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Balenciaga’s Chicken Feet

Posted in Italian Fashion Designers, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on October 19, 2010

Balenciaga’s Chicken Feet

Pied-de Poule patterns dominate next summers Balenciaga fashion feast. This design is  also known as ” pied de coq”, which roughly translated means chicken feet… having spent many a summer’s day feeding my Uncles’ chickens I cannot recall seeing these patterns, but truly speaking I was more interested in collecting the fresh eggs than looking for  patterns made in the dust.  Balenciaga have grasped and expedited to great effect  a pattern which originally was introduced by Chanel… and the decorated coats will pick you out from the crowd. Quickly glancing at the images will give you an overall impression,but do spend a little time to look at the subtleties of the design on each of the individual pieces.

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French designer Nicolas Ghesquière, has dispensed a collection based on strong geometrical lines and symmetrical patterns. I can see a benefit for girls who think their body shape isn’t flattering for the tight tailored cut coats,as these  coats are very forgiving for the figure. Now that’s just increased my coat collection then!  And with at least half a dozen choices to wear, my choice of stunning designer coats is going to rise exponentially next summer.balenciaga summer 2011,designer clothes for women,designer clothes online,ladies designer clothing,balenciaga online clothes shopping,fashion designer clothes,buy balenciaga designer clothes online,balenciaga designer clothes shops,Balenciaga clothes online,    As for the striped tops, well they wouldn’t have been my first choice if I was trying to gather ideas for an outfit to accompany one of the coats. But what a “mistaka to maka” as are really effective. The juxtaposition of these two bold patterns definitely do compliment each other, whether you choose the bold stripe or the narrow, they will both go well with a pied de coq pattern. So do experiment with your wardrobe, it may pay dividends!balenciaga summer 2011,balenciaga designer womenswear,balenciagas shoes,balenciagas,black handbag,

Personally I cannot wait to shop for Balenciaga’s next selection of trousers and shirts, I could comfortably add any of  these designs to my ready to wear casual collection. They are so cool…by the way, have you noticed…no high heels. Do remember to grab your brogues for your summer Balenciaga look.

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I feel very uplifted with these clothes, just add some rock music and strut your stuff… especially if its Queens’  “Dont stop me now” cus  I’m having a good time…I hope you are have a good time too… Bye for now.


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