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Andrew Majtenyi…world class fashion designer…Autumn 2011 collection

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 22, 2011

I met Andrew Majtenyi whilst I was at Pure London Fashion on a buying trip, and again at the London Fashion show last summer. We spent some time talking about things in general, nothing to do with fashion, so I wont bore you with the details. But I can honestly say that his personality comes across as grounded, enthusiastic and humorous, a real nice guy. Is his work nice, NO, to describe his work we must at least start with a more appropriate adjective such as  ” stunning”. His attention to detail is exquite, his designs are contemporary and above all in my book, they have to be wearable.

Andrew has been showing at the London Fashion Show for the past four years, and this year he has  brought you some stunning pieces of “wearable delicacies”.

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1.Printed sports panel dress 2.Printed Trench Coat 3.Printed silk Jersey with tailored trousers 4.Sport panel dress

This Autumn collection, as far as my comments are worth, are the best I’ve seen. His collection has grown not only in size, but in the maturity of his designs. They all fall in the “Lady Like” category and I think you would need to own several of this years collection, why, because you wouldn’t be satisfied with just one of these, you would want more. 

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5.Pleated swing coat 6.Zig Zag dress 7. Tailored point sleeve jacket 8. Point sleeve jacket.

My favourite is the Zig-Zag dress, especially if I had the pleated  Swing coat to go with it. 

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9.Curved panelled satin dress.10 Panelled Jersey top with wide leg crepe trouser.11.Panelled Jersy top with wide leg satin trouser.12 Cropped point sleeve jacket with side point skirt.

Well, that  is just a taste of Andrews’ collection, I have saved the best for last and left them inside the Lookbook for you to take your time whist looking at the rest of Andrew’s collection of designer clothes. So, before you start put the kettle on and make yourself a cup of coffee first and really do take your time to look at Andrews amazing collection for 2011.

Andrew Majtenyi look BookAW11

P.S. Do take a look at his fashion shoes and boots, I think they are cool…bye for now.


Louise Goldin fashion sculptress

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 20, 2011

Louise Goldin’s website has but the basic information that you have arrived at the fashion designers residence in the “galaxies of imagination”, as we know our own galaxy is unknown in its entirety, and our galaxy is one of millions. So, for those of you looking for coordinates to allow you to shout  “beam me up Scottie”, you will only get this response… louise goldin,louise goldin spring 2011,louise goldin designer,louise goldin fashion designer,louise goldin womens fashion clothes,louise goldin shoes,louise goldin knitwear,louise golden,louise goldin designer shoes,buy louise goldin designer shoes,buy designer clothes online, buy goldin fashion online, buy cheap designer fashion,Louise goldin at london fashion week 2011, for me this image from planet Goldin comes across as one of  David Hockney’s swimming pool inspired pictures…without a splash. Nonetheless it is an excellent image and gives us a real feel of what wearing a Goldin can do for you, if you can splash the cash for an airline ticket to the sun to get the background correct for when you a wearing one of her delightful signature pieces of crafted knitwear. There is a new wave of knitwear designers that are bringing exciting new revelations in wearing such an ancient and adaptable product. Excusing the rantings of Prince Charles’s lets wear more wool, you can find small groups of crafters making everything up to and including wedding gowns….but more about those later in the year.


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Here you can see some of the sculptured looks that you can achieve with this fashion designers take on this Springs collection that you could be putting in your overnight bag. The mid legs see through skirt is really sexy, feminine and will be a head turner, no one should ask you where you got it from, that’s more than obvious .

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Knitwear sculptured with love, it surely a must for the fashion savvy girl, and as this young designer flourishes her career she will transcend the World of fashion, but Louise, you will need to work on your web presence! Web marketing will bring you great rewards!!

On|Off fashion showcase…Angela Cassidy

Posted in British Fashion Designers, Knitwear Fashion Designers by Gregory on September 21, 2010

On|Off is the UK’s original, independent fashion showcase held in association with London Fashion Week, and this year it is being held at Victoria House on Bloomsbury Square. The square was full of school children playing the usual catch me games, as we had lunch on the park bench before the show. Only ten minutes from Somerset House, and on such a pleasant September morning we made the best of outdoor eating.

We had booked a meeting here with designer Andrew Majtenyi, though I will talk about Andrew on another day. The shows were held  in the basement area of the building, offering a background of white washed brick walls and overhead wires and heating ducts. In the main entrance area stood what I can only describe as a fossilized tree structure, I’ve taken out the background of people and added a few artistic touches of my own…in reality they are stark white!

On|Off london, london fashion show,independant designers,womens accessories,designer jewellery,

With so many successful young designers here I was really not prepared for the work of Angela Cassidy.For knitwear, as I have said previously, tends to leave me cold, quite literally, and usually I will overlook this part of the fashion wardrobe because it just doesn,t appeal to me. Well, I have changed my mind , after a close encounter with Angela Cassidy’s collection. A catwalk show had just ended and there was pack of journalists,blog writers of renown trying to escape and I was pushed back into the clothes rail. Wow these knits (not the press, this time) are great!

I have been educated… “I love this work”, the attention to detail and the finish quality is excellent. These light in weight “pullies” would go with so much of my personal wardrobe it was unbelievable ,I would have chosen at least half a dozen pieces from her spring collection straight away. Quality, quality,quality.It goes without saying this collection will be sort after on the world stage, let alone here in the UK, it has such universal appeal, and would easily span the twenty’s,thirty’s, and even forty’s something age group and beyond.

Contemporary and extremely flexible in their use, makes this a winner for me . And as an  added bonus, Angela has been thoughtful to add a few tailored shorts or slacks to her collection. Angela Cassidy,knitwear,designer knitwear,womens jersey,sweater,cropped t-sweater,voulue.com

This is just a taster of the designs Angela has and when I get hold of some more images I will share them with you.

Bye for now.

Images from the catwalk…Maria Grachvogel

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on September 18, 2010

london fashion week,somerset house,london,american diner,cafe,coffee,fashionWhat a glorious start to London Fashion week, the sun is out on this pleasant autumn morning,London fashion week,strand,american diner,london pigeons,fashion,voulue.com before the runway started we grabbed a coffee from this American diner, the reflections of Somerset house are particularly noticeable, though it’s the pigeons on the wall opposite which  attracted my attention…beguiled by all the activity of  humans preening themselves!

The show started a little later than advertised due to some technical error, which only added to the nervous tension of the event. Within the dark and somewhat close environment of the show tent, the sound of summer crickets chirping set the scene for Maria Grachvogels spring collection.

 The array of outfits could be placed into a clear dichotomy of choice, the plain mono colour and the multi.Maria Grachvogel,spring2011,london fashion week,september fashion,womens fashion,designer fashion,

Maria Gratchvogel,london fashion week, september 2011,womens dresses,maxi dress, summer sorts,voulue.com

The garments moved with a life of their own. A symbiotic relationship which exists between you and the  as the air silver chiffon  reacting to your movements.The simplistic styling of the hair added a complimentary dimension to the collection, created by the L’Oreal team and the make up was by Mel Arter of the M.A.C. Pro team.

New fashion designers showing at this years London Fashion Week

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on June 18, 2010

The British Fashion Council has announced the names of 21 of London’s brightest emerging fashion design talents  to show at London Fashion Week this September. I cant wait until September, so I have gathered some examples of what you can expect  to be comming to your fashion boutiques.

Mary Katrantzou, who states that her design signature is “a hyperrealist aesthetic, bold graphics”, and her work certainly lives uo to signature…Mary Katrantzou, Voulue designer fashion and perfume, accessories and sunglasses

There are supreme touches of design in Mary’s work, as she toils with the juxtaposition of colour and geometrical patterns against asymetrical aspects of the design do give an overall stunning  appearence. With this type of day wear it is so easy to accessories, you could easily change the footware around between all of the above models and still achieve that fresh distinctive taste of  a Katrantzou number.

Perhaps you prefer a stronger geometrical design to your wardrobe, I know we are celebrating the passing of fifty years since that acclaimed and talked about decade of the 60’s, and they had some strong geometrics based on the work of Mondrian. Just to jog the memory of those amogst you old enough to remember…and those too young, of course.

Voulue designer fashion, accessories and perfumeNow lets get back to the new up and coming designers showing at this years London fashion show. It will be held again at Somerset House.One artists worthy of his strong geometrical designs is David Koma. David Koma, Voulue designer fashion, london fashion week,

David states that his work is for the “Powerful and confident ” woman.You must agree that  his work exudes strength and determination, and if you have hopes of being a “business dragon”  then perhaps you can carry this collection off.

If you are feeling a little softer about your dress requirements then  Michael van der Ham’s eclectic collection  of   fabric collages of colours and prints, gwill look great for that gypsyesque feel.

Michael van der Ham, Voulue designer handbags, fashion and perfume

There is certainly a wealth of new talent that will be comming to our shops soon.I will be bringing you more news from LFW soon….