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Borgezie… Shoes you wouldnt want to wear…without security

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 27, 2010

Eternal Borgezie Diamond Stiletto

“Bling” maybe on the way out, but when it comes to sheer exuberance, then Borgezie is the place for the super rich who can splash  the proverbial without a missing a heart beat. Lets just say the basic model starts at about £100,000.oo, and goes to over £150,000.00……I just love writing those zeros, unfortunately I cannot produce the real thing.

Luxury shoes,voulue.comIf you get bored with the style , the heel is detachable and you could just replace it with a new look…mmm perhaps Christian Louboutin will take up that idea for his next pair of shoes. Here is a close up of the Stamen fluted heel, the House of Borgezie state it gives a “delicate purity to the whole of the stiletto.” Even the red soles are quickly replaceable when you have signs of wear and tear, yes, they are really for outdoor use!

And the number of sparkling jewels in this pair is 1,2,3…you will just have to count them yourself, but I would be checking the numbers everytime I wore them, you must be brave to wear apair of shoes like these.

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