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Sandra Backlund…Fashion Knitwear Goddess

 Sandra Backlund

As a recent convert to the power of wool, especially in its knitted format, I was completely bowled over by the exquisite and masterly use of this ancient and somewhat common material…wool that is … by the fashion designer Sandra Backlund.I am sure you too will find her fashion knitwear somewhat different to what you may be use too.

Sandra Backlund Spring/Summer 2011 collection

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Sarah apparently looses her self-control in order to acquire the results that we see before us today… three cheers for the loss of self-control, it’s  a miracle…but please…just don’t do it if you drive a bus for a living or you are a cosmetic surgeon, the results may be a little different.

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It may well be the colder climate in Sweden which may be the underlying factor that makes her choose  wool,  but I feel it is her love of how she can manipulate wool into such artistic visions. Sandra Backlund can certainly be acclaimed as a world leader in her stylish knitted designer womenswear…a fashion knitwear goddess!

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 “The human body is always the start” states Sandra…as she builds up her designs akin to any handicraft process.In effect she is building a collage…and they are a delight to behold.Personallt I have never worn a knitted dress, but now I’m converted to wool I will give it a go.

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I am not going to profess to be any sort of expert on woollies, so placing these into categories such as cable knit cardigans,fair isle knitwear etc …I am sure the pro’s out there will be able to do that for me. All Im going to say…and to keep it simple… is that they are all catagorised in my book as designer knitwear. My only concern, or should I say precaution, would be a plastic rain mack and an umberella…getting that heavy woollie above wet…it would way a tonne! I WOULD NEVER GET ROUND THE SHOPS!!!!

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Fashion knitwear is making more than a resurgence, which we haven’t seen for many years here in the UK, even after it was heavily promoted by the British Wool Marketing Board a few years back, it remained  entrenched in our familiar old country craft use…especially with grannies doing a few kids cardigans etc…but Sandra, you will surely agree, is in a league of her own. Sandra Backlund has even done special projects for Louis Vuitton and Emilio Pucci, now that’s classy!

Photo credit:Thomas Klementsson

Oh My God!…Lanvin

Posted in French Fashion Designers by Gregory on November 3, 2010

Lanvin Winter 2010

No long speeches, no sales pitches, just enjoy…


Well, what did you think of that, good or what? do leave us your comments!

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Whitney Pozgay…with Kate Spade heritage

Posted in American Fashion Designers by Gregory on November 1, 2010

Whitney Pozgay

Kate Spade Connections

With Auntie Kate Spade overlooking her shoulder, one can only have one direction to go if you need to live up to family expectations…upwards. WhitneyPozgay may have some insider knowledge, but in this world you still have to cut the mustard or it will cut your throat!! As for talent, Whitney has spades full of it….couldn’t resist.

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Is that a pretzel! well that isn’t one for me, this headgear seems a little out of step with the collection. The collection is too ready to wear…cool street clothing which  doesn’t need a minor couture look to accompany it. A touch of fun, perhaps , I’m not one to knock fun…but it doesn’t add that  element here, not on this occasion.

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Wham…or as in 1963 Roy Lichtenstein spelt it “WHAAM”, google that and you will see the similarity, though I haven’t come across any indication that the headpiece was inspired by this great artists’ work. Nonetheless, I do like this piece.. and if I had a suitable event to wear it too… I think  at first I would have a go at making my own…”Blue Peter style”… from sticky back plastic and some coat hangers….and as it’s getting near to Christmas…do they still make that decoration!! you know the one I mean…the one with candles on each corner…I forgot heath & safety… a pretend candle!!

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Well is this going to make it into your collection next Spring 2011!what are your thoughts…do let us know.