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Louise Goldin Rising Star of Fashion

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 26, 2010

Louise Goldin Rising Star

Louise Goldin is definitely peeking her head above the horizon, and I can guarantee over the next couple of years she will be performing on the world stage of fashion.

She has an artistic eye which is  tuned to bringing you fashion from a contemporary and novel perspective, As you can see she has more than a signature …tis a wax seal. An embellishment which will be sought after by the collectors of fashionable art for many years to come. 

Do enjoy…bye for now.


Skeggings by Jonathan Aston… Designer Hosiery AW10

Posted in British Fashion Designers, Latest fashion Trends, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on October 23, 2010


Skeggings is a rather posh name for leggings with an embellishment…and not to be confused with the Great British Seaside town of Skegness… though being rather breezy there at any time of the year with the North sea giving us all a little nip from it’s teeth…I would still be happy to sport a pair of skeggings.

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The name Jonathon Aston conjures up the image of luxury when it comes to stockings and hosiery, and this seasons collection is by no means an opportunity to be missed.What a better way of upping your outfit with designer accessories. You cannot wince at an accessory item under the £25 mark… it’s a no brainer.

Anyway, what are skeggings?…Well the answer to the question…leggings with a skirt! Initially I did pass a few condescending comments… and read a few more blog comments over the past few months…and now they have arrived…the quality and image they give is truly great. For those of you  that require that quick change of clothes at the end of your working day, hey presto! Out of your handbag comes a new outfit. Add a suitable top, either a light weight shirt or T-shirt, polish up the lippy , brush your hair and out of the office and into a Bar…job done!

Skeggings by Jonathan Aston,jonathan aston fashion tights,jonathan aston tights,jonathan aston stockings,jonathan aston socks,women in tights,seamed tights,

Jonathan Aston tights/stockings/hold ups

There is quiet a collection of tights, stockings and hold ups in this Autumn collection from Jonathan Aston. My favourites are without doubt the Vintage range with sheers,laces and nets to choose from.Sexy, you can be assured.

Jonathan Aston stockings,fishnet hold ups,jonathan aston tights,black hold ups,black opaque tights,coloured tights by Jonathan Aston,“If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen” is just one analogy which comes to mind, and I’m sure you can make a few more analogies up for yourself!

Jonathan Aston Peacock Embellished Crystal opaque

But like me, you may be attracted by the Peacock Crystal embellished opaque stockings,they are going straight on my shopping list. Jonathan Aston has several other styles available, they are about to release soft rib embellished tights

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I think they will lead the trend in this Autumn/Winter period, they are about £30 a pair, we do have some on order and we will let you know when they are available.

Soft Rib Embellished Crystal Tight

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Jonathan Aston range available at the Voulue Boutique

 We will be bringing you a healthy selection to choose from , including …Fishnet back seam holdup, fishnet back seam tights, back seam and heel stockings, sweet roses hold ups, sweet roses tights, zebra seam tights, and many more to come, and we offer free posting…do take a look…bye for now.

Ming Xi…China rising….fashion explosion imminent

Posted in Chinese Fashion by Gregory on October 22, 2010

The Love of Fashion is a phenomena which is found on every continent, unfortunately much of the impact from the East tends to dissipate somewhat before it arrives in the UK. Though this will in time change, just like the “curry explosion”,which happened here in the  UK …

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and in time Chinese designers will be surging to the forefront as we become more appreciative and experimental in our choice of designer clothes.

Ming Xi, fashion model,chinese fashion model,chinese fashion,china fashion,chinese fashion designers,

Yet fashion adoption going from the west to the east isn’t dissipating in fact it is exploding. China ‘s wealthy are attracted like magnets  to Western high-end goods, for example,  Porsche  has increases sales of its luxury cars by more than 50% this year, so  the quiet perception that China is a quiet  backwater especially in stylish fashion  is a myth. As for fashion,the big guns are truly aimed at the vast market with a population feverishly fashion hungry and can’t get enough of Vogue China.

Ming Xi,chinese models female,chinese fashion models,chinese fashion clothing,chinese clothing,Vogue China is a chinese fashion magazine,beautiful china girls,

Vogue China has published its November 2010 issue, which has not only a beautiful model in the shape of Ming Xi to appeal to its readers, I believe it is going to become a huge exporter of its own grown talent as the red dragon designers grasp for our attention.

Ming Xi,beautiful chinese woman,beautiful women of china,made in china,chinese girls in fashion,chinese women,  Publication Vogue China Nov 2010, sees a stunning model of Ming Xi in a shoot called “Green Winter”,there appears to me a military edge to the composition of the scenes. I would love to see a truly artistic interpretation of fashion in China…if any ones has come across any do let me know.

Ming Xi,china girl of fashion,china clothes,chinese fashion on line,fashion and dress from China,These are images to somewhat mild by the tastes of  photographers  such as Miles Aldridge, …. so I took a look  at Vogue China to see if the artistic freedom will be available there. But that said, who is on the front of “VC online” but Miles himself, not with a cat! ( see Miles Aldridge article) but on a fairground horse.All the images I found where not avant garde or risqué in any way in which we are used to seeing his work here.

Miles Aldridge,fashion photographer,vogue china,

Do join us on Facebook and tell us your thoughts about the beautiful model Ming Xi….bye for know

Ming Xi Photographed by Hans Feurer,Styled by Ann Christensen.Titled "Green WinteR" modelling Burberry Prorsum,Michael Kors,Ralph Lauren,Yohji Yamamoto,Junya Watanabe.

Miles Aldridge

Posted in British fashion photographers by Gregory on October 20, 2010

I delight in the artistic images produced by world top fashion photographers and as I have said many times Annie Liebovitz is my icon. But she is only one of a few of the top and talented photo artists around and when it comes to colour and theatrical composition Miles Aldridge hits the bullseye with all three arrows.miles aldridge fashion photographer columbia road exhibition,Miles Aldridge fashion photographer,Miles Aldrige fashion photos, Miles Aldridge fashion shots,fashion photography,

Miles has grouped into several themes of which I will definitely write articles about over the coming months, but in particular it is one theme that was commissioned for Vogue Italy about a year ago, I find that its esthetics are particularly attractive.Miles Aldridge fashion  photographer Columbia Road,fashion editor,Miles Aldridge what is the fashion now,not only in uk fashion mags,actor headshots,miles aldridge ad photographer, ad photography,miles aldridge for your advertising photo,miles is a talented advertising photographer,miles aldridge advertising photography based in london,voulue photography,fashionpackuk fashion photography,

It may seem unrealistic to put such bright colours as lime green and vibrant pink and put them together….but wow isn’t the finished product just fantastic. If anyone tries this colour arrangenment out, do send us a picture we would love to see it.



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Take a look at the altered perspective, this is a clever trick to play on the eye, but nonetheless it takes you from the foreground  model via the red dustbin, the milk bottles and dog…isnt he a beautiful boy to the model pinned to the door. Even the recycling bin is balancingwith  the door to lead you out of the picture…note the yellow bottle in the box, the bin liner and the flower box, all working “innocently” to deliver the final composition.

Miles Aldridge fashion  photographer Columbia Road,asian wedding photographer,award winning photographs by Miles Aldridge,Miles gives beautiful girls photos,beautiful photos by Miles Aldridge,Miles Aldridge is one of the best fashion photographers,

I find to understand the work of Miles Aldridge, you have to act  rather like that of being a crime fighting sleuth, a Sherlock Holmes looking for the clues, just look how subtly the bluecolour of the door is reflected in the meerkat sticker in the window. The colour of the  curtains are reflected in the flowers and a highlight on the inside of the models left leg and the makeup on her face…clever, definitely. A genius of image construction, and those of you who are familiar with the “grid of thirds” will also see how the key hot spots are pretty well on cue. This adds to the way in which you interpret the image in your mind, but hey… let’s get of the technical side and savour the images ….fantastic.

Miles Aldridge fashion  photographer Columbia Road, Miles Aldridge fashion  photographer,Miles Aldridge photographer,Miles Aldridge is about fashion,Miles Aldridge is all about fashion,

I received a message this morning that Miles has just done Katy Perry as a pussy cat….does Miles like cats? I will have to check through his portfolio to see if he has a penchant for the feline…any way here is Katy Perry on all fours for her ad campaign for  “what’s new pussy cat”  perfume called Purr…

Katy Perry by Miles Aldridge, Katy Perry pop singer,Purr perfume by Katy Perry,Russel Brand and Katy Perry, 3oh! and Katy Perry,

Well Bye for now…

Balenciaga’s Chicken Feet

Posted in Italian Fashion Designers, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on October 19, 2010

Balenciaga’s Chicken Feet

Pied-de Poule patterns dominate next summers Balenciaga fashion feast. This design is  also known as ” pied de coq”, which roughly translated means chicken feet… having spent many a summer’s day feeding my Uncles’ chickens I cannot recall seeing these patterns, but truly speaking I was more interested in collecting the fresh eggs than looking for  patterns made in the dust.  Balenciaga have grasped and expedited to great effect  a pattern which originally was introduced by Chanel… and the decorated coats will pick you out from the crowd. Quickly glancing at the images will give you an overall impression,but do spend a little time to look at the subtleties of the design on each of the individual pieces.

 balenciaga summer 2011,balenciaga summer clothes collection,balenciaga designer womens clothing,balenciaga womens designer clothing,balenciaga designer clothes for women,balenciaga designer clothes and accessories,Nicolas Ghesquière

French designer Nicolas Ghesquière, has dispensed a collection based on strong geometrical lines and symmetrical patterns. I can see a benefit for girls who think their body shape isn’t flattering for the tight tailored cut coats,as these  coats are very forgiving for the figure. Now that’s just increased my coat collection then!  And with at least half a dozen choices to wear, my choice of stunning designer coats is going to rise exponentially next summer.balenciaga summer 2011,designer clothes for women,designer clothes online,ladies designer clothing,balenciaga online clothes shopping,fashion designer clothes,buy balenciaga designer clothes online,balenciaga designer clothes shops,Balenciaga clothes online,    As for the striped tops, well they wouldn’t have been my first choice if I was trying to gather ideas for an outfit to accompany one of the coats. But what a “mistaka to maka” as are really effective. The juxtaposition of these two bold patterns definitely do compliment each other, whether you choose the bold stripe or the narrow, they will both go well with a pied de coq pattern. So do experiment with your wardrobe, it may pay dividends!balenciaga summer 2011,balenciaga designer womenswear,balenciagas shoes,balenciagas,black handbag,

Personally I cannot wait to shop for Balenciaga’s next selection of trousers and shirts, I could comfortably add any of  these designs to my ready to wear casual collection. They are so cool…by the way, have you noticed…no high heels. Do remember to grab your brogues for your summer Balenciaga look.

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I feel very uplifted with these clothes, just add some rock music and strut your stuff… especially if its Queens’  “Dont stop me now” cus  I’m having a good time…I hope you are have a good time too… Bye for now.

Prada 1960’s Fashion Imagination

Posted in Italian Fashion Designers, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on October 18, 2010

Prada 1960’s Fashion Imagination

Prada’s giving us a bright future for  Spring Summer 2011 and the future is more than orange, it’s also blue, fuchsia, and jade . Add to the base formula of stripes, prints and embellishment you will delight in next seasons ensemble. Add to this the music  of the sixties and you will see exactly that Prada is reviving the 60’s. This whole collection is absolutely stunning, and  even when some of the music industry are reaching their seventies …”Happy Birthday Cliff Richard”… or should that be “Congratulations…” the sixties wouldn’t have been the same without you. Though I must say, that the lyrics of one song were the most prophetic words Cliff  ever spoken,… “Son you are a bachelor boy until you’re dying day”.

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There is certainly a bright colour palette for this S/S11 collection, and do you remember the Louis Vuitton handbag which Marc Jacob’s designed with the fox tails….did you ever wondered what they did with the rest of the fox.Well, Prada has used them, added stripes and  then dyed them with exotic bright colours. I’m not too sure if they are quiet my thing, but I said that about the LV bag and it grew on me , so perhaps Prada’s bag will become “poetry in motion” to  add a gentle motion to your image.PPrada Spring Summer 2011,online clothing stores,womens fashion clothing,vintage clothes stores,designer clothes,fashion designer clothes,designer clothes sale,voulue.com

Prada Spring Summer 2011,Prada ad campaign,boys designer clothes,designer clothing boutiques,girls designer clothes,mens fashion clothing,fashion clothes online,

Looking at Prada’s ad campaign instantly brought to mind  images of Helen Shapiro, with her chart topping song “walking back to happiness” in 1961, and she does carry a stylish behive hair-do. This music is such a toe tapper, do enjoy.


The Beetles… Liverpool..The Cavern

Fashion designers have gone “down town” to offer you  a palette of beautiful colours, and as you can see with Prada, there are some interesting combinations. Prada have delivered a clear inspiration of the life and times of sixties imagery… I can hear the music of the period as I type this article… that’s because I’m listening to “sounds of the sixties” on BBC Radio 2, so I’m not going to apologies for the music titles you may find here in this post…Prada set designers have successfully built a set I would predict loosely built on the night club scene of the 60’s . That here in the UK means “The Cavern” night club Liverpool. And if you didn’t know, it is the  John Lennon tribute season at “The worlds most famous club…The Cavern“, the club is open everyday, so if you would like to take in a tribute Beetle band, do let us know. I have also found out that in 1963 The Beetles were the support act for Helen Shapiro, now surely that must be more than a coincidence!!

Prada Spring Summer 2011,Prada Spring Summerad campaign,ladies designer clothing,designer clothes websites,online clothes shopping

Is that real dancing we see?  do you think it beats todays raves?  This is a an activity which definitely needs to go on my “to do list”, it really looks fun and a girl needs fun especially when she’s wearing Prada.Prada Spring Summer designer clothes ad campaign,Prada designer shoes,designer shoes online,mens designer shoes,ladies designer shoes,designer shoes uk,Prada designer shoe brands,designer wedding shoes,designer fashion shoes,voulue.com

Take a look at the shoes, I love them, the trouble is I will need to buy a new house for all the shoes I am dreaming of buying. I will have to be a little less obsessed with collecting shoes…”mmm” I don’t think so!

Prada Spring Summer 11 ad campaign,Prada designer sunglasses,cheap designer sunglasses,designer sunglasses uk,ladies designer sunglasses,ray ban sunglasses,white designer sunglasses,

I haven’t forgotten about the boys , and as you can see, Prada does give them a showcase platform. These are boys in brogues and high neck knitwear, bedecked with stylish jackets…smart, attractive, and clean. What happen to the clean look, it is more attractive to the girls…take note boys.

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The black and white photography really sends you  back into the 1960’s, not that I was ever there! So you are going to get an offering of Prada’s interpretation of vintage designer clothing,”mmm” does vintage label apply here or should it be retrospective, I feel vintage should apply more to the Victorian or Edwardian eras…OK I will call it retro 60’s inspired clothing.

Prada Spring Summer 2011 ad campaign,mens dress clothes,mens designer clothing,online mens clothes shopping,mens designer shirts ,Prada mens designer shirts,buy  Prada designer clothes,voulue,com

Romantic isn’t it, if our lives were full of this it would be a “………..” place to live, …do put your own word in the space, as it may make some people feel rather unwell, to say the least!!

Prada Spring Summer 2011 ad campaign,designer mens sunglasses,mens designer sunglasses,Prada designer sunglasses,Prada designer sunglasses uk,Prada mens sunglasses

Love the mens sunglasses, I can see the lads going for these, even if they can’t manage to put on the clothes to go with them. Overall it’s a resounding thumbs up for Prada and their team who deliver the clothes and the fashion images to woo us all…it works. Hope you enjoy…bye for now.

Fashion Colours… latest fashion trends made simple.

Posted in Latest fashion Trends by Gregory on October 16, 2010

Latest fashion trends and especially knowing which choices to make with your fashion colours are made simple… if use the Pantone Fashion Colour Report for this  Autumn 2010. It  features the top 10 colours for women’s fashion, all you have to do is copy the image, print it off and stick it to the back of your wardrobe door. Oh, and a copy in your purse for when you are out shopping. In all seriousness, if you think  that the idea of a planned colour scheme  may seem a little contrived, …just flick through the spring and summer 2011 collections here on my site and with a pen and pencil note down  the prevalent colours and when Pantone releases its Spring 2011 trend forecast for the public to see, you will be able to see if the designers are using it !!

Pantone autumn fashion colour trends 2010,latest fashion trends,new fashion trends,latest fashion trends 2010,winter fashion trends,fashion trends 2010,fashion trends summer 2010,fall fashion trends,fashion tips,newest fashion trends,hot fashion trends,voulue.com

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone “Mindful of consumers’ need for practicality, plus their desire for newness, designers offer many options for women to extend and embellish their wardrobes this fall,”…  “Building on the colour palette from spring, this season’s offerings include innovative takes on fundamental basics, as well as transporting, lively colours that conjure images of travel and adventure, whether real or aspirational.”

Industry gurus highlighted in the report include: India Hicks, creative partner at Crabtree & Evelyn; Cate Adair, costume designer for “Desperate Housewives”; Collier Strong, celebrity make-up artist; Eric Sauma, owner of Mood Fabrics (featured on “Project Runway”); and Constance White, style director at eBay. Contributors from Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s also offer their insights.

As you can see it is geared towards the American market, but don’t be misled by that it has a worldwide influence in the fashion world.

See you all soon…bye for now.

Elena Miro designer clothing … plus beauty

Posted in designer fashion by Gregory on October 15, 2010

Elena Miro appears to have attracted attention whilst showing her dresses larger than an “8” in  Milan recently. As a result, she believes she was excluded from the main runway programme to a ” little back room”. …People are unique and  individual, that’s  how we come, and we should not accept that “size” is the key factor, because here you  are going to see beautiful girls who don’t “fit in” to some designers mental agenda…I hope everyone above  and including “skinny” twitters and posts this article around …designer clothes for all, whatever our size!

Elena Miro Spring/Summer 2011

Elena Miro,plus size clothing,plus size dresses,plus size clothing stores,trendy plus size clothing,affordable plus size clothing,voulue.com

These girls look fabulous on the catwalk, what a spectacular image…so get out of those jogging pants ( Yes, I really do despise the look of sports wear in the street. To be really controversial, …it’s about men so its OK,… wearing  your football team shirts in the street and you are over 25 looks silly, even if your partner doesn’t say anything…she definitely thinks it…get a stylish shirt on and stop pretending you are a pro footballer…grow up!) There I’ve got that off my chest, well come on girls, you make all the effort to look good when you go out…so should he.

Elena Miro,plus size clothing online,designer plus size clothing,fashionable plus size clothing,plus size clothing catalogs,

Well, for me its all about style and art, and Elena has spent many years perfecting her signature, and surely you must agree, that it does come across at the highest of levels. Her choice of materials for next summer is ravishing, just look at the fluidity of the dresses.

Elena Miro,stylish plus size clothing,girls plus size clothing,plus size clothes,cute plus size clothes,plus size fashion,plus size ladies clothing,

No “pie faced” models here, just look at their smiles, and that tells us  a story in its self. These girls are self-assured, confident and a pleasure to be seen. Elena’s models  have brightened up my day today, how about you? See you soon…bye for now.

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Zuhair Murad

Posted in Lebanese Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 14, 2010

The ethos around this “anthology of  toggery”, is for the girl who is looking for the “perfect romantic getaway”, that said, these dresses are  for the high-end ready to wear clothing collectors. Many of which are sort after by those Hollywood stars. So they will come with a substantial premium if you wish to wear any of  Murad’s dresses.

Elegance is a key indicator amongst the entourage of silk drapes and evening gowns, of which I’ve only placed a couple of them here, as there is such an extensive collection of gowns I needed to give an overview of all the designs. I will admit that I have omitted the  red, blue and green coloured clothes in order to maintain a balance to the page. The appeal for me is once again the reflection of elements from the  1920’s upwards. I will leave you to discover those points for yourself.

Zuhair Murad,Lebanese designer,beirut fashion,paris fashion week,lebanese fashion,eastern fashion,lebanese fashion designers,arabic fashion,lebanese fashion designer,arabic clothing,

Murad has produced a range of designer clothes which you could easily timetable into a single day, from morning through to evening you could have a change of clothes every couple of hours… the stroll around the 5 star hotel’s garden, then to the poolside…yes, there is a collection of swimsuits. Out into the local town to do some shopping or take in the local cafe culture..then in the evening to a formal event…change again and off to the nightclub….a days oufits…one designer Zuhair Murad!

Zuhair Murad,arabic clothing,muslim women clothing,lebanese fashion,islamic fashion,arab fashion,online womens clothes shopping,womens fashion clothing,voulue.com

Any  girl with a good curvy figure, needs to rush out and try on the “LBD” dress, which the last model above on the right is wearing, you will look stunning. In fact, that comment can be applicable to anything chosen from this collection. Spoilt for choice, definitely…this is oooohhh.

Zuhair Murad,womens fashion clothing,lebanon fashion,islamic fashion clothing,lebanese fashion dresses,middle eastern clothing,apparel and fashion,arabic clothing,

If you haven’t heard of Zuhair Murad before, do bookmark this post in your favourite’s folder so you can find him again in the future….do enjoy, bye for now.

Valery Kovalska…”Professional Suicides”…Rock Chic(k)

Posted in designer fashion, Russian Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 13, 2010

“Professional Suicides”


Rhyme or Reason

This has to be the most interesting title I’ve put onto an article, definitely over the past three years. It is thought-provoking… therefore on an intellectual basis I find that interesting , and on a marketing basis it is very successful because you and I have noticed it…regardless of our interpretation of its meaning it makes your questioning mind erect and ready to input the information download straight into your neurological thought processes.

Then  you ….well I did anyway, try to make sense of the connections between the two elements , one the title and two the designer clothes is there “Rhme or Reason” to this working title.

Valery Kovalska, professional suicides,life coaching,fashion life,my fashion life,voulue.com,clothes online,

Rock chic(k) Maverick

Perhaps the key is within the designer rather than what we see her , so my research into her press releases during London Fashion Week may provide me with the answer. I do love the lightning design on the first top,its spectacular…the raw energy of the earth, powering through… I just wish Valery had produced more pieces with the power of the earth theme, I would love a pair of trousers with this design going down to the ground. Tiered and Grecian folds give you dresses which I would categories as the “Rock chic(k) Maverick”, so the tattoo’s could be deemed to be  a suitable element in this case.I feel I am rather puritanical when it comes to tattoo’s on models, in that they shouldn’t be seen…at all. The “tats” are the models’ art which she is displaying, and I want to see the designers art and not to be distracted.

Valery Kovalska,professional suicide, womans dress, womens online clothes,designer online clothes,voulue.com

This must be the most unusual waist line of the year to date …with fashion though, tomorrow could prove me wrong. They do have attittude…keeping in with the overall theme of. According to a Sassi PR press release, the  colours of the collection “symbolised unknown magic, mystery and dark powers of nature”. I think it’s her philosophy of ” rock`n`roll and  positive thinking all day long”, which is the key to her collections. As for the title, I have found no supporting evidence, or in other words no “Rythme or Reason”!

Photography Credit:

 A big Thank you to Terri Callanan of  La Geneve North Events for the photographs.

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