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Alexander McQueen Cut-Out College Bootie

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 15, 2011

Alexander McQueen Cut-Out College Bootie

I just wonder how many college students will be lashing out for this real cutie bootie. Well, in all honesty, what difference to the overdraft would a miserly £1165.00 make to a £50,000 overdraft. And if you wait until just before you graduate, at least you will look fantastic at any job interview you attend. I am not asking you to be reckless with your finances, but….mmmmm, its worth contemplating…an activity of great scholarly credit, whoops I’m back to finances!

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I love the contrast of the white over stitching against the tan leather cut out design.The metal finishing to the laces gives it a touch of class, yet still giving you a designer shoe that is great for every day use. I think they would look great with a pair of  Balmain striped jeans.

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Balmain Striped Jean.

 Balmain’s black and white striped jeans would add that extra for those who want a classic American look. Cost wise…well they happen to be the same price as your shoes, so your credit card statement will show up another £1165.00. Net -a-porter recommend Balmain’s baseball jacket, a snip at £4725 for its two-tone leather jacket.

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Personally I would take a look at some authentic baseball jackets and have them shipped from the States. This will give you an authentic and original street scene look. There are so many Major League Baseball  clubs to choose from, for an example, below is  the Baltimore Orioles  classy sports jacket, and I think with postage would come to less than a hundred pounds. This is probably not your choice but link over to the MLB and look at all the different choices you could make.

baltimore orioles,baltimore orioles baseball team,baltimore orioles jacket,

An authentic American baseball jacket,Balmain striped jeans and a pair of Alexander McQueen cut out college Bootie, for a cool Spring look.

Take care out there, bye for now…


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