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Prada 1960’s Fashion Imagination

Posted in Italian Fashion Designers, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on October 18, 2010

Prada 1960’s Fashion Imagination

Prada’s giving us a bright future for  Spring Summer 2011 and the future is more than orange, it’s also blue, fuchsia, and jade . Add to the base formula of stripes, prints and embellishment you will delight in next seasons ensemble. Add to this the music  of the sixties and you will see exactly that Prada is reviving the 60’s. This whole collection is absolutely stunning, and  even when some of the music industry are reaching their seventies …”Happy Birthday Cliff Richard”… or should that be “Congratulations…” the sixties wouldn’t have been the same without you. Though I must say, that the lyrics of one song were the most prophetic words Cliff  ever spoken,… “Son you are a bachelor boy until you’re dying day”.

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There is certainly a bright colour palette for this S/S11 collection, and do you remember the Louis Vuitton handbag which Marc Jacob’s designed with the fox tails….did you ever wondered what they did with the rest of the fox.Well, Prada has used them, added stripes and  then dyed them with exotic bright colours. I’m not too sure if they are quiet my thing, but I said that about the LV bag and it grew on me , so perhaps Prada’s bag will become “poetry in motion” to  add a gentle motion to your image.PPrada Spring Summer 2011,online clothing stores,womens fashion clothing,vintage clothes stores,designer clothes,fashion designer clothes,designer clothes sale,voulue.com

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Looking at Prada’s ad campaign instantly brought to mind  images of Helen Shapiro, with her chart topping song “walking back to happiness” in 1961, and she does carry a stylish behive hair-do. This music is such a toe tapper, do enjoy.


The Beetles… Liverpool..The Cavern

Fashion designers have gone “down town” to offer you  a palette of beautiful colours, and as you can see with Prada, there are some interesting combinations. Prada have delivered a clear inspiration of the life and times of sixties imagery… I can hear the music of the period as I type this article… that’s because I’m listening to “sounds of the sixties” on BBC Radio 2, so I’m not going to apologies for the music titles you may find here in this post…Prada set designers have successfully built a set I would predict loosely built on the night club scene of the 60’s . That here in the UK means “The Cavern” night club Liverpool. And if you didn’t know, it is the  John Lennon tribute season at “The worlds most famous club…The Cavern“, the club is open everyday, so if you would like to take in a tribute Beetle band, do let us know. I have also found out that in 1963 The Beetles were the support act for Helen Shapiro, now surely that must be more than a coincidence!!

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Is that real dancing we see?  do you think it beats todays raves?  This is a an activity which definitely needs to go on my “to do list”, it really looks fun and a girl needs fun especially when she’s wearing Prada.Prada Spring Summer designer clothes ad campaign,Prada designer shoes,designer shoes online,mens designer shoes,ladies designer shoes,designer shoes uk,Prada designer shoe brands,designer wedding shoes,designer fashion shoes,voulue.com

Take a look at the shoes, I love them, the trouble is I will need to buy a new house for all the shoes I am dreaming of buying. I will have to be a little less obsessed with collecting shoes…”mmm” I don’t think so!

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I haven’t forgotten about the boys , and as you can see, Prada does give them a showcase platform. These are boys in brogues and high neck knitwear, bedecked with stylish jackets…smart, attractive, and clean. What happen to the clean look, it is more attractive to the girls…take note boys.

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The black and white photography really sends you  back into the 1960’s, not that I was ever there! So you are going to get an offering of Prada’s interpretation of vintage designer clothing,”mmm” does vintage label apply here or should it be retrospective, I feel vintage should apply more to the Victorian or Edwardian eras…OK I will call it retro 60’s inspired clothing.

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Romantic isn’t it, if our lives were full of this it would be a “………..” place to live, …do put your own word in the space, as it may make some people feel rather unwell, to say the least!!

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Love the mens sunglasses, I can see the lads going for these, even if they can’t manage to put on the clothes to go with them. Overall it’s a resounding thumbs up for Prada and their team who deliver the clothes and the fashion images to woo us all…it works. Hope you enjoy…bye for now.