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Voulue’s new store

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Our old store will be gone soon, and you may see a notice

“This website is temporarily closed.Please try later.”

We shall be very busy doing the technical stuff.

You can still shop with us in the

Voulue Boutique on Ebay.

Voulue Boutique

See you all soon

Voulue Team x0x


Eclectic Angel collection

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on May 30, 2010

If its a dichotomy of style from one designer that will have you squirming about choice then this week it has to come from Angel Jackson. We met them last September at the London Fashion Show. But, to our regret we didnt put an order in, but that’s life. So, with two extremes you will wonder, mmm which one. From the snakeskin collection comes two beautiful butterflies.

Angel Jackson, silver butterfly,Voulue designer handbagsMay be you prefer it in gold!

Angel Jackson,gold butterfly, Voulue fashion boutique, designer handbagsOr, you can swing from the delicate touch of a sequined butterfly, to the brute force of the “Gladiator”, this is a mean son of a gun to carry around.

Angel Jackson,Gladiator, designer handbag, voulue.com

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Valley of the Dolls, Mulberry style

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on May 26, 2010

The Neely family has arrived in town straight from the “Valley of the Dolls.”  Neely O’Hara earns a reputation for being a right spoilt bitch. Perhaps they should have named the bag after Ann,… but there we go…you will have to see the 1960’s film to see what I mean.Mulberry Neeley, Voulue designer handbags, perfume, cosmeticsThere are three members to the family, starting with the Tomato red Neeley shoulder and messenger bag. Described as a spongy patent leather, I would love to get my hands on this one, and costs £450.

Neely clutch from Mulberry, Voulue designer fashion,The messenger comes in small and the large version retails at £650 for those that like a little extra carrying capacity with their  bags. Top of the range is the Camel Haircalf leather Tote at £1650. This tote from Mulberry is one that I would probably pass by in favour for the Tamarra that I talked about recently for my summer handbag.

Mulberry Neeley Tote, Voulue designer handbags, perfumes and cosmetics

Aviator flies in from LV

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Arriving at a Louis Vuitton terminal near you the  Monogram Aviator. This is for the first class passangers of fashion

Crafted from steel lamé Jacquard fabric woven, with the L V Monogram signature, they say it is as comfortable as a pillow…but you will buy it to find out…at £2228.00 I could afford a pillow.

Louis Vuitton,Aviator, Voulue boutique, designer handbags

Remember to put your suglasses on (I would choice Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator, this range has a great selection of tints to match your bag choice) aa this LV comes with a bright fluorescent orange  lining.  Aviator is trimmed with calfskin leather and comes with an adjustable and removable strap.
Louis Vuitton, designer handbags, Voulue Monogram Aviator comes in three colors: Navy, Bordeaux, and Khaki. So you will need at least three pairs of Ray-Bans if you are to carry off that all round designer touch.

Louis Vuitton, fashion,Voulue designer handbags, sunglasses,Available in Louis Vuitton stores from June

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New…ish swimwear look with Kate Moss

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on May 24, 2010

The elite of swimwear designers have been flicking through their history of fashion booka again. If retro is in then its in!.. unless you prefer to wear last years costume. My first thoughts were those of  Marilyn Monroe in her 1950’s bathing suite… a little like this:

Marilyn Monroe, Voulue compares with Kate Moss, designer swimwear,Fashion photography on the other hand keeps pushing back the boudaries. Especially when they come from the elite house of Vogue. Here is Kate Moss doing what she does best, and with the aid of a skillful creative artist, here are the delights.

Kate Moss, Voulue designer swimwear,Voulue,com

Kate Moss, vogue, Voulue designer swimwear,Voulue.com,designer fashion

Kate Moss,designer swinning costumes,Voulue designer fashion

Givenchy Embroidered Metal Chain Evening Bag

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on May 23, 2010

Givenchy has released curtain chain handbag and the online reviews by some say its horrible. Like an unkept beard…

Givenchy, Voulue boutique handbags, designer handbags,perfume,jewelleryGivenchy,Voulue designer handbags, perfume and jewellery…and at £2555 it should have been designed better some people say!

What is your opinion. Or would you have chosen something like the Mischa Barton chain bag or Givenchy…for style/look/design rather than the price, as MB is some what less.

Mischa Barton chain clutch at Voulue boutique,Voulue designer handbags

Tamara’s Mulberry treats…and not just for your dog!

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Mulberry, Tamarra, alabaster and demin, Voulue boutique

Mulberry is really going to town with its latest Tamarra collection, and not just for  you either. Time to splash out for your little doggies too, very practical, because they do smell somewhat when they are wet. Now they too can join in with the Mulberry look.

Mulberry Tamarra collection, denim for dogs

With a choice of alabater (red and white) or the grey denim finish and a choice of styles, you will be changing your mind for hours. I finally chose the Tamarra Clipper at £445.00

Mulberry Tamarra, Voulue Boutique, designer leather handbags, perfume and jewellery,

Let us know what you would choose, follow us on Facebook.

(Hobo in alabaster at the rear of photo.Tamarra mini messenger below)Mulberry Tamarra mini messenger

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Summer look with Zannotti…would you?

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on May 16, 2010

With our Bohm jewellery arriving this week , I wodered if I could be a little more extravagant with my accessory look. Yes,  I decided a pair of Zannotti’s would/could/or do justice to that care free look, one which is fun and daring at the same time.But  OMG , I looked at the price tag, and when it comes to Guissepe’s work, you know you are going to feel the edge of the plastic.

Guissepe Zannotti, Voulue Boutique designer footware,jewellery and handbagsAs you can see, the floral beaded touch is highly fashionable this summer, unfortunately  I cant find this in my “neck of the woods”, but at £1135.00 i’m not surprised, the security at Asda would have a fit!

Zannotti, Voulue Boutique, Voulue designer footware, handbags and jewelleryI adore the acid green coloured background against the pink, it shows daring can work, but would you dare to follow the look? (forget the price). With which outfits would you wear with them? Skimpy white shorts and a cheese cloth top…no, or maybe …well you decide and send us pictures of what you would wear.

Zannotti, Voulue designer clothes, shoes and jewellery,Voulue perfume, handbags for the deluxe look,Sparkling summer look…lets start praying now for some sun.

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Bohm jewellery, for your mood…gypsy, city, or country girl!

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How do you feel today? Do you feel like a “free spirit”or maybe work is calling, and you need to dress a little differently for the office.Well whatever your mood or occassion is, let Bohm’s jewellery offer you choice of collections and combinations of necklaces, bangles and rings, which are definitely fun to play with.

Bohm "city" jewellery, Voulue Boutique,

The Voulue team hasn’t found these on the high street, only in high end Boutiques and stores, not surprised there, these are gorgeous. So you will score straight away with their originality factor.

Bohm "love nest", Voulue designer jewellery,handbags, perfume, Voulue Boutique,Stephanie said this “Love nest” is her favourite silver coloured bracelet, she loves the simplicity of design, as well as the feel of the jewellery. But, that said, she changed her mind “perhaps its the “Sea Life collection…”

Bohm "Sea Life" jewellery at Voulue, Voulue Boutique designer jewellery,handbags,perfume“I love the braided chain”, which I’m sure you will agree, does set this chain off beautifully. It has an antique “Pirates of the Caribbean” feel to it, without being too un-twee. Adding this to any of your seasons nautical oufits would be a “treasure”!

You can purchase from our selection of Bohm now at the Voulue Boutique,  or see more details on our Voulue website. And do tell your friends about it on our Voulue Facebook discussions

Fashionvictime…not a typo!

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Fashionvictime is comming, and they are bringing French Elegance to the UK. Remember yesterday when I talked about Ian O’connor’s shoes at Strutt Couture and that if I wore a little black dress that I would wear something silver to add to the outfit. Well, I have searched through for my ideal piece of jewellery, that would be just “quelque chose d’extraordinaire.”

Fashionvictime, french designed jewellery,Voulue boutiqueJust look at the close up, and to think this is just one piece from their amasing collection!
Fashionvictime, french designer jewellery, Voulue boutique
If that has got you thinking you need a little French style to be added to your look, then how about this one.
Fashionvictime,French designer jewellery, Voulue BoutiqueSuch originality to decorate with, this will make you feel special, look divine.
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