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Hunter Wellington Boots and Jimmy Choo, what a splash!

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on August 13, 2010

With all the rain I  needed my wellies, but could I find them No err! Well as normal I reached for Google and “googled wellies” and when I saw Jimmy Choo and wellies together in the serch results, well it had to be a must have, even before I had even saw them. Was I disappointed, NO, but I saw his design was produced with Hunter, top of the top of wellie makers. Knitted nylon leopard print lining must just be the cherry on the top….mmmm!

Jimmy Choo, Hunter wellington boot,wellies,designer boots,designer footwearWhilst on a buying trip I thought I would check them out and popped into Harvey Nic’s and they do look good, as for the price tag, well you will certainly be paying for the name. At £250 plus, you may decide just to go for Hunter wellies without Mr.J.Choo influence, no….

Well, there’s more from Hunters, such a stylish range called “Carnaby”, for all the townies to have a real good splash around and still look the business even if you feel a bit of a drip! These are priced at around the £100 to £150 mark depending where you shop. Here is the “boa” and the “lizard” print.

Hunter carnaby collection,lizard,designer wellington boots,welliesHunter wellies,Boa print,designer wellies

And for those professional mud wrestlers of Glastonbury amongst you Hunters  offer you the “festival collection”.

Hunters designer wellies,voulue.com,designer womens clothes,fashion footwear,

Hunters say on their Facebook page, that  there new approach to designing wellington boots is the ” ultimate fusion of fashion and function.”

“I was inspired by images from the festivals of the hip Brit girls in their wellies. This led to our collaboration with Hunter to produce a sleek interpretation of the British classic”. Tamara Mellon, Jimmy Choo President and Founder.

For those of you that like to know a little about the history of Hunters , well they have been around for over 150 years. Thats what I call an estabished and iconic business. Good business’s are all about reinventing themselves to keep up with todays needs, and Hunters are doing this with a release of more new styles for you to get. These are at the lower utility end of the range, but they do what they say on the box!

It is without doubt, that this British institution will be around for another hundred and fifty years.