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Top 4 Designer Clutches 2010

4 Top Designer Clutches 2010

1.Balmain Rock leather and crocodile patchwork clutch £2190Balmain rock leather and crocodile pathwork clutch,leather clutch,Balmain designer handbag,Balmain designer clutch,

2.Bottega Veneta, Lacquered silver knot insect clutch.£4985

Bottega Veneta insect knot clutch,Bottega Venetta designer clutch,voulue.com

3.Anya Hindmarch Marano glitter clutch. £295Anya Hindmarch glitter clutch,anya hindmarch designer clutch, anya hindmarch designer womesns bags,voulue.com,

4.Alexander McQueen’s Hell’s Knuckleduster £1295.

Alexandra McQueen Hells Knuckleduster,Alexandra McQueen clutch,Alexandra McQueen handbags,voulue.com

Why not the  top 10 designer clutches, well that simply makes it easier to do, less hand wringing and gnashing of teeth. The cost of the designer piece was not a criteria of my selection, it was the overall aesthetic value…and yes it’s definitely subjective to my likes, I’m sure you may have chosen differently to me. Now, if I was going to whittle down the odds down to the best 2 clutches, my choice would go for the Alexander McQueen and Bottega Veneta.

For the outright winner…If only I could take it home …I would go for the British Alexander McQueen’s Hell’s knuckleduster, I love the embossed black leather clutch. It is the clutch that I could use more than the others, whether day or evening it would go down a treat.


Nanette Lepore…a spring handbag

Posted in American Fashion Designers, designer fashion by Gregory on January 29, 2011

Nanette Lepore, a Spring handbag required.

Nanette Lepore’s designs are not generally my cup of tea, but this is purely a “cultural divide” as Nanette caters very well for the American market. But if a  lesson is to be learned then here is one ! Because if a designer isn’t generally to your taste please one shouldnt just overlook them out of hand, they may well have  a jewel that will look great in your treasure chest. 

In my case I was looking for a new handbag for this spring, and with the trends indicating a lot of casual and tailored shorts this Spring, I wanted a handbag that had the elements of Monet’s garden. Colourful, but definitely not a photo reproduction print which one can acquire from the usual tourist traps.To add a splash of colour against a pair of white shorts.

Then, by chance, I came across this Metallic Floral Chain Clutch by Nanette Lepore and I think this may be the one that comes nearest to what I am looking for.

Nanatte Lepore,american womens clothes designer,american fashion designer,american designer clothing,womens clothes,

Priced in at  $425.00, I looked at the leather straps which certainly give that Louis Vuitton look  on the edges… coloured red! But I only have this image to look at, if anyone has this Lepore handbag, please let me know, it would be helpful to get a better impression of the straps before buying. According to the information available it is an Italian sheep skin body which supports  the colourful floral effect…which is really nice. Multi purpose straps do offer you a little flexibility in its use, and it does come with several pockets for the essentials, so no worries on that score. 

If anyone else has any ideas for my Spring handbag choice, please let me know.

See you all again soon in the Voulue Boutique, and afterwards put your feet up at your local cafe and chat fashion with your friends. Bye for know.

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Proenza Schouler … worth the Atlantic hop…

Posted in American Fashion Designers, designer fashion, Latest fashion Trends by Gregory on January 27, 2011

There are not many times when you think this could is the next big thing…but I think Proenza Schouler have touched gold with their designers, they are on the money, on the ball, on …whatever you wish to write in here, just help yourself. The primary reason… why, everything is street wearable, all the items look designer and look quality.The overall image is extremely well orchestrated…round of applause for the conductor, the playwright and the impressario of this fashion.The picture below is just a taster of what you will find in their collections….and what collections! This is what you missed from the last AW collection:-:Proenza Schouler designer womens fashion, womens designer clothes,designer clothing from america,american designer clothes,us designer clothing,second hand designer clothes,womens designer clothes,cheap designer clothes,

Just take a look throughout their whole collection, I personally couldn’t say…”errr I don’t like that”, The pre spring collections below just thrilled me …and the handbags and purses they have created to accompany these lush day clothes are sumptuous and appropriate. In fact, I think if you choose another designer handbag to go with the outfit, I daresay you will doing a dis-service to your final look. But if you do and it works send me a photograph and I will put it below.

Proenza Schouler,us womens fashion designers,us fashion clothing,us fashion clothes,online fashion clothing,trendy clothing,american trendy clothing,proenza fashion clothing,proenza womens fashion clothes,proenza clothes,proenza fashion for clothes, fashion for clothes,

And if you have forgotten, due to the seasons exploits and low temperatures, that shorts are going to be an essential element, so if you are young and looking for something really different, just look at the flexibility of your choice with Proenza. If you find it difficult to source here in the UK, don’t worry,  for an extra couple of pounds you can buy from the many american stockists which are available online, I’m sure you will find more than one willing to send you an outfit across the Atlantic.

Proenza Schouler womens fashion clothing,Proenza Schouler fashion shorts,Proenza Schouler designer clothing for women,Proenza Schouler ps1,Proenza Schouler bag,Proenza Schouler shoes,Proenza Schouler spring2011,Proenza Schouler ps1 BAG,Proenza,Proenza Schouler sunglasses,Proenza Schouler bags,Proenza Schouler dress,Proenza Schouler satchel,

Proenza Schouler bags will add a key element to your  overall “painting” of fashion…just look at the flexibility, add a shoulder strap to the clutch to add variety to any number of combinations of their outfits.

Proenza Schouler shoulder bag,Proenza Schouler london,PS1 Proenza Schouler,Proenza Schouler handbags, Proenza Schouler sale,Proenza Schouler booties,buy Proenza Schouler,Proenza Schouler tie dye,Proenza Schouler online,Ps1 proenza bag,Proenza Schouler 2011,Proenza Schouler coat,

What as attracted me to this company is choice and the mix of a classy casual that I could wear anywhere, at work or in the pub, and I would even do my Sainsbury’s shop in comfort with this collection. What’s more, why not visit the Proenza Sale at Net a Porter . Good hunting girls. But do note, that Net a Porter do not have the latest Spring collection available… yet.

If you have liked the pre-spring collection, do take the opportunity of seeing the latest Proenza Schouler Spring collection which has just been released, you will even find the Proenza tie dyed elements that have occurred through many of the collections. There are another 39 agonising choices for you to wade through, I’ve decided that this is the one that will make it into my wardrobe….it’s number “9” I just love the billowing sleeves.

Ultra… transcends east west barrier

Posted in designer fashion, Latest fashion Trends, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on January 10, 2011

Ultra…new  Spring Phenomena in Womens Fashion

There are many eastern designers who fail to transcend the east/west fashion barriers, often as a result of the differences of artistic cultures.Many fashion designers, especially for designer women’s clothing, tend to stay within their “cultural pond” which is definitely true here in the UK. Though if you  put your ear to the track, and you will hear the locomotion of Ultra, heading up a full body of steam and heading your way.

Ultra,ultra womens fashion,ultra clothing for women,soy clothing,bamboo clothing,sustainable clothing for women,malaysian clothing,

their core element is to bring you sustainability, so  if this is  the key factor in your fashion buying decisions, then you cannot go wrong with Ultra. In using materials from soya and bamboo, salmon skin instead of leather,you are going to get a new and original feeling against your skin. And I’m sure you are aware that fish skins are excellent materials, often very hard-wearing , soft supply and can be coloured just like leather.Do you remember the glorious handbags of Heidi Mottram and Makki if not …google them! Other materials used are tencel from wood pulp and recycled polyester. All that is missing from the little pixie outfit above is a pair of fairy wings….isnt it cute.

Ulta womens designer fashion,Ultra paris fashion show 2011,womens designer fashion Ultra,womens; designer fahion,Paris fashion week 2011,designer shorts,

The image they are aiming for is the rebellious, and I cannot concur, I think that they need to go beyond their present collection and add more attitude before they can be called rebellious. That said, the outfits here  have achieved a major goal, that is these clothes would look good on any European City sidewalk ( and the US as well! we like to include everyone here).

Ultra,ultra womens fashion, ultra womens designer clothing,eastern fashion,malaysian designer fashion,


They will be launching a limited collection at the Paris Fashion Show 2011, so girls, do you have what it takes to wear this “edgy cut” fashion.The collection comes in blacks,whites and greys,

Ultra womens designer fashion,designer dresses,designer leather clothes,designer shirts,malaysian designer clothing for women,

so do take a further look at their website Ultra Lookbook for more eco-choice.

Elena Miro designer clothing … plus beauty

Posted in designer fashion by Gregory on October 15, 2010

Elena Miro appears to have attracted attention whilst showing her dresses larger than an “8” in  Milan recently. As a result, she believes she was excluded from the main runway programme to a ” little back room”. …People are unique and  individual, that’s  how we come, and we should not accept that “size” is the key factor, because here you  are going to see beautiful girls who don’t “fit in” to some designers mental agenda…I hope everyone above  and including “skinny” twitters and posts this article around …designer clothes for all, whatever our size!

Elena Miro Spring/Summer 2011

Elena Miro,plus size clothing,plus size dresses,plus size clothing stores,trendy plus size clothing,affordable plus size clothing,voulue.com

These girls look fabulous on the catwalk, what a spectacular image…so get out of those jogging pants ( Yes, I really do despise the look of sports wear in the street. To be really controversial, …it’s about men so its OK,… wearing  your football team shirts in the street and you are over 25 looks silly, even if your partner doesn’t say anything…she definitely thinks it…get a stylish shirt on and stop pretending you are a pro footballer…grow up!) There I’ve got that off my chest, well come on girls, you make all the effort to look good when you go out…so should he.

Elena Miro,plus size clothing online,designer plus size clothing,fashionable plus size clothing,plus size clothing catalogs,

Well, for me its all about style and art, and Elena has spent many years perfecting her signature, and surely you must agree, that it does come across at the highest of levels. Her choice of materials for next summer is ravishing, just look at the fluidity of the dresses.

Elena Miro,stylish plus size clothing,girls plus size clothing,plus size clothes,cute plus size clothes,plus size fashion,plus size ladies clothing,

No “pie faced” models here, just look at their smiles, and that tells us  a story in its self. These girls are self-assured, confident and a pleasure to be seen. Elena’s models  have brightened up my day today, how about you? See you soon…bye for now.

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Valery Kovalska…”Professional Suicides”…Rock Chic(k)

Posted in designer fashion, Russian Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 13, 2010

“Professional Suicides”


Rhyme or Reason

This has to be the most interesting title I’ve put onto an article, definitely over the past three years. It is thought-provoking… therefore on an intellectual basis I find that interesting , and on a marketing basis it is very successful because you and I have noticed it…regardless of our interpretation of its meaning it makes your questioning mind erect and ready to input the information download straight into your neurological thought processes.

Then  you ….well I did anyway, try to make sense of the connections between the two elements , one the title and two the designer clothes is there “Rhme or Reason” to this working title.

Valery Kovalska, professional suicides,life coaching,fashion life,my fashion life,voulue.com,clothes online,

Rock chic(k) Maverick

Perhaps the key is within the designer rather than what we see her , so my research into her press releases during London Fashion Week may provide me with the answer. I do love the lightning design on the first top,its spectacular…the raw energy of the earth, powering through… I just wish Valery had produced more pieces with the power of the earth theme, I would love a pair of trousers with this design going down to the ground. Tiered and Grecian folds give you dresses which I would categories as the “Rock chic(k) Maverick”, so the tattoo’s could be deemed to be  a suitable element in this case.I feel I am rather puritanical when it comes to tattoo’s on models, in that they shouldn’t be seen…at all. The “tats” are the models’ art which she is displaying, and I want to see the designers art and not to be distracted.

Valery Kovalska,professional suicide, womans dress, womens online clothes,designer online clothes,voulue.com

This must be the most unusual waist line of the year to date …with fashion though, tomorrow could prove me wrong. They do have attittude…keeping in with the overall theme of. According to a Sassi PR press release, the  colours of the collection “symbolised unknown magic, mystery and dark powers of nature”. I think it’s her philosophy of ” rock`n`roll and  positive thinking all day long”, which is the key to her collections. As for the title, I have found no supporting evidence, or in other words no “Rythme or Reason”!

Photography Credit:

 A big Thank you to Terri Callanan of  La Geneve North Events for the photographs.

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Ubang Babblechat…yes that’s right! Childrens’ designer t-shirts

Posted in designer fashion by Gregory on September 8, 2010

 Ubang Babblechat

“Now available at Voulue Boutique”

We have just received some samples from Ubang Babblechat AW 10 collection and a portfolio of next Spring 11 collection, so I thought I would share with you some of the fun we are having in the office playing “elephants.”

What a fantastic name for a children’s designer wear, they are making strong headway from Denmark into the worldwide  children’s wear market. For originality and fun I want one myself, but as they don’t fit….”Yes, I confess I tried “… so, I  had to resort to cutting the sleeve off on old jumper and sticking eyes on. Not quiet the same, but fun none the less. Well I must stop “Babbling” and leave the chat to Ubang.. .ohhh!

I think they will be more successful than the “Gucci goo goo” children’s wear which  was recently brought out. You will definitely get more fun for your money; Ubang are more than a label, they are artistic, engaging designs for all to play with. Just look at these designer tees and socks, they are wow, so much fun. We have managed to get hold of a few of this seasons summer stock, and the quality is definitely high.

.Ubang Babblechat,designer childrenswear,t-shirts designer,voulue.comUbang Babblechat,designer childrenswear,designer t-shirts,voulue.comVoulue designer t-shirts,ubang babblechat



The  good news, Ubang are going to be doing small to medium adult sizes in the T-shirts for Spring 2011…I will be wearing one next Spring!!

You can certainly see your childhood again through your childrens’ ( or other people’s children). Babblechat clothing will certainly have your kiddies fighting over what they want to wear each day, “are you an elephant, crocodile, T-Rex or an aeroplane? “


Ubang babblechat designer t-shirts,Voulue desgner childrens clothing, aeroplane

Still not sure  what you want to be today,well please don’t worry,  as we will be bringing you even more designs from Ulla  (She ‘s the designer) and her playfully inspired creations.

Designer childrens wear by Ubang Babblechat, Voulue designer fashion and childrens wear,

And there’s more……..socks, and guess what …my feet are small enough to wear them!! Socks does sound boring, but not at Ubang Babblechat…look

Ubang Babblechat,designer footwear,designer socks,crocodile socks,girls knee high socks,kids socks,Ubang Babblechat designer socks,ladybird socks,girls socks,boys socks,Ubang Babblechat,boys and girls socks,patterned socks,fun socks,

GRRR….chase me……sorry, I cant help the sudden rush of childish behaviour, they are infectious and warm,mmm.