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Prabal Gurung…top class fashion design

Posted in Iconic Fashion Designers by Gregory on April 11, 2011

I daresay there are  many of you  who haven’t heard the name of Prabal Gurung. At which point I can ony quote Al Murray’s  catchphrase “Shame on you…Shame on you…” Prabal’s creations as a fashion designer are cherished by  the US societal “greats” such as  politicians wifes and TV show hosts e.g. Michelle Obama, Demi Moore, and Oprah Winfrey etc, etc. As well as devoting time on his own signature line, Gurung  also  finds the time to be the design director at Bill Blass. Needless to say, this new kid on the “fashion block” will be going places.

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Prabal Gurung is delivering a class act, delivering the number one key element in my book, that of  artistic quality. Quality that will stand this work out from the rest, Prabal is an A- list designer.

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Just take a look at the subtlety of the patterns between each segment , it creates an effortless flow down the dress, easy on the eye, and easy on the wearer. Using a very thin belt to give you the added waistline without distracting the eye from the overall image.

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Prabal’s dresses are light, having an integral life of their own as they respond to your bodies movement.With today’s sun shining down, these would be ideal for your Spring and Summer collections.

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I often ask the question “what is the attraction for black dresses? “, simply answered, they are  beautiful.This one would be envied by all, just look at the movement. All I need now is a Champagne bar with a pianist tickling the ivories in the background. But for me, I would love this colour block dress to give me  that wow factor, such a great juxtaposition of colours.

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David Koma, surfing high on fashion…Spring2011

Posted in Latest fashion Trends, Russian Fashion Designers, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on January 19, 2011

Last seasons bold geometrical shapes wooed many a women who wanted something different heaped with special dust of genius…David’s online bibliography is somewhat lacking when it comes to finding out more about this artistic designer. That said, perhaps his creations are more than words can describe and as such we have to indulge in the homage we are required to pay to such an eloquent “artsmith”.

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As for David Koma’s coming Spring  tsunami of womens fashion, David will be one of those designers who will be riding his surfboard high on the crest. His art-physique is strong and dominates in this powerful world of fashion… just take a look , it will be a difficult decision to choose the best. Just these little black dresses will be tormenting your taste buds, but take a moment to look carefully at the geometrical patterns within each outfit.

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In this array I do find the triangular cut out in models three and five particularly attractive, just enough to give you a little more reveal of your gorgeous legs. David has introduced more curvature into this seasons display, giving (especially on model number four above) a defined waistline, in fact it gives you a slimmer figure than you actually have.

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If you want an extra wow factor, then using the good old black and white contrast mixed with David’s patterns will require you to be courageous. Personally, I will be making a more gentle start by going for the girly pink and white spring collection.

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Well we you be going for the “girly” or the “courageous” facets of David Koma’s beautiful ensemble of designer women’s clothes.

Zuhair Murad

Posted in Lebanese Fashion Designers by Gregory on October 14, 2010

The ethos around this “anthology of  toggery”, is for the girl who is looking for the “perfect romantic getaway”, that said, these dresses are  for the high-end ready to wear clothing collectors. Many of which are sort after by those Hollywood stars. So they will come with a substantial premium if you wish to wear any of  Murad’s dresses.

Elegance is a key indicator amongst the entourage of silk drapes and evening gowns, of which I’ve only placed a couple of them here, as there is such an extensive collection of gowns I needed to give an overview of all the designs. I will admit that I have omitted the  red, blue and green coloured clothes in order to maintain a balance to the page. The appeal for me is once again the reflection of elements from the  1920’s upwards. I will leave you to discover those points for yourself.

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Murad has produced a range of designer clothes which you could easily timetable into a single day, from morning through to evening you could have a change of clothes every couple of hours… the stroll around the 5 star hotel’s garden, then to the poolside…yes, there is a collection of swimsuits. Out into the local town to do some shopping or take in the local cafe culture..then in the evening to a formal event…change again and off to the nightclub….a days oufits…one designer Zuhair Murad!

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Any  girl with a good curvy figure, needs to rush out and try on the “LBD” dress, which the last model above on the right is wearing, you will look stunning. In fact, that comment can be applicable to anything chosen from this collection. Spoilt for choice, definitely…this is oooohhh.

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If you haven’t heard of Zuhair Murad before, do bookmark this post in your favourite’s folder so you can find him again in the future….do enjoy, bye for now.

James Lakeland…designer clothing… Spring 2011

Posted in British Fashion Designers, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on October 5, 2010

James Lakeland

James Lakeland has been quietly doing his “thing”without the attention  of fashion hacks of the glamour press, clammering over the torrent of activity of the catwalk shows. It is if he doesnt need that level of attention, because he is very successfully persuing his purpose of designing and delivering an excellant RTW range every season.  Yet , I will give the analagy that his  collections are akin to being  like a big koi carp, which is moving forward with purpose in the gentle serene waters near the lily pads. And like koi, the collections are a beauty to behold …ohh look at that one one there…and that one… all so colourful and so contempoary with elegant lines. James Lakeland is a great place to start your designer collection… as if you need to be told that!

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Quality designer clothing at Moda

You don’t have to go for the haute couture to put on a eye catching show, as you can see from this small example of the spring and summer collection, they are lovely; and above all,the  when I inspected the collection at NEC Moda exhibition a few months ago, I can genuinly confirm the excellant quality of the garments.

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Ideal workwear

James’s collection would be great for stylish workwear or popping out to the theatre, cinema, pizza restaurant etc. There really isn,t any boundaries for this ready to wear collection, they are adaptable for all occassions, I will be definitely getting a few of this years collection to add to my workwear wardrobe, and I will add a black court shoe, or even a fashion boot to the two pieces below,…that would like quiet effective for this winter.

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