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Tamara’s Mulberry treats…and not just for your dog!

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on May 16, 2010

Mulberry, Tamarra, alabaster and demin, Voulue boutique

Mulberry is really going to town with its latest Tamarra collection, and not just for  you either. Time to splash out for your little doggies too, very practical, because they do smell somewhat when they are wet. Now they too can join in with the Mulberry look.

Mulberry Tamarra collection, denim for dogs

With a choice of alabater (red and white) or the grey denim finish and a choice of styles, you will be changing your mind for hours. I finally chose the Tamarra Clipper at £445.00

Mulberry Tamarra, Voulue Boutique, designer leather handbags, perfume and jewellery,

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(Hobo in alabaster at the rear of photo.Tamarra mini messenger below)Mulberry Tamarra mini messenger

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