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Andrew Majtenyi…world class fashion designer…Autumn 2011 collection

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 22, 2011

I met Andrew Majtenyi whilst I was at Pure London Fashion on a buying trip, and again at the London Fashion show last summer. We spent some time talking about things in general, nothing to do with fashion, so I wont bore you with the details. But I can honestly say that his personality comes across as grounded, enthusiastic and humorous, a real nice guy. Is his work nice, NO, to describe his work we must at least start with a more appropriate adjective such as  ” stunning”. His attention to detail is exquite, his designs are contemporary and above all in my book, they have to be wearable.

Andrew has been showing at the London Fashion Show for the past four years, and this year he has  brought you some stunning pieces of “wearable delicacies”.

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1.Printed sports panel dress 2.Printed Trench Coat 3.Printed silk Jersey with tailored trousers 4.Sport panel dress

This Autumn collection, as far as my comments are worth, are the best I’ve seen. His collection has grown not only in size, but in the maturity of his designs. They all fall in the “Lady Like” category and I think you would need to own several of this years collection, why, because you wouldn’t be satisfied with just one of these, you would want more. 

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5.Pleated swing coat 6.Zig Zag dress 7. Tailored point sleeve jacket 8. Point sleeve jacket.

My favourite is the Zig-Zag dress, especially if I had the pleated  Swing coat to go with it. 

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9.Curved panelled satin dress.10 Panelled Jersey top with wide leg crepe trouser.11.Panelled Jersy top with wide leg satin trouser.12 Cropped point sleeve jacket with side point skirt.

Well, that  is just a taste of Andrews’ collection, I have saved the best for last and left them inside the Lookbook for you to take your time whist looking at the rest of Andrew’s collection of designer clothes. So, before you start put the kettle on and make yourself a cup of coffee first and really do take your time to look at Andrews amazing collection for 2011.

Andrew Majtenyi look BookAW11

P.S. Do take a look at his fashion shoes and boots, I think they are cool…bye for now.


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