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Sfrangiato…Shiny Calf Knot Clutch…Bottega Veneta clutch

Posted in Italian Fashion Designers by Gregory on January 25, 2011

Bottega Veneta Sfrangiato

I am unashamed at bringing another Bottega Veneta clutch for you to ogle and drool over….and who would blame you, it’s definitely better than any take away meal. This is a feast of artisans talent …the Sfrangiato, its name alone should surely carry a price tag, it’s worth it. I am sure this will meet the criteria to be included in the best clutches for 2011.Could this be better, yes, when it comes with a free Lamborghini! ( that’s fantasy, it doesn’t come with the car)


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As for the size 6.7″ x 4.1″ x 2.4″/17cm x 10.5cm x 6cm will fit comfortably in your hand, once you have paid the premium price of £1255.00. This is not for your average Banker, looking  to dress to impress… you will definitely need the full package of designer wear to carry this with any comfort. I may be a little snobbish, but if you are going to look the part , please don’t do it without your full committment…a Matalan T-shirt, Primark leggings and a pair of flip flops…will not work.

But above all, I’m thinking  that a warm summer will add the finishing touch, a natural illumination of your treasured designer clutch wherever you are.

Images: Courtesy of  Bottega Venetta.com.

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