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Jimmy Choo Nude 2

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 26, 2010

Jimmy Choo Nude Collection

If you thought it was enough when  Marc Jacobs recently stripped  for his “Bang” for men fragrance, well Jimmy Choo has just announced his pre autumn collection as “Jimmy Choo Nude”, aimed  modestly at  his colour choice rather than to any disrobing. The subtlety of the colour, dare I say, a very light beige is his core focus…or is that too common!

Jimmy Choo nude collection,designer shoes,sandals,handbags,Voulue.comJimmy offers you a wide selection of his shoes to choose from, and has reincarnated the “Sky” bag for you. I have chosen just the highlights,but there is a lot more shoes to the collection, let’s start with the Mendez shoe.

The Mendez

The Mendez soft suede sandals will be in store for £625.00, adding an extra 4.7 inches to your standing, and an even greater boost to your self-esteem. The layering and overlapping of the studded tabs does lead to the effortless simplicity of the shoe, giving the front the appearance of a necklace. This may be a good point to consider when choosing the style of  your neck jewellery you may wish to wear. You could reproduce the same inverted pyramid, which would also act as a directional signpost for people to look at you and then be directed down towards your shoes. Hopefully taking in all the glorious styling in between.

Jimmy Choo,Mendez,suede sandal,designer footwear,Voulue.com


I must say, that I took a particular liking to this leather and patent Opanca sandal, although higher in price at £750.oo, the  large studded wave line along the border of the shoe is delightful. With a rear  entry zip, just gives it a nice finish, and a factor of originality to the design.

Jimmy Choo,Aston, luxury designer shoe,voulue.comJimmy Choo,Aston shoe,designer footwear,designer shoes,luxury shoes,voulue.comJimmy Choo,shoe stylist,shoe designer,British shoes,Voulue.com


For that special evening when every women want to look and feel special, it was the Evita, a subtle pastel shade with embellishments for the glitter look on the dance floor. Again the same heel height, and rear zip entry, giving an extra allowance for the design to sit higher up on the front of your foot.

JimmyChoo,Evita,luxury footwear from Jimmy Choo,Autumn 2010,voulue.comSky

If you wish to go completely nude with the collection, you can carry the “Sky” studded suede bag in either the  camel or if you dare to have a strong contrast then go for the chocolate brown. They are on the top end of  £1200.oo give or take a couple of pounds, so do choose carefully or you might just have to buy 2….naughty but nice!

Jimmy Choo Sky studded handbag,designer handbag, designer handbags,voulue.comJimmy Choo "sky" suede studded handbag,designer purses,voulue.com

If there is a little left in your purse and you really want to go for the complete works, how about a luxurious silk and wool scarf to keep out those almost autumnal breezes. If you would like to see the studded clutch in the same design Click through to one of our previous articles,Whats New from Choo.

Jimmy Choo,luxury scarf,silk and cotton scarf,designer scarf,voulue.comDo let us know your comments, all the best for now.


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