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Ruffian of New York, would you mix it with your wardrobe?

Posted in American Fashion Designers by Gregory on August 31, 2010
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Photograph by Douglas Friedman

Rising New York designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais ( Claude is the chap sitting down) are instrumental in the success of the Ruffian brand. To describe their signature it is probably best if you hear what they say, “ in each collection, culture clashes with counter-culture, classic with cutting edge, punk with princess. Ruffian smashes archetypes and rebuilds them slightly askew.”   

Here is their   AW10   collection, are you able to read their signature within this collection? Though I have noticed the “similarity” of dress worn by the model second from the left, isn’t that the “celestial”  material which Christopher Kane has used on his collections…must be as common as denim!   

Autumn 2010


Ruffian,USA fashion designers,New York fashion,American designer dresses,Voulue.com   

 Spring 2011

I’m not sure where their signature elements of “punk and princess”, the clashing together of any European court culture here isn’t very noticeable. Perhaps they are approaching it from a subtle angle, to be more pleasing for the astute fashion buyers. Anything too wacky might not fly off the shelves, but hold that thought for a second, it worked Vivienne Westwood…mmm different era I know, but I’ve a feeling we will see a new street up culture, that will try to oppose the ” refined, lady like” trend we are heading too. It will be distinctive, and not designer led. 

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LFW is London Fashion Week, but also Lakmé Fashion Week

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 31, 2010

Lakmé is running concurrently with London Fashion Week, and for those of you who like the effervescence of  Bollywood image mixed with contemporary design..then this could just be what you are looking for. Lakmé Fashion Week is centered on Mumbai, a hustling, bustling and colourful city, full of intrigue and passion.

Lakme fashion week,India fashion week,designer fashion india,voulueDesigners from India’s fashion houses are starting to show here at London, this year we will accessory designer Little Shilpa, who has been highlighted by several fashion writers as becoming successful here in the UK. We will let you know more about her collection after our visit to the London Fashion Week.

One designer that is covering all the bases to  cater for a spectrum of  cultures and lifestyle ideals,  wether traditional or contemporary clothing is Anita Dongre, a huge name in the East which could easily transgress the east /west divide to be used for day wear  here in  the UK.

Anita Dongre

With separate outlets for each of her distinct lines also shows us her entrepreneurial skills as a businesswoman as well as a fashion designer. For a modernised cultural look, Anita brings stunning creations with modern interpretation.

Anita Dongre, India designer,sari,cultural dress of India,Voulue.com,designer fashion from around the World,

We just love the hairstyle on the first image on the left. Anita also runs a label called “globaldesi”, this is where Anita lets East meet West in her design package, as she states , “they look great with leggings”, but with a pair of jeans they would look just as good…dont you agree?

Anita Dongre,India fashion show,india designer fashion

Anita hasn’t forgotten those who are passionate about sustainability. “Grassroots” label, taking you back to the basics. She makes statement pieces out of a single design thought, and set against a white background they do give a somewhat early sixties feel about them.

Anita Dongre,india fashion week, Mumbai,fashion for women,Voulue.comLively and  care free, they would look good for any summer event, especially any retro festivals they would go down a treat. Anita uses pure vegetable dyes, and  the traditional craft of Leheriya ( a variation of tie dye), hand block printing and chikankari, a fine shadow work embroidery technique from the Uttar Pradesh region of India.

Lakmé Fashion Week GenNext

With 74 designers taking part in this years show there will be plenty on offer for all. As with London’s NextGen, Lakmé invests extensively in their GenNext,with this being their 5th year they are going to celebrate with ‘Defining the Future of Fashion’. The event has been around for eleven years, but the modernity and professional image which they are showing will surely be a catalyst for attracting attention on a global scale making India a premier league player of fashion which will infiltrate to discerning followers and wearers of quality fashion.

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Borgezie… Shoes you wouldnt want to wear…without security

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 27, 2010

Eternal Borgezie Diamond Stiletto

“Bling” maybe on the way out, but when it comes to sheer exuberance, then Borgezie is the place for the super rich who can splash  the proverbial without a missing a heart beat. Lets just say the basic model starts at about £100,000.oo, and goes to over £150,000.00……I just love writing those zeros, unfortunately I cannot produce the real thing.

Luxury shoes,voulue.comIf you get bored with the style , the heel is detachable and you could just replace it with a new look…mmm perhaps Christian Louboutin will take up that idea for his next pair of shoes. Here is a close up of the Stamen fluted heel, the House of Borgezie state it gives a “delicate purity to the whole of the stiletto.” Even the red soles are quickly replaceable when you have signs of wear and tear, yes, they are really for outdoor use!

And the number of sparkling jewels in this pair is 1,2,3…you will just have to count them yourself, but I would be checking the numbers everytime I wore them, you must be brave to wear apair of shoes like these.

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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words…Louis Vuitton winter 10-11

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1001: Style

Louis Vuitton winter 10-11,voulue.com

1002: Sophistication

Louis Vuitton,designer fashion,dresses,womens clothing,Voulue.com

1003: Elegance

Louis Vuitton,designer womens clothing,designer handbags,winter 10-11,Voulue.com

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Jimmy Choo Nude 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 26, 2010

Jimmy Choo Nude Collection

If you thought it was enough when  Marc Jacobs recently stripped  for his “Bang” for men fragrance, well Jimmy Choo has just announced his pre autumn collection as “Jimmy Choo Nude”, aimed  modestly at  his colour choice rather than to any disrobing. The subtlety of the colour, dare I say, a very light beige is his core focus…or is that too common!

Jimmy Choo nude collection,designer shoes,sandals,handbags,Voulue.comJimmy offers you a wide selection of his shoes to choose from, and has reincarnated the “Sky” bag for you. I have chosen just the highlights,but there is a lot more shoes to the collection, let’s start with the Mendez shoe.

The Mendez

The Mendez soft suede sandals will be in store for £625.00, adding an extra 4.7 inches to your standing, and an even greater boost to your self-esteem. The layering and overlapping of the studded tabs does lead to the effortless simplicity of the shoe, giving the front the appearance of a necklace. This may be a good point to consider when choosing the style of  your neck jewellery you may wish to wear. You could reproduce the same inverted pyramid, which would also act as a directional signpost for people to look at you and then be directed down towards your shoes. Hopefully taking in all the glorious styling in between.

Jimmy Choo,Mendez,suede sandal,designer footwear,Voulue.com


I must say, that I took a particular liking to this leather and patent Opanca sandal, although higher in price at £750.oo, the  large studded wave line along the border of the shoe is delightful. With a rear  entry zip, just gives it a nice finish, and a factor of originality to the design.

Jimmy Choo,Aston, luxury designer shoe,voulue.comJimmy Choo,Aston shoe,designer footwear,designer shoes,luxury shoes,voulue.comJimmy Choo,shoe stylist,shoe designer,British shoes,Voulue.com


For that special evening when every women want to look and feel special, it was the Evita, a subtle pastel shade with embellishments for the glitter look on the dance floor. Again the same heel height, and rear zip entry, giving an extra allowance for the design to sit higher up on the front of your foot.

JimmyChoo,Evita,luxury footwear from Jimmy Choo,Autumn 2010,voulue.comSky

If you wish to go completely nude with the collection, you can carry the “Sky” studded suede bag in either the  camel or if you dare to have a strong contrast then go for the chocolate brown. They are on the top end of  £1200.oo give or take a couple of pounds, so do choose carefully or you might just have to buy 2….naughty but nice!

Jimmy Choo Sky studded handbag,designer handbag, designer handbags,voulue.comJimmy Choo "sky" suede studded handbag,designer purses,voulue.com

If there is a little left in your purse and you really want to go for the complete works, how about a luxurious silk and wool scarf to keep out those almost autumnal breezes. If you would like to see the studded clutch in the same design Click through to one of our previous articles,Whats New from Choo.

Jimmy Choo,luxury scarf,silk and cotton scarf,designer scarf,voulue.comDo let us know your comments, all the best for now.

Christian Louboutin madness

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 25, 2010

What is this world of Christian Louboutin? If his website is a reflection of the man, one would immediately say eccentric or mad. Though this is a creative madness not a psychological one, well, not being a specialist in this area, it’s not for me to say. But as for the art, he is eclectic in his collections, his ideas are like a Bumble bee which  flits from one flower to another, and at each flower he sees a different design which he eagerly puts to work.

For a man who sleeps every night in his office, his work definitely is his life. Though he has stated that he knows the words to Jennifer Lopez’s Louboutin song, so I’m sure he does get away from the office once in while.

Christian Louboutin,french designer,designer shoes,Voulue.comFrom his ” total madness collection” from left to right we have the ” black suede “embroided lace and satin ribbon pleat shoe. “Bridget’s back”, silver spikes of  ice shoe and on the left hand side “Amber”, cranberry satin,gold laminato. As you can see he doesn’t follow the “theme regime”, I believe this is why he is so productive and above al original. I feel he is the Picasso of  footwear designers. No wonder so many people collect his work, one day they will command a substantial return on any investment you make. No wonder Lopez has over 700 pairs of shoes!

Do take a look at Christian Louboutin’s site, with its surrealistic, astronomical satellites of footwear, he never fails to entertain. But if time is short here is a small compilation for you.

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Alexander McQueen, ” will the tough-luxe remain”, a thought.

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 24, 2010

I was in a thoughtful mood today, and it started with “Alexander McQueen”, why? you may ask, but truthfully there was only one apparent reason. What would he have been designing now?  Would he be set in his path and giving us a continuation of his tough-luxe theme of clutches, of which the one below is just one of many,but, it is the one I prefer.Alexander McQueen,Brittania Punk,Voulue.com

Or would we have seen a dramatic change in direction, bringing us a new wave…the opposite direction perhaps, a trend we may have called soft-luxe. Thoughts are wonderful things, they are a playground of “what ifs” and “only’s”. Great material for the designers who will be continuing with this iconic brand name in fashion. It’s just a matter of wait and see! So, I visited the brands website to see if I could detect a feeling as to what may be going on, and in which direction Gucci would be taking. This image comes straight from a pre-Raphaelite artists easel ” A mournful,  full of pain, self questioning, unable to understand.”

Alexander McQueen,Gucci, voulue.com

You will agree that it makes us ask more questions, rather than gaining many answers. They have published the pre Spring/Summer collection in the same tasteful way. Here is a compilation of next Spring’s highlights.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can detect a softer edge to these designs, and I love the way they have gone back to the simplistic yet effective Chinese influence over several of the dresses. The brand is definitely stong and I believe it will continue for many years to come.

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Delvaux handbags “1958 Brilliant MM” retro-eloquence

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 23, 2010

With quietness and taste becomming the norm once again, you may wish to consider the contributions made by our continental neigbours. In particularly one design house which we introduced to you followers of our old blog, The House of Delvaux.

Delvaux are the “Vuitton” of Belgium, creators of fine luxury goods for the  Royal family and their aristocracy . This is of course a view of yesteryear as now for those “that have..can have”. But for the restrained mark of couture the “1958 MM-noir” is of outstanding quality and expects praise from all that come within distance.

Eloquent black calf leather, the lining is of pale Basane leather,  and you will need to set aside about £2474 for this mark of couture. The brass signature fastener is finished in polished gold, such clean lines will only add to your outfit, not detract from your overall appearance.

Delvaux luxury handbags

They also do a slightly smaller handbag offering the same style, but you will only be saving a couple of hundred euros. As for colours you can choose from, “Sunrise”, “rouge”, “Noir” or “Fauve”.

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Michael Lewis designer shoes…Future inspiration by Guido Mocafico

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on August 22, 2010

UK designer Michael Lewis, has made great headway since qualifying from Central Saint Martins, London. With an impeccable curriculum vitae of pupillage of working alongside Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton, Christopher Bailey at Burberry and Tom Ford at Gucci. Then you are going to expect something more than above average from Michael Lewis. Solet us take a look at what is on offer at from this Autmn / Winter collection.

Michael Lewis, Autumn winter 2010 collection,designer footwear,designer shoes,voulue.com

Michaels’ signature,  aims to bring to his women a “flamboyant, sensual, fun and luxurious footwear,” which I’m sure he has achieved his aims with this Autumns collection. He looks for girls with the ” joie de vivre” as he feels they will appreciate his artistic talents the most. Well Michael, there are going to be  plenty of us out there for you to please!

As for his Spring collection, He has said the collection is  going to be inspired by “Guido Mocafico, confectionary and Willy Wonka.” Perhaps we are going to see a shoe that tastes of summer cherries and cream, srpinkled with milk chocholate drops, and finished in snake skin patterns… I cannot wait to see if he is going to use the parisian artists’ serpentine collection for his inspiration , take a look at these, what do you think? arent they beautiful?

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Just imagine the fun Michael will have drawing the patterns that these creatures are creating, then translating them into his final shoe designs, great life. He will be challenging competition not only for any new designer, but also for those established names.

I’m sure we will all look forward to his Spring collection.

Any thoughts?

Marc by Marc Jacobs New Army Handhack Backpack

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 22, 2010

When it comes to the great outdoors, I am one who normally grabs hold off my Karrimor daysack and off I go without a second thought as to my “bag”. Until I came across this new Army Handhack Backpack by Marc Jacobs…take a look.

Marc by Marc Jacobs handhack backpack, great outdoors,designer accessories,voulue.comMarc by Marc Jacobbs,handhack backpack,designer outdoor clothing,rucksacks,This designer outdoor clothing accessory retails at around £190.00. So I took a look at several oline camping  stores to see if they carried any fashionable bags that would be a match for the Marc Jacobs. The short answer was no. They had lots of excellant designed and colourful bags, but no retro canvas, stylish daysacks. Therefore, if I was planning a gap year around europe, and having to  travel light, then this MJ would be stapped on my back.

If you prefer, I did find one backpack from Prada, the “PradaVela Backpack”, it maybe what you are looking for, what do you think?

Prada Vela backpack, designer label, outdoor fashion, rucksackPrada Vela backpack,designer outdoor gear,fashion bag,rucksack,voulue.comThis backpack is made from nylon and it will set you back around £460.00, which one would you choose? I’ve already made my mind up.