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Andrew Majtenyi…world class fashion designer…Autumn 2011 collection

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 22, 2011

I met Andrew Majtenyi whilst I was at Pure London Fashion on a buying trip, and again at the London Fashion show last summer. We spent some time talking about things in general, nothing to do with fashion, so I wont bore you with the details. But I can honestly say that his personality comes across as grounded, enthusiastic and humorous, a real nice guy. Is his work nice, NO, to describe his work we must at least start with a more appropriate adjective such as  ” stunning”. His attention to detail is exquite, his designs are contemporary and above all in my book, they have to be wearable.

Andrew has been showing at the London Fashion Show for the past four years, and this year he has  brought you some stunning pieces of “wearable delicacies”.

Andrew Majtenyi,majtenyi,Andrew Majtenyi at London fashion week,london fashion week 2011,fashion week london,london fashion shows with andrew majtenyi,andrew majtenyi fashion designer,

1.Printed sports panel dress 2.Printed Trench Coat 3.Printed silk Jersey with tailored trousers 4.Sport panel dress

This Autumn collection, as far as my comments are worth, are the best I’ve seen. His collection has grown not only in size, but in the maturity of his designs. They all fall in the “Lady Like” category and I think you would need to own several of this years collection, why, because you wouldn’t be satisfied with just one of these, you would want more. 

Andrew Majtenyi Autumn/winter 2011 collection,Andrew Majtenyi womens fashion designer,Andrew Majtenyi clothes designer,Andrew Majtenyi skirt,Andrew Majtenyi panelled top,Andrew Majtenyi pointed tailored jacket,Andrew Majtenyi wide satin trousers,Andrew Majtenyi silk trousers,Andrew Majtenyi silk jacket,

5.Pleated swing coat 6.Zig Zag dress 7. Tailored point sleeve jacket 8. Point sleeve jacket.

My favourite is the Zig-Zag dress, especially if I had the pleated  Swing coat to go with it. 

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9.Curved panelled satin dress.10 Panelled Jersey top with wide leg crepe trouser.11.Panelled Jersy top with wide leg satin trouser.12 Cropped point sleeve jacket with side point skirt.

Well, that  is just a taste of Andrews’ collection, I have saved the best for last and left them inside the Lookbook for you to take your time whist looking at the rest of Andrew’s collection of designer clothes. So, before you start put the kettle on and make yourself a cup of coffee first and really do take your time to look at Andrews amazing collection for 2011.

Andrew Majtenyi look BookAW11

P.S. Do take a look at his fashion shoes and boots, I think they are cool…bye for now.


Louise Goldin fashion sculptress

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 20, 2011

Louise Goldin’s website has but the basic information that you have arrived at the fashion designers residence in the “galaxies of imagination”, as we know our own galaxy is unknown in its entirety, and our galaxy is one of millions. So, for those of you looking for coordinates to allow you to shout  “beam me up Scottie”, you will only get this response… louise goldin,louise goldin spring 2011,louise goldin designer,louise goldin fashion designer,louise goldin womens fashion clothes,louise goldin shoes,louise goldin knitwear,louise golden,louise goldin designer shoes,buy louise goldin designer shoes,buy designer clothes online, buy goldin fashion online, buy cheap designer fashion,Louise goldin at london fashion week 2011, for me this image from planet Goldin comes across as one of  David Hockney’s swimming pool inspired pictures…without a splash. Nonetheless it is an excellent image and gives us a real feel of what wearing a Goldin can do for you, if you can splash the cash for an airline ticket to the sun to get the background correct for when you a wearing one of her delightful signature pieces of crafted knitwear. There is a new wave of knitwear designers that are bringing exciting new revelations in wearing such an ancient and adaptable product. Excusing the rantings of Prince Charles’s lets wear more wool, you can find small groups of crafters making everything up to and including wedding gowns….but more about those later in the year.


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Here you can see some of the sculptured looks that you can achieve with this fashion designers take on this Springs collection that you could be putting in your overnight bag. The mid legs see through skirt is really sexy, feminine and will be a head turner, no one should ask you where you got it from, that’s more than obvious .

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Knitwear sculptured with love, it surely a must for the fashion savvy girl, and as this young designer flourishes her career she will transcend the World of fashion, but Louise, you will need to work on your web presence! Web marketing will bring you great rewards!!

Vivienne Westwood designed Brit Awards Trophy

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 15, 2011

Brit awards trophy, Vivienne Westwood brit awards trophy,

Just to share with you a close up of thr Brit Awards 2011 trophy that has been designed by Vivienne Westwood.Cool!

Alexander McQueen Cut-Out College Bootie

Posted in British Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 15, 2011

Alexander McQueen Cut-Out College Bootie

I just wonder how many college students will be lashing out for this real cutie bootie. Well, in all honesty, what difference to the overdraft would a miserly £1165.00 make to a £50,000 overdraft. And if you wait until just before you graduate, at least you will look fantastic at any job interview you attend. I am not asking you to be reckless with your finances, but….mmmmm, its worth contemplating…an activity of great scholarly credit, whoops I’m back to finances!

Alexander McQueen Cut-Out College Bootie,Alexander McQueen Bootie,Alexander McQueen PRE SPRING 2011,Alexander McQueen fashion footwear,Alexander McQueen designer boots,Alexander McQueen designer leather shoes,

I love the contrast of the white over stitching against the tan leather cut out design.The metal finishing to the laces gives it a touch of class, yet still giving you a designer shoe that is great for every day use. I think they would look great with a pair of  Balmain striped jeans.

Balmain jean,Balmain  desgner jean,Balmain designer  jeans,designer striped jeans, black and white stripped designer jeans,

Balmain Striped Jean.

 Balmain’s black and white striped jeans would add that extra for those who want a classic American look. Cost wise…well they happen to be the same price as your shoes, so your credit card statement will show up another £1165.00. Net -a-porter recommend Balmain’s baseball jacket, a snip at £4725 for its two-tone leather jacket.

Balmain baseball jacket,Balmain online,Balmain spring 2011,Balmain designer baseball jacket,

Personally I would take a look at some authentic baseball jackets and have them shipped from the States. This will give you an authentic and original street scene look. There are so many Major League Baseball  clubs to choose from, for an example, below is  the Baltimore Orioles  classy sports jacket, and I think with postage would come to less than a hundred pounds. This is probably not your choice but link over to the MLB and look at all the different choices you could make.

baltimore orioles,baltimore orioles baseball team,baltimore orioles jacket,

An authentic American baseball jacket,Balmain striped jeans and a pair of Alexander McQueen cut out college Bootie, for a cool Spring look.

Take care out there, bye for now…

Versace pink leather handbag….is, Versace in the Pink

Posted in Italian Fashion Designers, Latest fashion Trends by Gregory on February 10, 2011

Versace in the Pink


Lady-like… yes, girly… yes,want one…YES. This must be the pink bag of the year and its only February. If  you want a Valentines day gift to bring tears of joy, then this pink leather handbag with gold fixings should be a MUST.

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If you would like this lilac beauty, net a porter is selling them at £870, With a chunky chain-link strap and designer-stamped gold hardware, Versace’s lilac leather shoulder bag is a bold feminine style.The twist metal locks on the front are “in” for this season, I have seen them on Mischa Bartons “doctors bag” which is this years spring collection, I will get a picture soon for you to take a look.

See you all soon.

Anne Valerie Hash’s designer clothes for lovers

Posted in French Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 8, 2011

Anne Valerie Hash


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French styling

If you need the feel of warm spice to add a little colour to your spring 2011, and you need a touch of french styling in your designer clothing collection, then I can reccommend anything from the couture house of Anne Valerie Hash. “You know how you look when you’re in love, that rosy glow?”  said Anne Valérie Hash  backstage at a recent show in Paris. “That’s how I wanted the clothes to look.” Over the seasons, this Paris designer has experimented with structure and flow of the key elements of her design collection. She dictates that the main constant has been a “subtle yet powerful sense of colour.

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So Ann’s palette consists of silver and  greys, with elements of spicy saffron. Ann has used fabrics like georgette, mousseline, washed leather, and cotton jersey, and as you can see they lead to a distinct girly prescence, and a great casual street look.

Anne Valerie hash summer 2011 designer clothing collection,Anne Valerie hash designer clothing,Anne Valerie hash designer fashion clothing,Anne Valerie hash designer fashion,buy Anne Valerie hash designer womens clothes,Anne Valerie hash fashion designer,voulue.com,


 Jackets are tailored and the sleeves are cropped with the sleeves pushed up past the elbows. I have just brought one of the jackets and the short sleeve look is just fine, even my Dad likes it! Ann has definitely put a strong creative effort into this collection, and I love the  T-shirt with a mille-feuille of ruffles arcing across its front (first image above on the left). Just imagine a mild spring breeze catching these garments to add a little automation of its own. 

Inside London Fashion Week

Posted in British Fashion Designers, Iconic Fashion Designers by Gregory on February 7, 2011

Somerset House,London Fashion Week,Inside london fashion week at somerset house,fashion designers, designer fashion,womens designer fashion,shoes,handbags,black leather handbags,pink leather handbags,luxury knitwear,evening gowns,modern fashion,latest fashion trends,Voulue.comWith the big show comming around again I have only just realised that so many of my family and friends have no idea about the venue. So here is the official ground plan that we get…so we dont get lost! Start at the Strand which isatthe top of the plan, this is the grand entrance to LFS, and for girls in heels this is the  “mine field”…it pays to wear flats and change after you have crossed the cobble stones, But it  justs wrecks the image… even more to the point , this is wear the photographers stalk their prey…they know you will have to slow down, and a few will even stop to stike their pose. Therefore  fore warned is fore armed, so grit your teeth and keep smiling , going apex over derrier here may just get you on the front page of the tabloids. Once you cross the “minefield” there are fashion reporters and buyers from everywhere, the Daily Telegraph, Gaurdian, and Daily Express to name a few…they are swarming…including ourselves taking a few candid shots.

For fashion buyers London Fashion Week is exciting and a real day out even if it is in the name of work. But Somerset house is quiet a venue and I thought you would like to take a look at the planning side of it all. The place to be is the BFC catwalk, her the nervous tension is overwhelming…the designers who brave the front of house before the show are noticeably and understandably tense, their careers depend on a smooth and successful show. One note, the benches are hard on your bum! and its a tight squeeze. Looking at the plan above, the press sit on the left and the buyers on the right, in front of thr BFC logo is a bank of photographers…at least 40 plus…note… don’t look at them when the show starts, you will be seeing ” flashing stars” for 10 minutes, you might even miss the parade!!


London Fashion Week,somerset house,voulue.com

Top 4 Designer Clutches 2010

4 Top Designer Clutches 2010

1.Balmain Rock leather and crocodile patchwork clutch £2190Balmain rock leather and crocodile pathwork clutch,leather clutch,Balmain designer handbag,Balmain designer clutch,

2.Bottega Veneta, Lacquered silver knot insect clutch.£4985

Bottega Veneta insect knot clutch,Bottega Venetta designer clutch,voulue.com

3.Anya Hindmarch Marano glitter clutch. £295Anya Hindmarch glitter clutch,anya hindmarch designer clutch, anya hindmarch designer womesns bags,voulue.com,

4.Alexander McQueen’s Hell’s Knuckleduster £1295.

Alexandra McQueen Hells Knuckleduster,Alexandra McQueen clutch,Alexandra McQueen handbags,voulue.com

Why not the  top 10 designer clutches, well that simply makes it easier to do, less hand wringing and gnashing of teeth. The cost of the designer piece was not a criteria of my selection, it was the overall aesthetic value…and yes it’s definitely subjective to my likes, I’m sure you may have chosen differently to me. Now, if I was going to whittle down the odds down to the best 2 clutches, my choice would go for the Alexander McQueen and Bottega Veneta.

For the outright winner…If only I could take it home …I would go for the British Alexander McQueen’s Hell’s knuckleduster, I love the embossed black leather clutch. It is the clutch that I could use more than the others, whether day or evening it would go down a treat.

My Top Handbag of 2010

Posted in American Fashion Designers, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on February 4, 2011

Marc Jacobs Absinthe ostrich-leather tote


Marc Jacobs,ostrich absinthe handbag,marc jacobs' handbags,marc jacogs designer handbags,marc jacobs designer womenswear,

I have looked at so many handbags over the last year it is like being on a hyper-speed carousel when in comes to picking just one. Well I’ve chosen the Marc Jacobs  Absinthe tote. Like absinthe, its unforgettable and addictive. The quality is typical of a Marc Jacobs…its second to none, personally I have only one Marc Jacobs’ handbag to my name, but it is a collectible, in that it was once owned by Selma Blair, perhaps some of you will  remember when I acquired it as part of the a cancer charity auction on Ebay a couple of years ago. A deep red leather handbag and signed by Selma Blair as well…that said the Ostrich leather gives you that distinctively marked leather, and the metal work is just enough without it looking too much like “bling”.

Selma Blair, selma blair's handbag,red leather handbag,marc jacobs,marc jacobs leather handbag,leather handbag,black leather handbag,

I only use the handbag for special occasions and then it is put away in its dust bag. I hope someone puts this Absinthe  handbag up for auction this year, I don’t think I could stretch to three and a half grand, mmmmm.

Michel Perry “symbiotic” as J M Weston’s designer

Posted in French Fashion Designers, Womens Designer Fashion by Gregory on February 1, 2011

Michel Perry “symbiotic” as J M Weston’s designer

As with many leading designers they are wide open to piracy, and fake fashion is unfortunately big business. But the noose is getting tighter, and the likes of J M Weston renowned for their classical designs in mens fashion have with the Chinese authorities  had a factory closed down in China for manufacturing JMW rip offs.

“And” I asked myself what has that got to do with women’s fashion…well it was my nosey-ness that found J M Weston offer a male range aimed at women, the Alter Ego range.

Alter Ego range

This collection is for the “crossover dressers” (not my words and personally I am uncertain whether it is pc!))who like that masculine edge to their overall expression of fashion.

Oxford in black suede and patent leather

This is my choice, and yes, with a work suit I think I would be attracted to this “man” shoe, or more appropriately a “crossover” shoe.

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 Michel Perry is the  creationist of the alter ego loafer, Oxford, Derby and ankle boot. For quality and prestige you can’t go wrong her,but I think it would be great if Michael was a little more daring in his approach. I think he could work in conjunction with a top women’s designer of this genre and do a women’s only line for a season or two.

Faux pas, or what…better still, where are my marbles, they are certainly not in the bag !!!

Because… hey Michel has already let go with his own brand in women’s shoes based in Paris Michel Perry Spring 2011 collection If you are looking for something different from the racks of same old same old in the high street, then the eclectic collection of designer shoes could well be right up your alley. How about a patriotic sandal for this Spring, it wouldn’t go amiss with a girly skirt, adding a little colour and interest… especially if you want to wave your feet in the air at the Royal wedding.

Michel Perry,Michel Perry shoes,michelle perry shoes,Michel Perry fashion shoes,latest shoe fashion,love them shoes,latest shoe fashion,

Or if flying the great British red, white and blue is not quiet your thing, but  you like the unusual in your collection

latest shoe fashion from Michel Perry,womens leather shoes,perry shoes,michel perry,fashion shoes shop,

how about a pair of these…yes. Bye for now.