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Stiletto Spy School

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Are you Jane Bond 007, No, but have you ever thought you would love the life style of fist fights and machine guns. Well maybe the Stiletto Spy School could just be your dream come true. This must be the place to gain the ultimate in combat skills intertwined with the art of feminine seduction. Are you lacking in self-esteem of low confidence, then you can blast all your insecurities away…and these skills are transferrable to your business life!!

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For the price of your air ticket to New York’s Manhattan district you will need to add another £300 for the day’s activities. But when you consider that you may find yourself  undertaking a secret mission through the Meat packing quarter, or taking hold of a magnum45, or a rifle during your precision firearms training.Or  maybe playing poker with some burly downtowner who’s packing heat, you will need to have all your senses wired up to get through the day.

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There are several days which you can choose from, and they all have a full day of activities. and there is always a glass or two of Champagne afterwards, so dont forget to pack a cocktail dress or two.


Twilight Saga influences Autumn fashion

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A few months ago on a very cold February day, we went and watched the  forth comming Autumn and Winter collections at Moda. We had commented to ourselves how the fashion trends had been leaning towards the Twilight saga. As avid readers of Stephanie Meyer’s books, we could just picture the lead characters wearing the collections . We have been a little slow in seeing the latest release, but we have decided to go  after this weeks busy round of buying trips. The first style we imagined Bella may have chosen would be from the French fashion house of Balmain,  here we have from the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week, “renaissance rock.”



A tailored milatry coat in decorative syle, offering somewhat a tomboy quality to the outfit, and with embellished gold trousers to give that extra wow factor, which would perfectly accompany the  glimmering exterior of Edward Cullen.

Twighlight was a theme which was a real crowd attraction at the Moda Show in Birmingham last February, as the picture shows, there are many waysin which  you can pull the  Twilight image together.

Voulue at Moda, autumn /winter 10, Twilight show,Voulue Boutique I was impressed at the performance the models gave during Twilight saga theme. The tailored look is again edging its way in strongly, and couple this with a contemporary edge, you will be out in front  for the foreseable future (Perhaps  “Alice” can tell us what the future holds!) . It is a dark, but enthrawling look to achieve, but its possible with a few key elements. Perhaps a paler shade of white,on your face, may give you that real “deathly touch”.

Fashion buying and Grace Kelly

Posted in Iconic Fashion Designers by Gregory on July 19, 2010

What are the perks of being a fashion buyer, well yesterday (Monday 19th July) it had to be the glorious weather and great company. I have been to order next years designer childrenswear from “I Love Gorgeous” and “Hucklebones”. What stunning collections they have in store… and I had my first experience of Lebonese food with my hosts. With a small time line before having to head back North, I have been given a free pass to see the Grace Kelly Style Icon exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum in South Kensington.

Grace Kelly,style icon,1950's fashion,voulue.com

Erwin Blumenfeld, Portrait of Grace Kelly, New York, 1955. © The Estate of Erwin Blumenfeld 2009

Impeccable, understated, elegant, ambassador of fashion, immaculate grooming and a sense of style. These are just a few of the ingredients which, when carefully directed, became a Style Icon of the fifties. As I have said several times before, the tide is turning and women everywhere who wish to be noticed are moving towards retro style with a contemporary edge.

Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra, High Society,MGM film studios, Voulue.com

Eric Carpenter/MGM (Kobal Collection)

With fifty or so years gone by, style is still style, and here is Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra in ‘High Society’1956, this gown would be as appropriate for todays’ society events as it was back then. The only major difference that I can see, is that they could dance!

If you are passing the V&A, pop in its worth an hour or two…

Voulue new wallpaper required

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Voulue are busy planning for Spring and summer 2011, and I wanted a white board to put our “look book” together. But we couldnt find one large enough, so I “googled” and came up with this alternative remedy to the solution. Here is Christiaan Postma adding an appointment to his diary…I think this idea is just what Im looking for!

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We spend a lot of time looking at fashion, but your home is just an extension of you and your fashion choices. I have taken a look at a few alternatives which you may consider or not, as the case may be. For the eco aware fashion buyers this eye catching piece comes from Ian and Stephanies Charming Salvage Style apartment, I just love the feel of the newspaper print wallpaper. I’m not sure if they are A3 photocopies or real newspaper…I think you may have trouble trying to paste newspaper itself…if you try it, send us a photo and we will share it. Visit Ian and Stephanie at Apartment therapy

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Designer Philippe Starck, with a virtual library, at least you cant say youve read them all. I wonder if I dare use such original ideas..yes, lets stop the plain old magnolia walls and put ourselves back in the driving seat and let our personality shine through.

Voulue artistic design, original design, voulue.com

If you would like to see more:- Richard Starck portfolio

Im very surprised to find that you can even get antibacterial wallpaper!  Well, we do learn something new everyday.

Louis Vuitton… the French way to do Style.

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Echos of yester year are flooding into this Autumns collection from Louis Vuitton, and the cape is making a strong statment in their collection. Cut from a signature blanket the cape has a strong demanding prescence.

Louis Vuitton 2010 Autumn, Voulue designer fashion, designer perfume, womens clothes,If you prefer your statement in another colour, LV  does offer you a choice with this charcoal and white coloured cape.

Louis Vuitton, designer clothes,designer handbags, Voulue.com

If you are looking for an alternative tailored piece, then you are going to be spoiled, with an accompanied accessory range of faux fur hats, elegant wool tights and stunning footwear. These tailored wool coats will last you for years, they are classic in design and will span several seasons as we head towards a more “we care what we look like” era.

Louis Vuitton, designer capes and coats, designer handbags, fashion, womens wear,Sophisticated everyday wear will be sweeping over the country within the next two to three years, as designers are inspired with and by the “futuristic vintage” genre.

Louis Vuitton, futuristic vintage genre, designer womenswear, designer workwear,

This comming Autumn is going to exciting as new collection are released, we have had a preview of what London Fashion Week is going to bring, and if you like what you see here, there is definitely more to come. Just look for inspiration amongst  these pictures, you will find tasteful and beautiful styling, mixing tartans with fur, leather trimmings and a selection of boots and shoes to compliment any outfit.

Louis Vuitton, designer clothes, jewellery, perfume

Louis Vuitton, top fashion, womens fashion,breast cancer,Please let us know your thoughts, you can register here or pop over to our Facebook page and start a discussion with like minded “Facebook Friends of Fashion” or the “FFF”.

British student Si Kim “best student winner” Handbag Designer Awards.

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There was a strong British contingent in this years Handbag Designer awards, with 8 out of the 10 finalists coming from UK. Half of the candidates were studying at the London College of Fashion, the others from Central St. Martins College of Art and Design; and the Royal College of Art.

British student, Si Kim (South Korea) has won “Best Student Winner” at  the prestigeous Independent Handbag Designer Awards 2010 New York.

Si Kim, best student handbag design 2010,Voulue.com,Si’s  collection is influenced by contemporary art, and traditional art forms such as origami.

Si Kim, handbag designer, London College of Fashion, Voulue designer handbags, Geometrical patterns do work very well against her background design of flowing natural lines.

Si Kim, designer, Voulue designer accessories, fashion and perfumeThis design is my favourite one, it reminds me of lotus flower in full bloom.

Si Kim, handbags,voulue...designer fashion for you, designer clothing,Si, will be head hunted for her talent by one or more of the leading fashion Houses, so keep an eye open for her future collections.There’s more… she was also a runner up at The 2010 Ethical Fashion Forum INNOVATION Award, London and an ITS#NINE (International Talent Support) 2010 Italy Accessories Finalist. Wow! what a start to a fantastic design career.

If you think that’s an easy task… just look at some of the names on ITS bench of jurors:  Viktor (Horsting)  & Rolf (Snoeren), Sara Maino fashion editor of Vougue Italy, Nina-Maria Nitsche of Maison Martin Margiela, Bruno Collin artistic director of Diesel, plus a further thirteen other greats from fashion designers and fashion businesses from around the world.

ITS International Talent Support for future fashion designers.

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Add this step to your fashion career.

International Talent Support, handbag designers, Voulue.com

I was asked today where a  fashion student could get some help in progressing their career. To start with, you cant go far wrong than applying to ITS. But and thats a BIG BUT,  you need to be a focussed and productive student with buckets of talent and the strength to face a formidable and professional interview selection. |The prize could be the start of your  “Cherry on the Cake” fashion designer lifestyle .

ITS fashion competition offers substantial prize money, but above all, an opportunity for work placements, internships and special projects granted to the finalists after the event. You may be working along side Viktor&Rolf, Armani or John Galliano. These are gatekeepers  and supporters for you to learn from and develop your career before your solo debut at London  or Paris Fashion Week.

For more information  please visit: ITS International Talent Support

Vogue ipad…download fashion to your fingertips

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For the digital savvy who prefer to download their fashion fix, what could be better than getting a Vogue ipad app. Condé Nast publications are the first  to distribute Vogue on a European wide scale.Moritz von Laffert, President of Condé Nast Germany “… With the new app we aim to transfer the aesthetic appeal and visual richness of this brand to a corresponding experience on a digital device.”
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The VOGUE app brings  you a new way to read your glossy magazines without them getting soggy in the rain. Now that’s a good thing to have.

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Gucci kids… But its not my cup of T

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Creative designer for Gucci childrens’ collection Frida Giannini has let loose her girls and boys outfits…perhaps I was expecting more…or is  it  just bland?

Gucci  childrenswear, Voulue designer childrenswearThe overcoat is fine, but the jeans and T with a Gucci bag print,  just doesn’t do it for me, it lacks effort and originality, I see this same combination up and down the High Street every day of the week. What about the boys collection…well!

Gucci boys, Voulue childrens clothing, designer childrens clothing,The the sneakers are great, a lovely finish with the trim, the designer glasses…mmm, not sure they would last very long, most children would have then scratched by the end of the day or even the first ten minutes knowing some of mt nephews. Perhaps the most endearing feature is the logo which comes with the clothing…perhaps for some people that is all they need in a designer outfit. I personally look for a lot more than what Frida is offerring.

Gucci kids at Voulue designer fashion store, childrenswear, designer childrenswear,What do you think? Start a new discussion on our Voulue Facebook page

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