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Anne Valerie Hash’s designer clothes for lovers

Posted in French Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 8, 2011

Anne Valerie Hash


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French styling

If you need the feel of warm spice to add a little colour to your spring 2011, and you need a touch of french styling in your designer clothing collection, then I can reccommend anything from the couture house of Anne Valerie Hash. “You know how you look when you’re in love, that rosy glow?”  said Anne Valérie Hash  backstage at a recent show in Paris. “That’s how I wanted the clothes to look.” Over the seasons, this Paris designer has experimented with structure and flow of the key elements of her design collection. She dictates that the main constant has been a “subtle yet powerful sense of colour.

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So Ann’s palette consists of silver and  greys, with elements of spicy saffron. Ann has used fabrics like georgette, mousseline, washed leather, and cotton jersey, and as you can see they lead to a distinct girly prescence, and a great casual street look.

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 Jackets are tailored and the sleeves are cropped with the sleeves pushed up past the elbows. I have just brought one of the jackets and the short sleeve look is just fine, even my Dad likes it! Ann has definitely put a strong creative effort into this collection, and I love the  T-shirt with a mille-feuille of ruffles arcing across its front (first image above on the left). Just imagine a mild spring breeze catching these garments to add a little automation of its own. 


Lanvin’s winter creativity, gorgeous models,

Posted in French Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 2, 2010

Lanvin winter 2010-2011

Like most people, which includes my father, though publicly he would probably deny it,  have a great interest in the art produced in the photographs published by the great houses of fashion. I thought I would catch up by showing a few of this seasons…Im sure by now my regular followers will know that my photography idol is Annie Liebovitz for Vuitton, but as I mentioned her yesterday, today we have another great and talented photo artist, Steven Meisel, working here for Lanvin.

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Steven Meisel crams so much into a small space and yet delivers an “effortless” and artistic composition. In the box are Mariacarla Boscono (30), Anja Rubik (27) and Magdalena Frackowiak (26),  I have included the ages only to make a point that a models’ life  isn’t all over by the age of twenty. This past week I have received more than two hundred modelling applications for our modelling vacancies.I get from many applicants letters a sense of desperation, that at 18 or 19 this will be their last chance. Please note that even professional,  fresh and beautiful models  are rejected,this is just part of a selection process the photographer does with his client to achieve the brief  they were given to complete. As rejection comes with the territory don’t be disheartened, it isn’t personal, it’s just the image we are looking for.Lanvin,designer handbags,designer shoes,designer clothes,french designer clothes,voulue.com

By creating a mirror image and stitching the images together we get a double page spread…looks wonderful.

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Model for Us!

Voulue  has several photo calls registered at starnow.com, maybe you are just a beginner, that’s fine, you may have the looks we require for our product and creative photo shoots.  Look for us on Starnow.co.uk  you may find yourself in a modelling career!

Casting Call Number: 189334

If you copy and paste these numbers into the search box on “StarNow.co.uk…where talent gets discovered,” you will find us.

Louis Vuitton… the French way to do Style.

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on July 11, 2010

Echos of yester year are flooding into this Autumns collection from Louis Vuitton, and the cape is making a strong statment in their collection. Cut from a signature blanket the cape has a strong demanding prescence.

Louis Vuitton 2010 Autumn, Voulue designer fashion, designer perfume, womens clothes,If you prefer your statement in another colour, LV  does offer you a choice with this charcoal and white coloured cape.

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If you are looking for an alternative tailored piece, then you are going to be spoiled, with an accompanied accessory range of faux fur hats, elegant wool tights and stunning footwear. These tailored wool coats will last you for years, they are classic in design and will span several seasons as we head towards a more “we care what we look like” era.

Louis Vuitton, designer capes and coats, designer handbags, fashion, womens wear,Sophisticated everyday wear will be sweeping over the country within the next two to three years, as designers are inspired with and by the “futuristic vintage” genre.

Louis Vuitton, futuristic vintage genre, designer womenswear, designer workwear,

This comming Autumn is going to exciting as new collection are released, we have had a preview of what London Fashion Week is going to bring, and if you like what you see here, there is definitely more to come. Just look for inspiration amongst  these pictures, you will find tasteful and beautiful styling, mixing tartans with fur, leather trimmings and a selection of boots and shoes to compliment any outfit.

Louis Vuitton, designer clothes, jewellery, perfume

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