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Christian Louboutin madness

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 25, 2010

What is this world of Christian Louboutin? If his website is a reflection of the man, one would immediately say eccentric or mad. Though this is a creative madness not a psychological one, well, not being a specialist in this area, it’s not for me to say. But as for the art, he is eclectic in his collections, his ideas are like a Bumble bee which  flits from one flower to another, and at each flower he sees a different design which he eagerly puts to work.

For a man who sleeps every night in his office, his work definitely is his life. Though he has stated that he knows the words to Jennifer Lopez’s Louboutin song, so I’m sure he does get away from the office once in while.

Christian Louboutin,french designer,designer shoes,Voulue.comFrom his ” total madness collection” from left to right we have the ” black suede “embroided lace and satin ribbon pleat shoe. “Bridget’s back”, silver spikes of  ice shoe and on the left hand side “Amber”, cranberry satin,gold laminato. As you can see he doesn’t follow the “theme regime”, I believe this is why he is so productive and above al original. I feel he is the Picasso of  footwear designers. No wonder so many people collect his work, one day they will command a substantial return on any investment you make. No wonder Lopez has over 700 pairs of shoes!

Do take a look at Christian Louboutin’s site, with its surrealistic, astronomical satellites of footwear, he never fails to entertain. But if time is short here is a small compilation for you.

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Louboutin-Monty Python…esque

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on April 4, 2010

Visit Christian Louboutin’s online site and you will be catapulted back to the end of the sixties and the start of the new decade in which Monty Python’s Flying Circus changed the World. Within his Pythonesque website you will find a few Summer sizzlers comming your way. Here is one… the Talita clutch, “I want one”….too late, many stores have already sold out, so we will all have to wait to see if  it becomes available again.

Voulue handbags

If you prefer a larger version, Christian has made a shopper out of this artisistic and somewhat Punk with its studs and tear effect. This bag shouts and shouts loud…..”LOOK AT ME….I MEAN BUISNESS” do you have the attitude to carry these Louboutins off with style?

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