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Versace pink leather handbag….is, Versace in the Pink

Posted in Italian Fashion Designers, Latest fashion Trends by Gregory on February 10, 2011

Versace in the Pink


Lady-like… yes, girly… yes,want one…YES. This must be the pink bag of the year and its only February. If  you want a Valentines day gift to bring tears of joy, then this pink leather handbag with gold fixings should be a MUST.

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If you would like this lilac beauty, net a porter is selling them at £870, With a chunky chain-link strap and designer-stamped gold hardware, Versace’s lilac leather shoulder bag is a bold feminine style.The twist metal locks on the front are “in” for this season, I have seen them on Mischa Bartons “doctors bag” which is this years spring collection, I will get a picture soon for you to take a look.

See you all soon.


Proenza Schouler … worth the Atlantic hop…

Posted in American Fashion Designers, designer fashion, Latest fashion Trends by Gregory on January 27, 2011

There are not many times when you think this could is the next big thing…but I think Proenza Schouler have touched gold with their designers, they are on the money, on the ball, on …whatever you wish to write in here, just help yourself. The primary reason… why, everything is street wearable, all the items look designer and look quality.The overall image is extremely well orchestrated…round of applause for the conductor, the playwright and the impressario of this fashion.The picture below is just a taster of what you will find in their collections….and what collections! This is what you missed from the last AW collection:-:Proenza Schouler designer womens fashion, womens designer clothes,designer clothing from america,american designer clothes,us designer clothing,second hand designer clothes,womens designer clothes,cheap designer clothes,

Just take a look throughout their whole collection, I personally couldn’t say…”errr I don’t like that”, The pre spring collections below just thrilled me …and the handbags and purses they have created to accompany these lush day clothes are sumptuous and appropriate. In fact, I think if you choose another designer handbag to go with the outfit, I daresay you will doing a dis-service to your final look. But if you do and it works send me a photograph and I will put it below.

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And if you have forgotten, due to the seasons exploits and low temperatures, that shorts are going to be an essential element, so if you are young and looking for something really different, just look at the flexibility of your choice with Proenza. If you find it difficult to source here in the UK, don’t worry,  for an extra couple of pounds you can buy from the many american stockists which are available online, I’m sure you will find more than one willing to send you an outfit across the Atlantic.

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Proenza Schouler bags will add a key element to your  overall “painting” of fashion…just look at the flexibility, add a shoulder strap to the clutch to add variety to any number of combinations of their outfits.

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What as attracted me to this company is choice and the mix of a classy casual that I could wear anywhere, at work or in the pub, and I would even do my Sainsbury’s shop in comfort with this collection. What’s more, why not visit the Proenza Sale at Net a Porter . Good hunting girls. But do note, that Net a Porter do not have the latest Spring collection available… yet.

If you have liked the pre-spring collection, do take the opportunity of seeing the latest Proenza Schouler Spring collection which has just been released, you will even find the Proenza tie dyed elements that have occurred through many of the collections. There are another 39 agonising choices for you to wade through, I’ve decided that this is the one that will make it into my wardrobe….it’s number “9” I just love the billowing sleeves.

David Koma, surfing high on fashion…Spring2011

Posted in Latest fashion Trends, Russian Fashion Designers, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on January 19, 2011

Last seasons bold geometrical shapes wooed many a women who wanted something different heaped with special dust of genius…David’s online bibliography is somewhat lacking when it comes to finding out more about this artistic designer. That said, perhaps his creations are more than words can describe and as such we have to indulge in the homage we are required to pay to such an eloquent “artsmith”.

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As for David Koma’s coming Spring  tsunami of womens fashion, David will be one of those designers who will be riding his surfboard high on the crest. His art-physique is strong and dominates in this powerful world of fashion… just take a look , it will be a difficult decision to choose the best. Just these little black dresses will be tormenting your taste buds, but take a moment to look carefully at the geometrical patterns within each outfit.

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In this array I do find the triangular cut out in models three and five particularly attractive, just enough to give you a little more reveal of your gorgeous legs. David has introduced more curvature into this seasons display, giving (especially on model number four above) a defined waistline, in fact it gives you a slimmer figure than you actually have.

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If you want an extra wow factor, then using the good old black and white contrast mixed with David’s patterns will require you to be courageous. Personally, I will be making a more gentle start by going for the girly pink and white spring collection.

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Well we you be going for the “girly” or the “courageous” facets of David Koma’s beautiful ensemble of designer women’s clothes.

Ultra… transcends east west barrier

Posted in designer fashion, Latest fashion Trends, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on January 10, 2011

Ultra…new  Spring Phenomena in Womens Fashion

There are many eastern designers who fail to transcend the east/west fashion barriers, often as a result of the differences of artistic cultures.Many fashion designers, especially for designer women’s clothing, tend to stay within their “cultural pond” which is definitely true here in the UK. Though if you  put your ear to the track, and you will hear the locomotion of Ultra, heading up a full body of steam and heading your way.

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their core element is to bring you sustainability, so  if this is  the key factor in your fashion buying decisions, then you cannot go wrong with Ultra. In using materials from soya and bamboo, salmon skin instead of leather,you are going to get a new and original feeling against your skin. And I’m sure you are aware that fish skins are excellent materials, often very hard-wearing , soft supply and can be coloured just like leather.Do you remember the glorious handbags of Heidi Mottram and Makki if not …google them! Other materials used are tencel from wood pulp and recycled polyester. All that is missing from the little pixie outfit above is a pair of fairy wings….isnt it cute.

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The image they are aiming for is the rebellious, and I cannot concur, I think that they need to go beyond their present collection and add more attitude before they can be called rebellious. That said, the outfits here  have achieved a major goal, that is these clothes would look good on any European City sidewalk ( and the US as well! we like to include everyone here).

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They will be launching a limited collection at the Paris Fashion Show 2011, so girls, do you have what it takes to wear this “edgy cut” fashion.The collection comes in blacks,whites and greys,

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so do take a further look at their website Ultra Lookbook for more eco-choice.

Skeggings by Jonathan Aston… Designer Hosiery AW10

Posted in British Fashion Designers, Latest fashion Trends, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on October 23, 2010


Skeggings is a rather posh name for leggings with an embellishment…and not to be confused with the Great British Seaside town of Skegness… though being rather breezy there at any time of the year with the North sea giving us all a little nip from it’s teeth…I would still be happy to sport a pair of skeggings.

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The name Jonathon Aston conjures up the image of luxury when it comes to stockings and hosiery, and this seasons collection is by no means an opportunity to be missed.What a better way of upping your outfit with designer accessories. You cannot wince at an accessory item under the £25 mark… it’s a no brainer.

Anyway, what are skeggings?…Well the answer to the question…leggings with a skirt! Initially I did pass a few condescending comments… and read a few more blog comments over the past few months…and now they have arrived…the quality and image they give is truly great. For those of you  that require that quick change of clothes at the end of your working day, hey presto! Out of your handbag comes a new outfit. Add a suitable top, either a light weight shirt or T-shirt, polish up the lippy , brush your hair and out of the office and into a Bar…job done!

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Jonathan Aston tights/stockings/hold ups

There is quiet a collection of tights, stockings and hold ups in this Autumn collection from Jonathan Aston. My favourites are without doubt the Vintage range with sheers,laces and nets to choose from.Sexy, you can be assured.

Jonathan Aston stockings,fishnet hold ups,jonathan aston tights,black hold ups,black opaque tights,coloured tights by Jonathan Aston,“If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen” is just one analogy which comes to mind, and I’m sure you can make a few more analogies up for yourself!

Jonathan Aston Peacock Embellished Crystal opaque

But like me, you may be attracted by the Peacock Crystal embellished opaque stockings,they are going straight on my shopping list. Jonathan Aston has several other styles available, they are about to release soft rib embellished tights

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I think they will lead the trend in this Autumn/Winter period, they are about £30 a pair, we do have some on order and we will let you know when they are available.

Soft Rib Embellished Crystal Tight

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Jonathan Aston range available at the Voulue Boutique

 We will be bringing you a healthy selection to choose from , including …Fishnet back seam holdup, fishnet back seam tights, back seam and heel stockings, sweet roses hold ups, sweet roses tights, zebra seam tights, and many more to come, and we offer free posting…do take a look…bye for now.

Fashion Colours… latest fashion trends made simple.

Posted in Latest fashion Trends by Gregory on October 16, 2010

Latest fashion trends and especially knowing which choices to make with your fashion colours are made simple… if use the Pantone Fashion Colour Report for this  Autumn 2010. It  features the top 10 colours for women’s fashion, all you have to do is copy the image, print it off and stick it to the back of your wardrobe door. Oh, and a copy in your purse for when you are out shopping. In all seriousness, if you think  that the idea of a planned colour scheme  may seem a little contrived, …just flick through the spring and summer 2011 collections here on my site and with a pen and pencil note down  the prevalent colours and when Pantone releases its Spring 2011 trend forecast for the public to see, you will be able to see if the designers are using it !!

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Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone “Mindful of consumers’ need for practicality, plus their desire for newness, designers offer many options for women to extend and embellish their wardrobes this fall,”…  “Building on the colour palette from spring, this season’s offerings include innovative takes on fundamental basics, as well as transporting, lively colours that conjure images of travel and adventure, whether real or aspirational.”

Industry gurus highlighted in the report include: India Hicks, creative partner at Crabtree & Evelyn; Cate Adair, costume designer for “Desperate Housewives”; Collier Strong, celebrity make-up artist; Eric Sauma, owner of Mood Fabrics (featured on “Project Runway”); and Constance White, style director at eBay. Contributors from Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macy’s also offer their insights.

As you can see it is geared towards the American market, but don’t be misled by that it has a worldwide influence in the fashion world.

See you all soon…bye for now.