,Voulue designer Boutique, handbags and purses£40.00

What a gorgeous handbag, comes with detachable shoulder strap.


Voulue handbags,designer handbags,red or dead clutch£60.00

Dont forget to join us on Facebook.

Rising orbs of Spring

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You will see even more of the trending heart shaped bags adoring  your fashion proclamation this Spring . Here we see Vivienne Westwood’s PVC collection of Signature logo clutches and bags with the emerging orb as a feature of regeneration .  This  bag is completed by  a detachable shoulder strap and alsocomes in black. At £205.00 we predict it will do well with VW fans.

Voulue designer handbags, Vivienne WestwoodTake a look at the Voulue Boutique, for our heart shaped clutches in our Suzy Smith range.

But  it goes without saying that the Voulue team LOVE  the rising orb collection.So colourful and playful, full of life, especially in red.

Voulue designer handbagsThe Rising Orb 4776, comes in a metallic red with an applique style design in an colourful pallet of blue, red, purple and gold with a flash of snakeskin. PVC shoulder strap is detachable, so the handbag can also be used as a clutch bag  for £189.00.

Voulue designer handbags, Vivienne WestwoodThe 4776 comes home at  £169.00,
eye catching arent they.



Voulue boutique handbags and clutches, Vivienne WestwoodRising Orb 4775, made from 100% PVC, at £189.00. Do these call to you?

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