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2010 best overall handbag for design and style…Follis

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Congratulations to FOLLIS, and  naturally to their creative designer Catherine Meyer, with her award winning handbag “Laced Julia”

Follis best handbag 2010 Voulue designer handbags

Catherine states that she trys to avoid  flashy embellishments and excess price. Most of her collection is under the £200 and for a quality leather handbag that is very good. She aims for  functionality  and an  aesthetically pleasing design. Catherine will catch the eyes of international buyers with this chocolate beauty, best of luck Catherine.

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Bloggers invited to Red or Dead, “Quintessentially Soho”

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Red or Dead put a breakfast on for fashion writers at “Quintessentially Soho” this week. It appealed to me, by its “lack lustre” for  those over the top glam “whistles and Bells” which the big market brands use. A simple layout showing us what Red or Dead is all about…letting their fashion make the conversation and not the models.

If its quirky and  affordable fashion you look for then R&D is for you. We have almost sold out of our first order, and are waiting to take a new delivery. Do give some time to their mind provoking images which always bring a smile to my face…

Red or Dead contraceptives, dont forget to take your pill today, Voulue designer handbags,

Dont forget to take your Red or Dead today, it might have consequences!!

Here are a few shots of the display area at Quintessentially Soho.

Red or Dead retro fashion handbags, swimwear and stockings

Red or Dead, Voulue designer fashion blog, voulue.com,

The Voulue team are  looking forward to the launch of there next range.

Audrey Hepburn Queen of Style…retro will be contemporary by Spring

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Declaring my love for the Audrey Hepburn films, can to some appear, lets say “sad”. But it takes allsorts to make this world spin, and the Audry Hepburn poster that lives on the back of my door isnt going anywhere soon. That little black dress she wore in ” Breakfast at Tiffany’s” sold for more than £1/2 million…I wish I had a couple of her old cast offs.

Audrey Hepburn, Voulue designer fashion wear, clothing and jewelleryAudrey’s short hair style is making a come back, and  according to one newspaper source this week, they are calling it the “Seberg” look …

Jean Seberg, Voulue designer fashion, perfume and luxuries,

Jean Seberg’s, was an actress who brought in this 1960’s French New Wave look  in the  Jean-Luc Godard’s  film “A Bout de Souffle’ (Breathless). Have you noticed a move towards this hair style? And would you trim back to a clean looking boyish style?

Catherine Zeta Jones, Voulue designer fashion,style and accessories

Though Catherine Zeta Jones hasnt coiffured her hair yet, she certainly likes the “Audrey” look. We spent yesterday in London on a buying trip for our designer childrenswear collection, and we can tell you that the  tailored “French Style” will be flooding in for children and for you as well by next Spring.

I will keep you posted of some styles and new designer names that will be comming to you soon.

What’s new from Choo?

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When it comes to a stud worked bag you cant go wrong with this large sized clutch from Jimmy Choo. This has the “trickster” quality which we saw with our Red or Dead range. You just turn the bag inside out, when you need that “plain little black job.”

JimmyChoo,Zulu Studded Leather Clutch, designer fashion at VoulueJimmyChoo,Zulu Studded Leather Clutch, Voulue.comThere are similarities on design with Angel Jackson’s Gladiator, which we commented on recently. Their designers must have been reading  history books on suits of armour!

Angel jackson-gladiatorstuded

As for the price you will be looking at £575 of your summer budget for this Jimmy Choo Zulu clutch.

New @ LFW 2

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Well if yesterday’s designers gained your interest, then here are three more who will be making big names for themselves. Peter Pilotto, Holly Fulton and Louise Gray have put on one great show. First of all is Peter’s collection, and he states his womenswear embraces both new and classic perspectives on elegance, I love the the way he has combined patent leather with prints and tailored cuts.

Peter Pilotto, Voulue designer womens clothes and perfume

The Holly Fulton woman is one that  “ knows what they like and likes what I do,”says Holly. Aimed at the casual but smart day wear settings I cant see these designs ending up in the sale bin.As for the prices we will have to wait a while to find out.

Holly Fulton, Voulue designer fashion, london fashion week,

The Louise Gray woman… “Ultimately, someone who is fun.” Yes I can see the fun element in this, but, but my first thought was …a kid had been playing in the dress up box with Moms old cast offs!…I wouldnt buy this, as I could ” diy it”. Yet, there are elements that I would love to have such as the orange furry plimsoles added to a skinny demin blue jean.

Louise Gray, Voulue designer fashion, and accessoriesLet us know your thoughts on Facebook

New fashion designers showing at this years London Fashion Week

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The British Fashion Council has announced the names of 21 of London’s brightest emerging fashion design talents  to show at London Fashion Week this September. I cant wait until September, so I have gathered some examples of what you can expect  to be comming to your fashion boutiques.

Mary Katrantzou, who states that her design signature is “a hyperrealist aesthetic, bold graphics”, and her work certainly lives uo to signature…Mary Katrantzou, Voulue designer fashion and perfume, accessories and sunglasses

There are supreme touches of design in Mary’s work, as she toils with the juxtaposition of colour and geometrical patterns against asymetrical aspects of the design do give an overall stunning  appearence. With this type of day wear it is so easy to accessories, you could easily change the footware around between all of the above models and still achieve that fresh distinctive taste of  a Katrantzou number.

Perhaps you prefer a stronger geometrical design to your wardrobe, I know we are celebrating the passing of fifty years since that acclaimed and talked about decade of the 60’s, and they had some strong geometrics based on the work of Mondrian. Just to jog the memory of those amogst you old enough to remember…and those too young, of course.

Voulue designer fashion, accessories and perfumeNow lets get back to the new up and coming designers showing at this years London fashion show. It will be held again at Somerset House.One artists worthy of his strong geometrical designs is David Koma. David Koma, Voulue designer fashion, london fashion week,

David states that his work is for the “Powerful and confident ” woman.You must agree that  his work exudes strength and determination, and if you have hopes of being a “business dragon”  then perhaps you can carry this collection off.

If you are feeling a little softer about your dress requirements then  Michael van der Ham’s eclectic collection  of   fabric collages of colours and prints, gwill look great for that gypsyesque feel.

Michael van der Ham, Voulue designer handbags, fashion and perfume

There is certainly a wealth of new talent that will be comming to our shops soon.I will be bringing you more news from LFW soon….

Twisting the summer away with Chubby Checker.

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Fifty years ago Chubby Checker was bashing out the twist, and  a year later he had spiced it up a gear by releasing “lets twist again, and for those amongst us too young to remember, it was a time of suits, ties and polished shoes…as well as polished hair styles.

Time rolls on and trends come around, at the start of  the early sixties the Beatles were still wearing suits and the mini skirt was still a dream to come true for Mary Quant. The influence of the earlier decade was still strong but within a few years society would changed on the wave of  hippie madness and the summer of love.

For me this period holds a special person, one who is renowned for her style, it is  Audrey Hepburn.

I have to admit I just love the fashion and here is a clip of her “Breakfast at Tiffanys

So, if you want the retro look, there are a few ideas there for you to get to grips with….let us know your thoughts?

Basso & Brooke boys

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Style is a word which even I sometimes over use, but in the case of the Basso & Brooke boys I wondered  if I could find a more appropriate word to use. There are many superlative combinations I could string together, but I think I will let  their creations  speak for themselves. Click below for slide show:Voulue designer fashion, Basso & Brooke, Autumn winter2010, design ideas,

This is such a wonderful  introduction to the comming colours and designs for this  Autumn. With our undying  admiration for their talented use of colours and patterns, the B-boys have shown us it is possible to make superb bold statements  and yet remain stylish with their accessible ready to wear street clothing. When you are saving up your pennies to stake your claim to this  forthcomming  tip top Autumn collection,  then you must remember to put Basso & Brooke in your diary.

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Gucci gucci goo!

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The secrets out, Gucci will be launching a childrens designer line on the 24th in Florence, Italy. We will be on the edge of our seats  to see this designer playground-ready apparel, and of course…matching sunglasses. So this seasons “to be seen badge of fashion” is…..Gucci kids at Voulue designer fashion store, childrenswear, designer childrenswear,A golden teddy bear.We will bring you more news on the 24th, “I hope the clothes are cute”.

P.S. If anyone has any “early release photos” please send them to:

stephanie at voulue.com

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Zanotti does “Grease”

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Giuseppe Zanotti

I couldn’t resist sharing this image with everyone. This is from Giuseppe Zanotti, bringing back that classic fashion image that  “Grease” portrayed. I just love it, but will this look come back again to the streets.  Do you have the figure and the car, let alone Zanotti’s exquisite shoes…I dont so it will be the sixties jeans and T-shirt look for me this year.

Zanotti, voulue.com

Do you think it will make a come back, let us know on Facebook.

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