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Zandra Rhodes, Pure London, Olympia, work…work…work!

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 3, 2010

What was going on? I couldn’t see through the mass of bustling bodies as to what was the centre of attraction. Professional photographers standing on ladders on the periphery of the scrum were flashing away with great enthusiasm. So I carried on looking at next Springs (2011) collection of  Red or Dead handbags. Of which I can only assure you, that the design quality of this collection has grown exponentially since we took delivery of our last order.

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Robbie of “Red or Dead” told me the that Zandra Rhodes was at the centre of attraction, and that she was here at Olympia to launch here new range of bags, which like Red or Dead, also comes under the parent company of Portal Worldwide. I told Robbie we would come back later when things were a little quieter, and moved off to take a look at Yumi, James Lakeland and Uttam.

In was certainly quieter when we returned and we soon got down to business, but before we had finished we were joined by Zandra. What an inspiration, she was so full of life, no sitting in front of the TV with a rug over her lap for this gal. And as she was leaving she said to Robbie, which may probably be the mantra she lives by, ” Work, work,work…”

Zandra Rhodes,Pure Olympia,London 2010,Voulue.com designer fashion, womens handbags,The epitomy of being ones-self, and bold statements are on every facet of Zandra…and she really attracted the under 25’s at Pure, as they flocked to this iconic figure , like iron to a magnet.