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Alexander McQueen Cut-Out College Bootie

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 15, 2011

Alexander McQueen Cut-Out College Bootie

I just wonder how many college students will be lashing out for this real cutie bootie. Well, in all honesty, what difference to the overdraft would a miserly £1165.00 make to a £50,000 overdraft. And if you wait until just before you graduate, at least you will look fantastic at any job interview you attend. I am not asking you to be reckless with your finances, but….mmmmm, its worth contemplating…an activity of great scholarly credit, whoops I’m back to finances!

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I love the contrast of the white over stitching against the tan leather cut out design.The metal finishing to the laces gives it a touch of class, yet still giving you a designer shoe that is great for every day use. I think they would look great with a pair of  Balmain striped jeans.

Balmain jean,Balmain  desgner jean,Balmain designer  jeans,designer striped jeans, black and white stripped designer jeans,

Balmain Striped Jean.

 Balmain’s black and white striped jeans would add that extra for those who want a classic American look. Cost wise…well they happen to be the same price as your shoes, so your credit card statement will show up another £1165.00. Net -a-porter recommend Balmain’s baseball jacket, a snip at £4725 for its two-tone leather jacket.

Balmain baseball jacket,Balmain online,Balmain spring 2011,Balmain designer baseball jacket,

Personally I would take a look at some authentic baseball jackets and have them shipped from the States. This will give you an authentic and original street scene look. There are so many Major League Baseball  clubs to choose from, for an example, below is  the Baltimore Orioles  classy sports jacket, and I think with postage would come to less than a hundred pounds. This is probably not your choice but link over to the MLB and look at all the different choices you could make.

baltimore orioles,baltimore orioles baseball team,baltimore orioles jacket,

An authentic American baseball jacket,Balmain striped jeans and a pair of Alexander McQueen cut out college Bootie, for a cool Spring look.

Take care out there, bye for now…


Top 4 Designer Clutches 2010

4 Top Designer Clutches 2010

1.Balmain Rock leather and crocodile patchwork clutch £2190Balmain rock leather and crocodile pathwork clutch,leather clutch,Balmain designer handbag,Balmain designer clutch,

2.Bottega Veneta, Lacquered silver knot insect clutch.£4985

Bottega Veneta insect knot clutch,Bottega Venetta designer clutch,voulue.com

3.Anya Hindmarch Marano glitter clutch. £295Anya Hindmarch glitter clutch,anya hindmarch designer clutch, anya hindmarch designer womesns bags,voulue.com,

4.Alexander McQueen’s Hell’s Knuckleduster £1295.

Alexandra McQueen Hells Knuckleduster,Alexandra McQueen clutch,Alexandra McQueen handbags,voulue.com

Why not the  top 10 designer clutches, well that simply makes it easier to do, less hand wringing and gnashing of teeth. The cost of the designer piece was not a criteria of my selection, it was the overall aesthetic value…and yes it’s definitely subjective to my likes, I’m sure you may have chosen differently to me. Now, if I was going to whittle down the odds down to the best 2 clutches, my choice would go for the Alexander McQueen and Bottega Veneta.

For the outright winner…If only I could take it home …I would go for the British Alexander McQueen’s Hell’s knuckleduster, I love the embossed black leather clutch. It is the clutch that I could use more than the others, whether day or evening it would go down a treat.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Designer Womens Fashionwear Spectacular

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 7, 2010

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

There’s an audible sound of applause around the world as the new spring collection from  Alexander McQueen is revealed. In my earlier article I said that we would see a softer edge to the collection and you will see that here for yourselves. The good thing is…it works…in a mysterious way perhaps, but nonetheless it works. A dynasty of design will continue under its new leadership with Sarah Burton. Alexander McQueen spring 2011,designer womenswear,Paris 2011,designer fashion,designer clothes,voulue clothes,

Enjoy the spectacle of the show:

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011,designer womens fashion,womens's designer fashion,designer shoes, designer clothing,designer dresses,designer dress,voulue

The decoration in the neck line is a delight, a great little number.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011,designer couture,british couture,english couture,english fashion,british fashion,voulue, designer dress,designer footware,

One extremely nervous model (or a hairy one) ….who wouldn’t be, wearing an Alexander McQueen dress…oh and walking up and down with the worlds’ eyes on you…”I mustn’t fall over in these shoes…ooooooo”

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011,Paris fashion week,paris fashion show,fashion show,catwalk show,catwalk,catwalk fashion show,voulue.com,

The design work here is artistically stunning, this has such a presence, but it’s not for walking around Sainsbury’s in…this is for a regal occassion…sadly!

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011,paris fashion week show,designer couture,high heel shoes,leather shoes,camouflage shoes,black leather shows,camouflage jacket,camouflage trousers,voulue.comThis outfit is full of life…it’s a walking floral tribute to McQueen. It “jiggles” as you walk,  with the leaves catching the light to give you an added dimension of creativity. If things become a little difficult, head for cover with this camouflage outfit.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011,spring jacket,designer trousers,white trousers,embellished trousers,

Just look at the detail of the stitch work. Patchwork done with style..a somewhat cowgirl appearance, but the belt is key piece here for me.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011,Alexander McQueen Paris fashion show,Alexander McQueen designer fashion,voulue.com,

Running to the “adjective dictionary”…mmm, anyway, this comes across as a heavy carpet sculptured around her body.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011,Alexander McQueen fashion,McQueen designer womens clothes,

My only concern is here, is that next spring I will open my wardrobe to find that the mice have nested in my AMcQ designer dress…..tissues please, more tissues….

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011,fairy princess dress,fairy dress,princess dress,fashion week, fashion week Paris,

A dress for a princess, a fairy princess…this is a must for every little girl…whatever her age.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011,spring clothing collection,spring fashion trends,spring summer trends,fashion trends,

You will go the ball, and you will look amazing, and there will be no turning back to rags at midnight…and I can guarantee you will get your Prince!! Well, the pantomime rehearsals have already started…we just need to get into the swing of it.

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Alexander McQueen, ” will the tough-luxe remain”, a thought.

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 24, 2010

I was in a thoughtful mood today, and it started with “Alexander McQueen”, why? you may ask, but truthfully there was only one apparent reason. What would he have been designing now?  Would he be set in his path and giving us a continuation of his tough-luxe theme of clutches, of which the one below is just one of many,but, it is the one I prefer.Alexander McQueen,Brittania Punk,Voulue.com

Or would we have seen a dramatic change in direction, bringing us a new wave…the opposite direction perhaps, a trend we may have called soft-luxe. Thoughts are wonderful things, they are a playground of “what ifs” and “only’s”. Great material for the designers who will be continuing with this iconic brand name in fashion. It’s just a matter of wait and see! So, I visited the brands website to see if I could detect a feeling as to what may be going on, and in which direction Gucci would be taking. This image comes straight from a pre-Raphaelite artists easel ” A mournful,  full of pain, self questioning, unable to understand.”

Alexander McQueen,Gucci, voulue.com

You will agree that it makes us ask more questions, rather than gaining many answers. They have published the pre Spring/Summer collection in the same tasteful way. Here is a compilation of next Spring’s highlights.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can detect a softer edge to these designs, and I love the way they have gone back to the simplistic yet effective Chinese influence over several of the dresses. The brand is definitely stong and I believe it will continue for many years to come.

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