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Ruffian of New York, would you mix it with your wardrobe?

Posted in American Fashion Designers by Gregory on August 31, 2010
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Photograph by Douglas Friedman

Rising New York designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais ( Claude is the chap sitting down) are instrumental in the success of the Ruffian brand. To describe their signature it is probably best if you hear what they say, “ in each collection, culture clashes with counter-culture, classic with cutting edge, punk with princess. Ruffian smashes archetypes and rebuilds them slightly askew.”   

Here is their   AW10   collection, are you able to read their signature within this collection? Though I have noticed the “similarity” of dress worn by the model second from the left, isn’t that the “celestial”  material which Christopher Kane has used on his collections…must be as common as denim!   

Autumn 2010


Ruffian,USA fashion designers,New York fashion,American designer dresses,Voulue.com   

 Spring 2011

I’m not sure where their signature elements of “punk and princess”, the clashing together of any European court culture here isn’t very noticeable. Perhaps they are approaching it from a subtle angle, to be more pleasing for the astute fashion buyers. Anything too wacky might not fly off the shelves, but hold that thought for a second, it worked Vivienne Westwood…mmm different era I know, but I’ve a feeling we will see a new street up culture, that will try to oppose the ” refined, lady like” trend we are heading too. It will be distinctive, and not designer led. 

Ruffian spring 2011,ladies skirts,womens dresses,yellow dress,metallic dress,voulue.com


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