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Anne Valerie Hash’s designer clothes for lovers

Posted in French Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 8, 2011

Anne Valerie Hash


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French styling

If you need the feel of warm spice to add a little colour to your spring 2011, and you need a touch of french styling in your designer clothing collection, then I can reccommend anything from the couture house of Anne Valerie Hash. “You know how you look when you’re in love, that rosy glow?”  said Anne Valérie Hash  backstage at a recent show in Paris. “That’s how I wanted the clothes to look.” Over the seasons, this Paris designer has experimented with structure and flow of the key elements of her design collection. She dictates that the main constant has been a “subtle yet powerful sense of colour.

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So Ann’s palette consists of silver and  greys, with elements of spicy saffron. Ann has used fabrics like georgette, mousseline, washed leather, and cotton jersey, and as you can see they lead to a distinct girly prescence, and a great casual street look.

Anne Valerie hash summer 2011 designer clothing collection,Anne Valerie hash designer clothing,Anne Valerie hash designer fashion clothing,Anne Valerie hash designer fashion,buy Anne Valerie hash designer womens clothes,Anne Valerie hash fashion designer,voulue.com,


 Jackets are tailored and the sleeves are cropped with the sleeves pushed up past the elbows. I have just brought one of the jackets and the short sleeve look is just fine, even my Dad likes it! Ann has definitely put a strong creative effort into this collection, and I love the  T-shirt with a mille-feuille of ruffles arcing across its front (first image above on the left). Just imagine a mild spring breeze catching these garments to add a little automation of its own. 


Michel Perry “symbiotic” as J M Weston’s designer

Posted in French Fashion Designers, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on February 1, 2011

Michel Perry “symbiotic” as J M Weston’s designer

As with many leading designers they are wide open to piracy, and fake fashion is unfortunately big business. But the noose is getting tighter, and the likes of J M Weston renowned for their classical designs in mens fashion have with the Chinese authorities  had a factory closed down in China for manufacturing JMW rip offs.

“And” I asked myself what has that got to do with women’s fashion…well it was my nosey-ness that found J M Weston offer a male range aimed at women, the Alter Ego range.

Alter Ego range

This collection is for the “crossover dressers” (not my words and personally I am uncertain whether it is pc!))who like that masculine edge to their overall expression of fashion.

Oxford in black suede and patent leather

This is my choice, and yes, with a work suit I think I would be attracted to this “man” shoe, or more appropriately a “crossover” shoe.

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 Michel Perry is the  creationist of the alter ego loafer, Oxford, Derby and ankle boot. For quality and prestige you can’t go wrong her,but I think it would be great if Michael was a little more daring in his approach. I think he could work in conjunction with a top women’s designer of this genre and do a women’s only line for a season or two.

Faux pas, or what…better still, where are my marbles, they are certainly not in the bag !!!

Because… hey Michel has already let go with his own brand in women’s shoes based in Paris Michel Perry Spring 2011 collection If you are looking for something different from the racks of same old same old in the high street, then the eclectic collection of designer shoes could well be right up your alley. How about a patriotic sandal for this Spring, it wouldn’t go amiss with a girly skirt, adding a little colour and interest… especially if you want to wave your feet in the air at the Royal wedding.

Michel Perry,Michel Perry shoes,michelle perry shoes,Michel Perry fashion shoes,latest shoe fashion,love them shoes,latest shoe fashion,

Or if flying the great British red, white and blue is not quiet your thing, but  you like the unusual in your collection

latest shoe fashion from Michel Perry,womens leather shoes,perry shoes,michel perry,fashion shoes shop,

how about a pair of these…yes. Bye for now.

Oh My God!…Lanvin

Posted in French Fashion Designers by Gregory on November 3, 2010

Lanvin Winter 2010

No long speeches, no sales pitches, just enjoy…


Well, what did you think of that, good or what? do leave us your comments!

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Chanel… Paris Fashion Show… Modern & Vintage Lady-Like 2011

Posted in French Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 12, 2010

 Chanel… Paris Fashion Show… Modern & Vintage Lady-Like 2011

Just to capture a great photograph in a studio setting can take a lot of work, to get an exceptional photograph during a catwalk show certainly takes some predictive acumen as well as technical skill. But as you can see here Patrick Kovarik has just captured that moment…I love the grouping, it gives a better overall feel for the collection as a whole. And I feel You can get a lot more  information when you can compare differing outfits in the same collection all at once…. I think it is easier to see what will look good on you.

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Chanel’s Retro Lady Look

There are two distinct parts of the Chanel summer 2011 collection, which moves from the great casual look to the “Lady Like” part of the collection which in my opinion sees Lagerfeld coming to the fore front with  predicted summer trends in what I would call the “vintage inspired lady like”. As you can see, the clothes have elements which are very reminiscent  of the 20’s an 30’s, modernised into garments fit for today’s purpose. Even the Lagerfeld glove adds a personal touch of his signature … an accolade which isn’t out-of-place.

I for one wouldn’t mind a resurgence of ladies gloves…and not just for the Winter season, but an essential accessory  to any outfit. In fact let’s start…all go out and buy some gloves and see what we can do with them, add a few sequins costume beads and jewellery…you don’t need to be a seamstress to do that.Chanel Paris Fashion Week summer 2011,chanel paris fashion week,chanel Paris,Chanel womens fashion,Chanel couture,chanel ladies fashion,chanel modern womens fashion,voulue.com

Monty Python

Tassels and fringes will give you added momentum to your walking style…yes you do have a walking style, your Mother gave it to you. I say Mother, because she is generally the one who taught you to walk. So, every one of us is unique in our ambulatory configuration…so, if you need to point a finger at anyone, now you know which direction to point it! If you like people watching like I do, next time you find yourself waiting for a train at Euston station (any station will do, it’s just where I spend at lot of time >>),  do something completely different, look at how people walk. There will be some people for which  you will  wonder whether they have just come straight out of  Monty Pythons Ministry of Silly Walks…..never seen that before? Well you must take a look before you leave us.

Chanel Paris Fashion Week summer 2011,chanel paris fashion,chanel designer fashion,chanel designer dresses,chanel designer jackets,chanel dress,chanel jacket,chanel perfume,chanel couture,chanel,chanel karl lagerfeld,voulue.com

As you can see there are many stylistic pieces in the collection, with just a few minor elements which connect each of  them together. You would need to be a connoisseur of Chanel to identify these if you were fashion spotting. Lagerfeld has produced a collection which  is delightful, classy, and  full of feminine elegance. You just cannot go wrong when it comes to choosing  designer clothes from Chanel. Chanel Paris Fashion Show summer 2011,chanel french fashion,chanel perfume,chanelclothing,chanel clothes,chanel style,lagerfeld,french designer clothes,french womens clothing,french style clothes,voulue.com

I will leave you now to enjoy…don’t forget to take in  the Monty Python video…it is so funny, bye for now.

Photography credits: Patrick Kovarik / Getty Images

£2000 felt handbags…Olympia Le Tan…Paris fashion week…

Posted in French Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 8, 2010

Olympia Le Tan handbags

 … “you can’t judge a book by its cover”  isn’t what it seems at first, because these book covers are in fact handbags.     the designer hand makes her collections from her workshop in Paris. She only supplies a few key luxury outlets around the world, not too surprised when your purchase bill would be in the thousands for taking out one of these from the library!! Notable other collections  are  “Boites de Nuit” and the  new collection “under the moon” which was presented this week at the Palais de la Découverte ( Science Museum.. looks good, even if you don’t understand french language).

Olympia la tan,under the moon,designer handbags,french designer handbags,


Olympia Le Tan, has based her new collection based on cartography…maps and globes, in which she brings you new bag shapes displaying her signature style.

Her bags are produced to order in sets of 16 and hand-stitched by a small team of artisans in their Parisian studio @ 6 rue Chabanais. Olympia Le Tan,Its not the end of the world,designer handbags,designer clutches,designer bags,french handbags,french designer handbags,french handbags,voulue.com

Olympia Le Tan Boutique

Olympia operates a “fashion boutique” in the true  sense of the word, and she is more than happy to keep her own status quo by operating a hands on approach…unlike a lot of other designers…no names!

“I like the fact that it’s a boutique,” she said in a recent interview, “We work as a family and I have a hand in everything the brand puts out.

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Olympia’s third show, was held in the science museum’s planetarium in Paris, here she displays how she has diversified away from the book covers, which have brought her  such worldwide acclaim, and concentrates on globes and cartography for her inspiration. I’m sure though, that we will see a new “publishing” of livres pretty soon.Olympia Le Tan,french designer clutch,small clutch,handmade clutch,handmade handbag,handmade clutch,handmade designer handbag,handmade designer clutch,

Inspired by Eyjafjallajökull

She continued her interview by saying  that it was this years eruption of the  Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland, which resuted in curtailing her holidays…  “There were no flights above Europe for a week, it felt like something was going seriously wrong …some people were even talking about the end of the world in 2012, which I found very funny at the time,” she said.”This is my way of making light after a year that seems to have been all about natural disasters and people worrying about the state of the environment.”

 Le Tan  bags hit the price tag at around £200  and rise up to anything around the £2000 mark. Each of her handbags is made up from delicate stitching over hand-cut felt patterns to which are added jewel-like clasps. I don’t think you will be able to get one from Amazon, and rather less likely that your local library will be willing to fulfill your request to borrow any of “OLT” books.

Well, what are your thoughts…would these “craft clutches” make it into your handbag collection, personally they are not for me.

Photography credit: Karl Hab

Lanvin’s winter creativity, gorgeous models,

Posted in French Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 2, 2010

Lanvin winter 2010-2011

Like most people, which includes my father, though publicly he would probably deny it,  have a great interest in the art produced in the photographs published by the great houses of fashion. I thought I would catch up by showing a few of this seasons…Im sure by now my regular followers will know that my photography idol is Annie Liebovitz for Vuitton, but as I mentioned her yesterday, today we have another great and talented photo artist, Steven Meisel, working here for Lanvin.

Lanvin,couture,french couture,haute couture,Paris fashion house,french fashion house,voulue.com

Steven Meisel crams so much into a small space and yet delivers an “effortless” and artistic composition. In the box are Mariacarla Boscono (30), Anja Rubik (27) and Magdalena Frackowiak (26),  I have included the ages only to make a point that a models’ life  isn’t all over by the age of twenty. This past week I have received more than two hundred modelling applications for our modelling vacancies.I get from many applicants letters a sense of desperation, that at 18 or 19 this will be their last chance. Please note that even professional,  fresh and beautiful models  are rejected,this is just part of a selection process the photographer does with his client to achieve the brief  they were given to complete. As rejection comes with the territory don’t be disheartened, it isn’t personal, it’s just the image we are looking for.Lanvin,designer handbags,designer shoes,designer clothes,french designer clothes,voulue.com

By creating a mirror image and stitching the images together we get a double page spread…looks wonderful.

lanvin,haute couture,girls dresses,knickers,make-up,cometics,sex,voulue.com

Model for Us!

Voulue  has several photo calls registered at starnow.com, maybe you are just a beginner, that’s fine, you may have the looks we require for our product and creative photo shoots.  Look for us on Starnow.co.uk  you may find yourself in a modelling career!

Casting Call Number: 189334

If you copy and paste these numbers into the search box on “StarNow.co.uk…where talent gets discovered,” you will find us.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista…tour de force en fashion

Posted in French Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 1, 2010

Felipe Oliveira Baptista

I was tempted to deliver a montage of designers like I did yesterday, but I feel there is something rather special about Felipe collection, enough to devote a full-page to his Spring summer collection 2011. Ready to wear it certainly is, though “stylish” I feel, is an inept and somewhat flaccid adjective to describe this selection. It’s a “swaggering passion feast…,” no, it’s more than that…take a look, and see if together we  can get a better description by the end!


 Felipe has removed all un-necessary distractions leaving you with very clean-cut lines,… impeccable, delectable….mmm!

Felipe Oliveira Baptista,paris fashion week 2010,spring collection2011,woman clothes,womans clothing

As you can see all but a couple in this collection are sleeveless,which is fine because 2011 summer is going to be the best we’ve had for a long time…well that’s my fantasy for today,but being in England my umbrella will not be too far away.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista,docklands paris,sien river,blouses,designer blouses,modern skirts,

There is such a variety of tops and skirts which you could easily interchange, the soft caramel looks good with the black or the white, it just takes your imagination and plenty of nail-biting moments to make your decision as to which ones suit you best.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista,la fashion week,fashion week in Paris,fashion week tickets,

Well, I’m really struggling this morning for meaningful descriptions, perhaps none is required. It may be a collection in which we just have to absorb ourselves into, and be happy that we know it,s there without having to tell anyone…our own personal secret.

Feel free to make your own descriptive comments,… I will add them to my note-book for future reference!  Bye for now.

Paris Fashion Week:Fatima Lopez,Rabih Kayrouz,Anthony Vaccarello,Nana Aganovich

Posted in French Fashion Designers by Gregory on September 30, 2010

It is so difficult to stop myself  writing  at great length about individual designers, but you would be here all day and the world would come to a stand still !! There is so much to see, so here is a quick fix of what Paris has to offer.

Fatima Lopez

Lisbon, Portugal is the home of Fatima Lopez who’s work in general  she describes as “irreverent”, though this isn’t the word I would instantly throw at it. Minimal material providing a maximum impact, is the name of the game with Fatima’s collection, and I would prefer the climate of Portugal in the spring and summer to wear her outfits. The swimwear though is not for me, I’m going with the more “Lady Like” trend for next spring, less skin showing will be  more!   

Fatima Lopez,french fashion week,Lisbon designer,portuguese clothes,designer clothes,paris show,moulin rouge,eiffel tower,

Rabih Kayrous

If you wish to get a full spectrum of primary colours than Rabih Kayrous, a Lebanese designer, will gain your following. Tutored at the knee of  Dior and Chanel his work gives a flowing element to the body form. Going bare footed in the grass would also add another sensual dimension for the girl experiencing Rabih’s talents, and as a new convert to knitted wear my eye was drawn to architectural structure of the blue top…isn’t that gorgeous!

Rabih Kayrouz,lebanonese fashion,middle east clothing,primary colours,womens eastern fashion,voulue.com

Anthony Vaccarello

Anthony Vaccarello, is for those girls who can accept ingenuity in her fashion statement. These creations are more than just clothing to look good, they are a symbiotic relationship with the mind. A two-way relationship which is shared with your audience just like an  artistic exhibition… yes, and I do not mean a Damien Hurst, more like the illustrator Jirayu Koo with her strong geometric lines. 

Anthony Vaccarello, french design,paris fashion,louvre,french dress,french costume,costume,fashion costume,voulue.com

Nana Aganovich

She has been called “quirky” again this int the adjective I would give, mine would be “intelligent design.”  Aganovich is London (Whitechapel) who gains inspiration from her colleague Brooke Taylor, a writer who  provides conceptual narrative in which she can acquire her images of inspiration.

Nana Aganovitch,london designer,serbian designer,haute couture,ready to wear,designer shoes,voulue.com

Incredible interpretations of words,which give you such a strength of presence and being.

Nana Aganovitch,british clothing,london scene,contemporary clothes,modern clothes,voulue.com

I hope you have enjoyed this little look, and you can now leave comments on this site, I didn’t realise it was “locked”…bye for now.


Fatima Lopes photo credit unkown. Rabih Keyrouz photos by Balkis Press/ABACAPRESS.COM Photo via Newscom Anthony Vaccarello photos REUTERS/Benoit Tessier Nana Aganovich, unknown Karim Bonnet for Impasse de la Defense REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Paris Fashion Week…Cathy Pill, Devastee, Alexis Mabille, Bouchra Jarrar and Lefranc.Ferrant.

Posted in French Fashion Designers by Gregory on September 29, 2010

As Paris rehearses its performance for the world stage of fashion, I thought I would remind you of a few of this seasons exhibitors’ winter collections, and  just to refresh the names and their fashion signatures. Often the UK maintains its borders only allowing the established names of European fashion into the country. Perhaps Al Murray is being too influential….but  to France we must look, as the, like the UK, have a wealth of new talent, designers with impeccable curriculum vitae, as well as seasoned practitioners such as Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin. Today I want to tempt your taste buds with these five designers:

Cathy Pill

A world-class designer, is already a success in the USA, Far East and Europe. Only occasionally  heard of here in the UK, which is just a shame, she is a great designer. With her Art Nouveau inspired elements she creates a wonderful. Nationally heritage for Cathy though belongs to Belgium, and she shows regularly in Paris…time for us to adopt her work.

Cathy Pill,Belgium dress designer,paris fashion week 2011,womens clothing,blouses,skirts,designer clothes,voulue.com


Creators of Devastee are Ophelie Klepe and Francoise Alspy, … they will be showing their spring /summer collection today, and I will contact their press officer to see if we can get any more information about the collection. If so, I will devote a little more time to this genre of fashion later in the week. Black and white if done well just looks spectacular, and this sample of their strong graphical design does them justice,

Devastee,french designer,haute couture designers,french dress,french style,french fashion,voulue.com

Alexis Mabille

Impeccable qualifications from the Chambre Syndicale de la   Haute Couture in Paris, nine years designing for Christian Dior, Alexis invites you to ” delve into his highly personal, frivolous, dynamic, imaginative and racy universe in order to take a fresh look on his unisex fashion”. It has been a long time since I heard the term unisex, and I don’t mean wearing our mans’ rugby shirt around the house, though it is applicable. I can see the hair styles applying, but perhaps it’s just me but I can’t see many men wearing these outfits…not being too narrow-minded or bigoted,… if it makes you feel good guys to wear Alexis Mobille’s clothes…go for it.

Alexis Mabille,french fashion designer,Paris fashion week 2010,unisex fashion,french unisex clothes,french clothing,

Bouchra Jarrar

Studio director at  both Balenciaga and Christian Lacroix, Jarrar brings class with delicacy of the feminine form added to astute understanding of the tone his style creates. This is the ultimate in classy femininity. I would beg, borrow or steal   (I wouldn’t really steal,.. its just a saying) to wear one of BJ’s dresses. I could string together a line or two of complimentary adjectives, but that would waste time, time better spent looking at his work, don’t you agree?

Bouchra Jarrar, french fashion designer,french classic style,french underwear,french knickers,french stockings,Paris,Paris fashion week.voulue.com


Mario Lefranc’s pedigree is extensive; Chloe, Guy Laroche, Yves Saint Laurent and Lanvin. Mario has  teamed up with Beatrice Ferrant,  a fashion designer with experience from Frederi Castet, Jean  Patou, Catherine Malandrino, and for Balanciaga licences. With such strength in this working collaboration, then you are going to expect a show… structured and luxurious. If it is boldness of colour which is required in the wardrobe department, these guys are for you.

Lefranc.Ferrant,french design,french fashion,designer fashion,french shoes,french hats,french dresses, voulue.com,voulue,voulue fashion,

I hope you have enjoyed this taster of A/W 2010 from across the Channel, …mouth-watering wants, Paris fashion Week is going to rock the fashion world…see you soon!

Eric Tibusch with Tim Burton elements

Posted in French Fashion Designers by Gregory on September 5, 2010

If you are a follower of French Haute Couture you will have heard the name of Eric Tibusch, as with any form of haute couture, it is in my view, the expansion of the mind from which inspiration can be harnessed from ones  fantasy world. This, if channeled successfully and driven hard, will put  a small number of designers into the forefront of the haute couture fashion world. It’s a mind-set which not only takes daring, but as with most things in life , it requires you to be at the right place at the right time.

Like many of us , I too look at  films produced by Tim Burton and marvel at the workings of his productions, then when I have finished of the popcorn I will only pay a  lip service of critique to the performance of the actors, maybe discuss the strength of the story line and possibly offer a recommendation to my friends to see the movie.

Not so with Eric Tibusch, he takes this a step further and introduces his own extra features to make a storyboard for his visions. From Greek mythology he identifies characters from which he can extract key elements to add to Amazonian women, then he unleashes his latest Haute Couture exhibition in Paris.

Le Vente de Paris

I find this little day tulle dress with its embroidered leather metallic skeleton intriguing. The clutch is apparently based on the  coccyx bone of a bull, unfortunately I am unable to get a better image of the handbag. Though it is a very strong image, I am finding it difficult to find any key elements which could be utilised in a Ready To Wear outfit. Perhaps its just too early on a Sunday morning and my eyes are still a little tired!

Eric Tibusch,french couture,french designer,haute couture,autumn winter 2010-11

Le Marre Au Diable

 Eric Tibusch,french couture,haute couture,french design,voulue.com

I love the attention Eric has given to the satin spinal column, he has rendered his interpretation in a way which shows the physical functional strength and flexibility, just like the real thing. I would love to have that detail incorporated  on to a day jacket,it is very effective on its own. The silk organza  between the ribs, acts its part as connective tissue, keeping everything on the inside in its place. I hope he has included some of these elements into his RTW collection, we will let you know when it becomes available.

Tailleur Legend Du Nord

 Eric Tibusch,tailleur legende du nord,haute couture,neolithic costume,fur coat,voulue.com

Neolithic princess is the first thought which came to mind when I first saw this Wolf fur trench coat . Though generally speaking I am not a great fan of fur, faux or otherwise, I had the desire to wrap myself up in this next to an open fire in the wilderness and drift off to the sounds of wolves in the distance…”or am I being too day-dreamy”! Perhaps I’m showing too much of my fantasy world.


Eric Tribush,highlander,haute couture,womenswear,clothing,dresses,voulue.com

This tartan vintage linen trench coat and dress jumps immediately out of the collection as the odd one out.This stylish outfit should go straight to the RTW collection. I think this will have wide appeal and sales should be good for Eric with this outfit.

La Cour Des Miracles

Eric Tibusch,french haute couture,french dresses,french girls,french designs,voulue.com

“Ogival” shoulders, is how Eric describes them, I will take the definition that he is referring to the Gothic vault, an architectural feature which looking at the second image reminds me of Sydney Opera house or the London flood defences. A great theatrical piece I will agree, which if you attended the right event you could get away with it.Eric’s inspiration comes from Tim Burton films , do you think or better still, know if this comes from Alice in Wonderland. I have only seen the 1951 cartoon video….”shame on me”…so, if it does come from this years film, do let us know. 

Ensemble Von Helsing

Eric Tibusch, haute couture,womens fashion,Voulue.com

Before you ask, yes, I have seen this film, not necessarily a favourite film of mine, but none the less I have seen it. The outfit comprises of a black silk crêpe  coat on double-sided anthracite wool suit trousers with silver fox sleeves and pleated poplin coal shirt. I feel very undecided on this, verging on “its not for me”, …right lets move on!  Smartness and inventiveness remain Eric Tibusch interpretation on Parisian chic, and I can see many of his elements making a succesful transition to everyday wear…will it be attractive to you, do let us know?