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Prabal Gurung…top class fashion design

Posted in Iconic Fashion Designers by Gregory on April 11, 2011

I daresay there are  many of you  who haven’t heard the name of Prabal Gurung. At which point I can ony quote Al Murray’s  catchphrase “Shame on you…Shame on you…” Prabal’s creations as a fashion designer are cherished by  the US societal “greats” such as  politicians wifes and TV show hosts e.g. Michelle Obama, Demi Moore, and Oprah Winfrey etc, etc. As well as devoting time on his own signature line, Gurung  also  finds the time to be the design director at Bill Blass. Needless to say, this new kid on the “fashion block” will be going places.

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Prabal Gurung is delivering a class act, delivering the number one key element in my book, that of  artistic quality. Quality that will stand this work out from the rest, Prabal is an A- list designer.

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Just take a look at the subtlety of the patterns between each segment , it creates an effortless flow down the dress, easy on the eye, and easy on the wearer. Using a very thin belt to give you the added waistline without distracting the eye from the overall image.

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Prabal’s dresses are light, having an integral life of their own as they respond to your bodies movement.With today’s sun shining down, these would be ideal for your Spring and Summer collections.

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I often ask the question “what is the attraction for black dresses? “, simply answered, they are  beautiful.This one would be envied by all, just look at the movement. All I need now is a Champagne bar with a pianist tickling the ivories in the background. But for me, I would love this colour block dress to give me  that wow factor, such a great juxtaposition of colours.

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Take care, see you soon.


Mulberry Spring Summer 2011

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on April 5, 2011

I have just taken a few minutes to look at Mulberry’s new online video. This is the work of the talented photographer,who as you can see, has produced these dream like sequences.

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 Do take a few moments, to check out the video,even if it is just to take a look at the lovely mulberry piglet. Mulberry’s artistic achievements have endeared me to their fashion, and this year will be no exception. Though a Spring with  blossoming hydrangea’s is a little early in anyones gardening calendar, but that’s artistic interpretation for you…anything goes as long as it gets its message across.

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I must draw your attention to the D-ring wrap booties, with its walnut sole, that in its self is worth popping along to the shop to look at a quality finish of these boots.With an online price of £680, one “wood” expect a quality wood sole. Add that to the pale blue washed denim Oversized Tillie at £868, you are going to look fab…tastic. It has been a good start to the Mulberry fashion empire for 2011.

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