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Prabal Gurung…top class fashion design

Posted in Iconic Fashion Designers by Gregory on April 11, 2011

I daresay there are  many of you  who haven’t heard the name of Prabal Gurung. At which point I can ony quote Al Murray’s  catchphrase “Shame on you…Shame on you…” Prabal’s creations as a fashion designer are cherished by  the US societal “greats” such as  politicians wifes and TV show hosts e.g. Michelle Obama, Demi Moore, and Oprah Winfrey etc, etc. As well as devoting time on his own signature line, Gurung  also  finds the time to be the design director at Bill Blass. Needless to say, this new kid on the “fashion block” will be going places.

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Prabal Gurung is delivering a class act, delivering the number one key element in my book, that of  artistic quality. Quality that will stand this work out from the rest, Prabal is an A- list designer.

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Just take a look at the subtlety of the patterns between each segment , it creates an effortless flow down the dress, easy on the eye, and easy on the wearer. Using a very thin belt to give you the added waistline without distracting the eye from the overall image.

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Prabal’s dresses are light, having an integral life of their own as they respond to your bodies movement.With today’s sun shining down, these would be ideal for your Spring and Summer collections.

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I often ask the question “what is the attraction for black dresses? “, simply answered, they are  beautiful.This one would be envied by all, just look at the movement. All I need now is a Champagne bar with a pianist tickling the ivories in the background. But for me, I would love this colour block dress to give me  that wow factor, such a great juxtaposition of colours.

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Take care, see you soon.


Inside London Fashion Week

Posted in British Fashion Designers, Iconic Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 7, 2011

Somerset House,London Fashion Week,Inside london fashion week at somerset house,fashion designers, designer fashion,womens designer fashion,shoes,handbags,black leather handbags,pink leather handbags,luxury knitwear,evening gowns,modern fashion,latest fashion trends,Voulue.comWith the big show comming around again I have only just realised that so many of my family and friends have no idea about the venue. So here is the official ground plan that we get…so we dont get lost! Start at the Strand which isatthe top of the plan, this is the grand entrance to LFS, and for girls in heels this is the  “mine field”…it pays to wear flats and change after you have crossed the cobble stones, But it  justs wrecks the image… even more to the point , this is wear the photographers stalk their prey…they know you will have to slow down, and a few will even stop to stike their pose. Therefore  fore warned is fore armed, so grit your teeth and keep smiling , going apex over derrier here may just get you on the front page of the tabloids. Once you cross the “minefield” there are fashion reporters and buyers from everywhere, the Daily Telegraph, Gaurdian, and Daily Express to name a few…they are swarming…including ourselves taking a few candid shots.

For fashion buyers London Fashion Week is exciting and a real day out even if it is in the name of work. But Somerset house is quiet a venue and I thought you would like to take a look at the planning side of it all. The place to be is the BFC catwalk, her the nervous tension is overwhelming…the designers who brave the front of house before the show are noticeably and understandably tense, their careers depend on a smooth and successful show. One note, the benches are hard on your bum! and its a tight squeeze. Looking at the plan above, the press sit on the left and the buyers on the right, in front of thr BFC logo is a bank of photographers…at least 40 plus…note… don’t look at them when the show starts, you will be seeing ” flashing stars” for 10 minutes, you might even miss the parade!!


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20 Coolest Brands 2010-2011… do you agree?

Posted in Iconic Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 6, 2010

Top 20 Cool Brands 2010/2011

It would appear there is an obvious flaw with the title , as we haven’t got to 2011, … the people behind the survey must have a time machine….yes  fashion buyers have time machines, otherwise how would we know what to buy next season!!

Im impressed with this top 20, especially as they start with my dream car, nay… a fantasy of mine is to own a Aston Martin.

As you will see when you scroll down the list there are several key names from the world of fashion …round of applause…for  Vivienne Westwood  who has topped the fashion brands in this poll.Ray Ban was crowned the coolest fashion accessory, Jimmy Choo has the coolest fashion footwear category and Topshop, Agent Provocateur and Calvin Klein jeans won the high street, lingerie, street wear categories, respectively.

The organisers of the list … ” The Centre for Brand Analysis”  looked for… style, innovation, desirability and originality. I think many of these key elements are going to make up the all round fashionista.

1.Aston Martin

This is my dream car, I started my working  life out as an administrator for  a local Jaguar dealership, so I became accustomed used to being around quality cars…but my head as always been turned towards the  Aston Martin, they are so sexy…unlike “shanks’s pony” which I use at the moment, though it is more environmentally friendly….yawn. Vantage V8 would be my choice today, tomorrow it could be the DB9!!

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2. iPhone  Technology iphone 4,apple iphone,mobile phone,voulue.com

3. iPod Technology ipod touch,apple ipod,ipod,ipod4,

There is a great “spike” in the results towards “i-products”, they should have  all been placed in one category!

4. BlackBerry

Blackberry curve,blackberry phone,blackberry for business,blackberry,voulue.com This is my phone, my lifeline…no, my life, I would be lost without it, and without it I would have to buy an alarm clock!

5. Bang & Olufsen

 BeoSound5,Bang & Olufsen,audio players,cd players,designer music centre,

This is the BeoSound 5,what a delight for that contemporary modern feel and ultimate experience in audio.

6. Harley-Davidson  Motorbikes

What a combination with Merissa Miller (Super model) on her Harley Davidson…would you girls!

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7. Nintendo Wii

I tried this last Christmas with my nephews and nieces “HOWL” we did have some fun…I even tried the boxing…didn’t win though.

8. Google

We do life our lives with this one, pricelessgoogle logo

9. Ferrari

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 Does this little number register on your fashion list top 20…?

10. Dom Perignon Champagne

Dom Perignon,champagne,french champagne,

For all the glamour and glitz of the fashion world… champagne isn’t my thing…it gives me a headache, so this wouldn’t be anywhere on my list of 20.

11. BBC iPlayer

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12. Vivienne Westwood

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She would be in the top 5…for her clothes and accessories, not down here at number 12…”must be men making this list“!!

13. Apple.

Stick them all together….grrrr, therefore leaving more room for fashion designers!

14. Tate Modern

I just wish I had more time to visit the Tate…I will pop in next time I’m in London. That’s a date for the diary.

15. YouTube

You Tube,our videos on You tube,voulue Thumbs up here from all the Voulue Team, this is a great place to spend some time, instead of stock taking….

16. Mini  Cars

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Number “one” is my fantasy… reality  states that when I buy a new car, will be going for this mini convertible, I can see myself tootling about in this little beauty.

17. Chanel

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18. Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban,Ray-Ban original wayfarer,ray-ban sun,ray-ban sunglasses,

I’m going to be daring this next summer, and I’m going to by a pair of Ray-Ban original wayfarer’s in this “in your face” orange. Just to add that extra colour to the tan…or tidal mark from the rain!

19. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen,Gucci, voulue.com

20. Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo,Mendez,suede sandal,designer footwear,Voulue.com

My top 5 Choices

“19,12,20 then 4 and if I must number 1”, these are my top five… Reasons… I just need the clothes and designer shoes and the Blackberry to run my business and the Aston Martin for the sheer luxury of the status symbol and an excellent drive of course, that goes without saying.

What are your top five choices? share with us on Facebook…bye for now.

Louis Vuitton…U2’s Bono, Ali Hewson & Annie Leibovitz …heaven!

Posted in Iconic Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 1, 2010

I must share this with only because my Idols have all come together in one place, from the world of fashion…Louis Vuitton….music…Bono of U2, and my favorite photographer Annie Liebovitz. This is amazing, and I cannot wait to see the final pictures from Annie’s camera.

By the way that is  Ali Hewson, Bono’s wife …sorry I didn’t mention you at the beginning…nothing personal! But this collaboration is going to find a big place in my scrapbook.

Fashion buying and Grace Kelly

Posted in Iconic Fashion Designers by Gregory on July 19, 2010

What are the perks of being a fashion buyer, well yesterday (Monday 19th July) it had to be the glorious weather and great company. I have been to order next years designer childrenswear from “I Love Gorgeous” and “Hucklebones”. What stunning collections they have in store… and I had my first experience of Lebonese food with my hosts. With a small time line before having to head back North, I have been given a free pass to see the Grace Kelly Style Icon exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum in South Kensington.

Grace Kelly,style icon,1950's fashion,voulue.com

Erwin Blumenfeld, Portrait of Grace Kelly, New York, 1955. © The Estate of Erwin Blumenfeld 2009

Impeccable, understated, elegant, ambassador of fashion, immaculate grooming and a sense of style. These are just a few of the ingredients which, when carefully directed, became a Style Icon of the fifties. As I have said several times before, the tide is turning and women everywhere who wish to be noticed are moving towards retro style with a contemporary edge.

Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra, High Society,MGM film studios, Voulue.com

Eric Carpenter/MGM (Kobal Collection)

With fifty or so years gone by, style is still style, and here is Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra in ‘High Society’1956, this gown would be as appropriate for todays’ society events as it was back then. The only major difference that I can see, is that they could dance!

If you are passing the V&A, pop in its worth an hour or two…