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Delvaux handbags “1958 Brilliant MM” retro-eloquence

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 23, 2010

With quietness and taste becomming the norm once again, you may wish to consider the contributions made by our continental neigbours. In particularly one design house which we introduced to you followers of our old blog, The House of Delvaux.

Delvaux are the “Vuitton” of Belgium, creators of fine luxury goods for the  Royal family and their aristocracy . This is of course a view of yesteryear as now for those “that have..can have”. But for the restrained mark of couture the “1958 MM-noir” is of outstanding quality and expects praise from all that come within distance.

Eloquent black calf leather, the lining is of pale Basane leather,  and you will need to set aside about £2474 for this mark of couture. The brass signature fastener is finished in polished gold, such clean lines will only add to your outfit, not detract from your overall appearance.

Delvaux luxury handbags

They also do a slightly smaller handbag offering the same style, but you will only be saving a couple of hundred euros. As for colours you can choose from, “Sunrise”, “rouge”, “Noir” or “Fauve”.

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