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Ruffian of New York, would you mix it with your wardrobe?

Posted in American Fashion Designers by Gregory on August 31, 2010
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Photograph by Douglas Friedman

Rising New York designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais ( Claude is the chap sitting down) are instrumental in the success of the Ruffian brand. To describe their signature it is probably best if you hear what they say, “ in each collection, culture clashes with counter-culture, classic with cutting edge, punk with princess. Ruffian smashes archetypes and rebuilds them slightly askew.”   

Here is their   AW10   collection, are you able to read their signature within this collection? Though I have noticed the “similarity” of dress worn by the model second from the left, isn’t that the “celestial”  material which Christopher Kane has used on his collections…must be as common as denim!   

Autumn 2010


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 Spring 2011

I’m not sure where their signature elements of “punk and princess”, the clashing together of any European court culture here isn’t very noticeable. Perhaps they are approaching it from a subtle angle, to be more pleasing for the astute fashion buyers. Anything too wacky might not fly off the shelves, but hold that thought for a second, it worked Vivienne Westwood…mmm different era I know, but I’ve a feeling we will see a new street up culture, that will try to oppose the ” refined, lady like” trend we are heading too. It will be distinctive, and not designer led. 

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LFW is London Fashion Week, but also Lakmé Fashion Week

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 31, 2010

Lakmé is running concurrently with London Fashion Week, and for those of you who like the effervescence of  Bollywood image mixed with contemporary design..then this could just be what you are looking for. Lakmé Fashion Week is centered on Mumbai, a hustling, bustling and colourful city, full of intrigue and passion.

Lakme fashion week,India fashion week,designer fashion india,voulueDesigners from India’s fashion houses are starting to show here at London, this year we will accessory designer Little Shilpa, who has been highlighted by several fashion writers as becoming successful here in the UK. We will let you know more about her collection after our visit to the London Fashion Week.

One designer that is covering all the bases to  cater for a spectrum of  cultures and lifestyle ideals,  wether traditional or contemporary clothing is Anita Dongre, a huge name in the East which could easily transgress the east /west divide to be used for day wear  here in  the UK.

Anita Dongre

With separate outlets for each of her distinct lines also shows us her entrepreneurial skills as a businesswoman as well as a fashion designer. For a modernised cultural look, Anita brings stunning creations with modern interpretation.

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We just love the hairstyle on the first image on the left. Anita also runs a label called “globaldesi”, this is where Anita lets East meet West in her design package, as she states , “they look great with leggings”, but with a pair of jeans they would look just as good…dont you agree?

Anita Dongre,India fashion show,india designer fashion

Anita hasn’t forgotten those who are passionate about sustainability. “Grassroots” label, taking you back to the basics. She makes statement pieces out of a single design thought, and set against a white background they do give a somewhat early sixties feel about them.

Anita Dongre,india fashion week, Mumbai,fashion for women,Voulue.comLively and  care free, they would look good for any summer event, especially any retro festivals they would go down a treat. Anita uses pure vegetable dyes, and  the traditional craft of Leheriya ( a variation of tie dye), hand block printing and chikankari, a fine shadow work embroidery technique from the Uttar Pradesh region of India.

Lakmé Fashion Week GenNext

With 74 designers taking part in this years show there will be plenty on offer for all. As with London’s NextGen, Lakmé invests extensively in their GenNext,with this being their 5th year they are going to celebrate with ‘Defining the Future of Fashion’. The event has been around for eleven years, but the modernity and professional image which they are showing will surely be a catalyst for attracting attention on a global scale making India a premier league player of fashion which will infiltrate to discerning followers and wearers of quality fashion.

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