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Marc by Marc Jacobs New Army Handhack Backpack

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on August 22, 2010

When it comes to the great outdoors, I am one who normally grabs hold off my Karrimor daysack and off I go without a second thought as to my “bag”. Until I came across this new Army Handhack Backpack by Marc Jacobs…take a look.

Marc by Marc Jacobs handhack backpack, great outdoors,designer accessories,voulue.comMarc by Marc Jacobbs,handhack backpack,designer outdoor clothing,rucksacks,This designer outdoor clothing accessory retails at around £190.00. So I took a look at several oline camping  stores to see if they carried any fashionable bags that would be a match for the Marc Jacobs. The short answer was no. They had lots of excellant designed and colourful bags, but no retro canvas, stylish daysacks. Therefore, if I was planning a gap year around europe, and having to  travel light, then this MJ would be stapped on my back.

If you prefer, I did find one backpack from Prada, the “PradaVela Backpack”, it maybe what you are looking for, what do you think?

Prada Vela backpack, designer label, outdoor fashion, rucksackPrada Vela backpack,designer outdoor gear,fashion bag,rucksack,voulue.comThis backpack is made from nylon and it will set you back around £460.00, which one would you choose? I’ve already made my mind up.


Marc Jacobs …Imogen

Posted in Uncategorized by Gregory on April 21, 2010

Whether he is designing for his own label or Loius Vuitton, Marc does know how to turn up the heat when it comes to originality.

Marc Jacobs at Voulue Boutique, leather handbags

From his earlier season of fluffy fox tail bags, I would have expected something similar, but no, he has used long red leather ties at the side.The envelope flap with metal charms set on rings is a nice finish…perhaps its a wind chime!

Comes with an adjustable fabric strap that can be tucked in so the bag can be carried as a clutch.Will this be a summer of Bohemian style, lets wait and see.Width 11″ / 27cm x Height 9″ / 22cm x Depth 5″ / 13cm. Handle Drop 9″ / 24cm.

Mark Jacobs, Voulue Boutique,leather clutchMarc Jacobs,leather handbags at Voulue BoutiqueThe price is around the £875, depending on the store if your interested.