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Louis Vuitton Giraffe, Livingstone I presume… in safari suit.

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 10, 2010

Doing a little store checking yesterday around New Bond street, which for those of you  should definitely be in your “things to do in fashion” list. I just love to see how the design houses compete for your attention. But for eye-catching ingenuity, the prize yesterday, must go to Louis Vuitton.

With an additional pat on the back for the  “Obsession”, an automaton of stepping and tapping shoes.

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This  mechanical brass crankshaft, was so eye-catching under the spot lights, that I would just love to open my closet each morning to see my collections of shoes jostling about “me, me, me, today please”. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my video camera with me, but if anyone finds a video…please let me know.

Louis Vuitton,monomania qu,designer handbags,womens bags, leather handbags,yelow leather handbags“Mono mania que”, did she does faint at the amount she has just put on the MasterCard?… I will let you put your own version of events for this one.

But for cuteness, it as to be the baby giraffe with sparkling toe nails and scarf…nice.

Louis Vuitton,considered,designer fashion handbags,black leather handbags,If you may be wondering why Livingstone is in the title of this piece, I am not referring to the historical figure of David Livingstone, the great pioneering explorer of Africa. No, but none the less well-known, Ken Livingstone, ex-Mayor of London. For a chap just reaching his 65th birthday, he can still run up the escalators from  Nottinghill Gate tube station. I only wanted to ask him about his safari suit, designed by? Tailored? Off the peg from? Well we will never know!