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Louis Vuitton…U2’s Bono, Ali Hewson & Annie Leibovitz …heaven!

Posted in Iconic Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 1, 2010

I must share this with only because my Idols have all come together in one place, from the world of fashion…Louis Vuitton….music…Bono of U2, and my favorite photographer Annie Liebovitz. This is amazing, and I cannot wait to see the final pictures from Annie’s camera.

By the way that is  Ali Hewson, Bono’s wife …sorry I didn’t mention you at the beginning…nothing personal! But this collaboration is going to find a big place in my scrapbook.


A Picture Paints a Thousand Words…Louis Vuitton winter 10-11

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1001: Style

Louis Vuitton winter 10-11,voulue.com

1002: Sophistication

Louis Vuitton,designer fashion,dresses,womens clothing,Voulue.com

1003: Elegance

Louis Vuitton,designer womens clothing,designer handbags,winter 10-11,Voulue.com

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Louis Vuitton Giraffe, Livingstone I presume… in safari suit.

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 10, 2010

Doing a little store checking yesterday around New Bond street, which for those of you  should definitely be in your “things to do in fashion” list. I just love to see how the design houses compete for your attention. But for eye-catching ingenuity, the prize yesterday, must go to Louis Vuitton.

With an additional pat on the back for the  “Obsession”, an automaton of stepping and tapping shoes.

Louis Vuitton, obsession,shoe machine, designer handbags, womens handbags,

This  mechanical brass crankshaft, was so eye-catching under the spot lights, that I would just love to open my closet each morning to see my collections of shoes jostling about “me, me, me, today please”. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my video camera with me, but if anyone finds a video…please let me know.

Louis Vuitton,monomania qu,designer handbags,womens bags, leather handbags,yelow leather handbags“Mono mania que”, did she does faint at the amount she has just put on the MasterCard?… I will let you put your own version of events for this one.

But for cuteness, it as to be the baby giraffe with sparkling toe nails and scarf…nice.

Louis Vuitton,considered,designer fashion handbags,black leather handbags,If you may be wondering why Livingstone is in the title of this piece, I am not referring to the historical figure of David Livingstone, the great pioneering explorer of Africa. No, but none the less well-known, Ken Livingstone, ex-Mayor of London. For a chap just reaching his 65th birthday, he can still run up the escalators from  Nottinghill Gate tube station. I only wanted to ask him about his safari suit, designed by? Tailored? Off the peg from? Well we will never know!

Louis Vuitton… the French way to do Style.

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Echos of yester year are flooding into this Autumns collection from Louis Vuitton, and the cape is making a strong statment in their collection. Cut from a signature blanket the cape has a strong demanding prescence.

Louis Vuitton 2010 Autumn, Voulue designer fashion, designer perfume, womens clothes,If you prefer your statement in another colour, LV  does offer you a choice with this charcoal and white coloured cape.

Louis Vuitton, designer clothes,designer handbags, Voulue.com

If you are looking for an alternative tailored piece, then you are going to be spoiled, with an accompanied accessory range of faux fur hats, elegant wool tights and stunning footwear. These tailored wool coats will last you for years, they are classic in design and will span several seasons as we head towards a more “we care what we look like” era.

Louis Vuitton, designer capes and coats, designer handbags, fashion, womens wear,Sophisticated everyday wear will be sweeping over the country within the next two to three years, as designers are inspired with and by the “futuristic vintage” genre.

Louis Vuitton, futuristic vintage genre, designer womenswear, designer workwear,

This comming Autumn is going to exciting as new collection are released, we have had a preview of what London Fashion Week is going to bring, and if you like what you see here, there is definitely more to come. Just look for inspiration amongst  these pictures, you will find tasteful and beautiful styling, mixing tartans with fur, leather trimmings and a selection of boots and shoes to compliment any outfit.

Louis Vuitton, designer clothes, jewellery, perfume

Louis Vuitton, top fashion, womens fashion,breast cancer,Please let us know your thoughts, you can register here or pop over to our Facebook page and start a discussion with like minded “Facebook Friends of Fashion” or the “FFF”.

Aviator flies in from LV

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Arriving at a Louis Vuitton terminal near you the  Monogram Aviator. This is for the first class passangers of fashion

Crafted from steel lamé Jacquard fabric woven, with the L V Monogram signature, they say it is as comfortable as a pillow…but you will buy it to find out…at £2228.00 I could afford a pillow.

Louis Vuitton,Aviator, Voulue boutique, designer handbags

Remember to put your suglasses on (I would choice Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator, this range has a great selection of tints to match your bag choice) aa this LV comes with a bright fluorescent orange  lining.  Aviator is trimmed with calfskin leather and comes with an adjustable and removable strap.
Louis Vuitton, designer handbags, Voulue Monogram Aviator comes in three colors: Navy, Bordeaux, and Khaki. So you will need at least three pairs of Ray-Bans if you are to carry off that all round designer touch.

Louis Vuitton, fashion,Voulue designer handbags, sunglasses,Available in Louis Vuitton stores from June

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Marc Jacobs …Imogen

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Whether he is designing for his own label or Loius Vuitton, Marc does know how to turn up the heat when it comes to originality.

Marc Jacobs at Voulue Boutique, leather handbags

From his earlier season of fluffy fox tail bags, I would have expected something similar, but no, he has used long red leather ties at the side.The envelope flap with metal charms set on rings is a nice finish…perhaps its a wind chime!

Comes with an adjustable fabric strap that can be tucked in so the bag can be carried as a clutch.Will this be a summer of Bohemian style, lets wait and see.Width 11″ / 27cm x Height 9″ / 22cm x Depth 5″ / 13cm. Handle Drop 9″ / 24cm.

Mark Jacobs, Voulue Boutique,leather clutchMarc Jacobs,leather handbags at Voulue BoutiqueThe price is around the £875, depending on the store if your interested.