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…Cinderella shall go to the ball.

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To celebrate the release of Cinderella, Disney has collaborated with several designers to create the ultimate glass slipper.

Jimmy Choo - Cinderella shoes

“Cinderella’s glass slipper has become a magical symbol of transformation,” said Jonathan Symington from Disney. Jimmy Choo’s designs are not only Cinderella’s dream transformation; but ours too!Jimmy Choo - Cinderella shoes 2

What do you think? We have our fingers crossed that our fairy godmother can conjure up a pair of these!

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2010 in review…Voulue says…thank you for your amazing support

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The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads: Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2010. That’s about 29 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 127 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 579 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 70mb. That’s about 2 pictures per day.

The busiest day of the year was October 24th with 312 views. The most popular post that day was Skeggings by Jonathan Aston… Designer Hosiery AW10.

Where did they come from?

Some visitors came searching, mostly for audrey hepburn short hair, zuhair murad, memphis design, dita von teese, and grace kelly.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Skeggings by Jonathan Aston… Designer Hosiery AW10 October 2010


Zuhair Murad October 2010


Dita Von Teese Burlesque avec Jean Paul Gaultier September 2010


Holly Fulton inspired by Memphis,Krushenick & Joan Collins September 2010


New fashion designers showing at this years London Fashion Week June 2010






There has been a short delay in our blog postings, this will resume again shortly as we concentrate on bringing you more refreshing daily input from the world of fashion.

All the Best for 2011

Voulue Boutique.

Todd Lynn a Strong Signature Collection

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Are you looking to be different, and perhaps the  “lady like” trend for 2011 may not be your cup of tea,then how about an immaculate tailored look from Todd Lynn. It does remind me a little of the tunics worn by Commander Stryker from the 70’s  tv series UFO. Perhaps this futuristic interpretation of the 1970’s cult show is an underlying factor in this work…maybe Todd is a Sci-Fi geek in his private life…who knows? Nonetheless, my tangential thoughts may be wide of the mark, but its fun trying to get to the “spark” which has inspired his collection.

Todd lynn,dress designer,london fashion week,masculine style,great clothes,designer clothes, grey suits,

Todd does give you a product that will fulfil your needs for a “smart and  impressionable” style,  I feel these looks would be great in any work place. Especially in an environment where you do not have to have the conventional suited and booted look that perpetuates year after year, decade after decade. I came across one of my grandfathers suits, the style is still on the street today, and he hasn’t worn the suit for 30 years!!

Todd Lynn,womens designer clothing,somerset house,london fashion,british fashion,english fashion,

As for  consistency and reliability Todd Lynn signature is delivered in his collections year after year, there is no guess-work involved when you are wearing one of his outfits.As for my favourite, it has to be the last model on the right  in the picture below. Light blue grey dress with contrasting elements and trim, it looks so trim and clean and professional.

Todd Lynn,fashion designer,clothes designer,english fashion,designer clothing,

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Inside Outside dichotomy for Mary Katrantzou

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Now here you can reflect on your ability to  show the world how you live by wearing your home decor on your exterior. Perhaps you are accustomed to life in  an oppulant habitat, or maybe they are aspirational dreams…Grande dreams, of what reality could be, rather than wearing a dress showing an image similar to… the Trotters with a Reliant van on a housing estate in Peckham! 

 (For my international readers try googling: Only Fools and Horses, and you will see what I mean!)

Mary Katrantzou,london fashion week,spring dresses2011,voulue.com

For the  young fashionistas amongst you who like to assimilate work into your own looks, please don,t pop along to your local DIY store and then add door knockers to your outfit, it will look quiet silly!These accessories would have to go , for me they just over power the look. Having said that, I do like the mix of chintz, with colour blocks and architectural designs, they produce a very pleasing image on the eye. One which, with the right piece, could be worn even in the executive office…a power statement definitely.

Mary Katratzou,designer womenswear,dress,tights,underwear,voulue,com

The added pastel shades at another pleasing dimension to the outfits, this is where to pick up guidance for your accessories. For handbags, I would go with a complimentary pastel colour, overall a plain design as there is enough action happening in the dress; and if you choose one of the “lampshade” skirts below, definitely, only a small handbag or clutch is required for practical reasons.

Mary Katrantzou,womens clothes,designer frock,designer dress,voulue.com,

No one could ever say you image and style is commonplace when you wear an outfit from Mary Katrantzou. My favorite outfit is in the picture above, centre model…I would love that jacket and skirt ensemble…do you have a favourite? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook.

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Ugg Choo

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on September 17, 2010

…. with the preliminary warm ups over, the  glossy magazines, fashion blogs, are put to one side as we begin another round of buying trips. The Voulue team will be starting with several “Invitation only” events in London with one to one meetings with designers. Of course we are talking about the London Fashion Week. Ive just check through my handbag and Im ready to go…Ive been ready for two days really!

I would just like to share this new alliance with Jimmy Choo and Ugg, these fashion houses to expand the portfolios of the businesses but  they also bring us a new spin on the designs.

Kaia Ugg, jimmy choo,luxury boots,voulue.com

Jimmy choo,ugg,boots,designer boots

Well, I must shoot off now, bye for now.

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Dita Von Teese Burlesque avec Jean Paul Gaultier

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When one hears the word “striptease” the mind can definitely come up with a multitude of definitions and images ranging from the “innocent” to the “erotic”, but I will guess that not many would combine Jean Paul Gaultier and Dita on Teese in the same sentence. Well know you will be able to stun your work colleagues about your knowledge whilst peeling your orange at lunch time.

This isn’t the first time Gaultier has ventured into the lingerie side of fashion, most notably his Madonna’s 1990 Blond Ambition tour; for which he prepared more than a thousand sketches for Madonna to choose from.

Madonna Blond Ambition,Jean Paul Gaultier,lingerie,cone bra,voulue.com

I do like the thin ankles which JPG draws, and he has really captured the essence of Madonna hasnt he? I wish I could be as productive with my art work!

Jean Paul has agreed to design this AW/10 lingerie collection for La Perla, he relased at the Paris fashion Show by employing a professional burlesgue artist, Ditta Von Teese. And did she rock the show, and the press!

Dita Von Teese,Jean Paul Gaultier,perla lingerie,womens lingerie,

Gaultier has a strong heritage in lingerie-influenced fashion, so Im sure he was pretty much up to the mark in designing this collection , which will be available from November 20th,2010. Dita Von Teese,Jean Paul Gaultier,striptease,lingerie,

Strategically place assistants ensure Ditta doesnt loose any of the collection to “trophy hunters”

Jean Paul Gaultier,Dita Von Teese,Paris,Fashion catwalk,lingerie party,

Finally,Jean Paul thanks Ditta for her catwalk strip, and if this November needs to be warmed up then La Perla is going to be very busy.

Photography credits: Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images.Benoit Tessier/Reuters

Too early for Christmas Anya Hindmarch… surely!

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This could just be an effective publicity campaign, and if it is , well its working. I have just received an email for ” The Ultimate Christmas Present… at first I thought it was a porsche or perhaps a free holiday to the Carribbean for Christmas…no.

Here is:

 Anya Hindmarch’s Ultimate Christmas PresentAnya Hindmarch Ultimate Christmas Present,voulue.com

 Though the mistake I noticed was, the image states it’s the “perfect Christmas gift”, perhaps “ultimate was a little typo! Well do have any thoughts on this, do let us snow, err know!!

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Fulvio Bonavia fruity fashion experience to Harajuku

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Fulvio Bonavia, photographer,fruit handbag,unusual handbag,voulue.com

It takes a lot of work to perfect an image, but this photographer ranks at the top of his profession. You just want to sink your teeth into those apples…they look so good. Fulvio’s work extends into the world of sport as well as fashion, but well stick to the fashion pictures for know.Fulvio Bonavia,fruit clutch,cream,fresh cream,specialisy photographer,voulue.com

Blackberries and raspberries make ideal partners in this clutch, but so close to the dress…just think of the stain factor!

 Fulvio Bonavia,fruit handbags,clutches,designer underwear,voulue.com,

Fulvio Bonavia,broccoli handbag,designer handbag,handbag food,voulue.com

Just a little light relief for a Monday morning, it will make you appreciate your own handbag…I bet it is a little more practical. Well all this fruit only reminds me of the FRUiT magazine that was out and about  few years ago, started by a street photographer, Shoichi Aoki.

You may have probably heard of Harajuku….a fashion trend started by the kids who hung around Harajuku Station in Japan.This grassroots fashion trend,as with any street style is an evolving creature.That’s what makes it fresh and appealing, it was a rebellious kick against the Japanese conservatism some ten years or so ago, rather like the Punk era  here in the UK, with Johnny Rotten and of course Vivienne Westwood with her anarchistic approach to fashion.

Though in my eyes, their revolution wasnt as shocking and awe inspiring which the UK are exponents at achieving, they did it with a smile, somewhat whimsical, funny, cute way which gives them their signature appearance.

Harajuku,japanese fashion,girls,girls clothing,voulue.com

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LFW is London Fashion Week, but also Lakmé Fashion Week

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 31, 2010

Lakmé is running concurrently with London Fashion Week, and for those of you who like the effervescence of  Bollywood image mixed with contemporary design..then this could just be what you are looking for. Lakmé Fashion Week is centered on Mumbai, a hustling, bustling and colourful city, full of intrigue and passion.

Lakme fashion week,India fashion week,designer fashion india,voulueDesigners from India’s fashion houses are starting to show here at London, this year we will accessory designer Little Shilpa, who has been highlighted by several fashion writers as becoming successful here in the UK. We will let you know more about her collection after our visit to the London Fashion Week.

One designer that is covering all the bases to  cater for a spectrum of  cultures and lifestyle ideals,  wether traditional or contemporary clothing is Anita Dongre, a huge name in the East which could easily transgress the east /west divide to be used for day wear  here in  the UK.

Anita Dongre

With separate outlets for each of her distinct lines also shows us her entrepreneurial skills as a businesswoman as well as a fashion designer. For a modernised cultural look, Anita brings stunning creations with modern interpretation.

Anita Dongre, India designer,sari,cultural dress of India,Voulue.com,designer fashion from around the World,

We just love the hairstyle on the first image on the left. Anita also runs a label called “globaldesi”, this is where Anita lets East meet West in her design package, as she states , “they look great with leggings”, but with a pair of jeans they would look just as good…dont you agree?

Anita Dongre,India fashion show,india designer fashion

Anita hasn’t forgotten those who are passionate about sustainability. “Grassroots” label, taking you back to the basics. She makes statement pieces out of a single design thought, and set against a white background they do give a somewhat early sixties feel about them.

Anita Dongre,india fashion week, Mumbai,fashion for women,Voulue.comLively and  care free, they would look good for any summer event, especially any retro festivals they would go down a treat. Anita uses pure vegetable dyes, and  the traditional craft of Leheriya ( a variation of tie dye), hand block printing and chikankari, a fine shadow work embroidery technique from the Uttar Pradesh region of India.

Lakmé Fashion Week GenNext

With 74 designers taking part in this years show there will be plenty on offer for all. As with London’s NextGen, Lakmé invests extensively in their GenNext,with this being their 5th year they are going to celebrate with ‘Defining the Future of Fashion’. The event has been around for eleven years, but the modernity and professional image which they are showing will surely be a catalyst for attracting attention on a global scale making India a premier league player of fashion which will infiltrate to discerning followers and wearers of quality fashion.

Lakme fashion week,fashion week india,mumbai fashion,voulue designer fashion,voulue.com

Borgezie… Shoes you wouldnt want to wear…without security

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Eternal Borgezie Diamond Stiletto

“Bling” maybe on the way out, but when it comes to sheer exuberance, then Borgezie is the place for the super rich who can splash  the proverbial without a missing a heart beat. Lets just say the basic model starts at about £100,000.oo, and goes to over £150,000.00……I just love writing those zeros, unfortunately I cannot produce the real thing.

Luxury shoes,voulue.comIf you get bored with the style , the heel is detachable and you could just replace it with a new look…mmm perhaps Christian Louboutin will take up that idea for his next pair of shoes. Here is a close up of the Stamen fluted heel, the House of Borgezie state it gives a “delicate purity to the whole of the stiletto.” Even the red soles are quickly replaceable when you have signs of wear and tear, yes, they are really for outdoor use!

And the number of sparkling jewels in this pair is 1,2,3…you will just have to count them yourself, but I would be checking the numbers everytime I wore them, you must be brave to wear apair of shoes like these.

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