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Francesca Castagnacci

Posted in Italian Fashion Designers by Gregory on May 5, 2011

“Style and Fashion designer” is what she introduces herself as. For the 60’s beat was coming to an end the fibre optic lamps were set to travel into the modern room into the 1970’s when bedrooms were adorned with the posters of Genesis and Pink Floyd…so my father tells me ! Well Dad, things have moved on a little over the past 40 or so years and we can know wear fibre optics to look great on the dance floor.

Francesca Castagacci’s name tells you about her Italian roots, a key factor I might add looking at the flamboyant nature of her designer shoes. She has taken a retro concept and incorporated it into a modern wearable fashion accessory. It would also be an affordable concept that could work its way down to street level shops, I can see these making for an exotic night out at any Student Union bar.

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